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Comment: Re:No, no. Let's not go there. Please. (Score 1) 883

by fyngyrz (#47929897) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Is there a difference between knowledge and belief

Yes. Always.

Knowledge is based, either directly or through a proxy, upon known facts that are some combination of repeatable, consensually experiential, and testable. Sound travels at a particular speed in our atmosphere. This is knowledge.

Beliefs are based upon faith, and cannot be proven, although they can be described and so passed along. Animals cross the rainbow bridge when they die. This is belief.

Either one can be mischaracterized as the other, but examining the issue at hand for the required elements of knowledge will very quickly determine just what it is you're dealing with. Likewise, conviction isn't the issue.

The thing to remember is that just because you have an idea in your head, that doesn't qualify it as knowledge.

Comment: Not answered in review (Score 1) 109

by fyngyrz (#47929739) Attached to: iOS 8 Review

Did they enable nested folders yet? The current single level folders are limiting and create unnecessary clutter.

For instance, it'd be nice to have one games folder, inside which might be a folder for board games, one for shooters, one for tower defense, etc.

One that would be of interest to me would be arranged around photography. One main folder, then one for editors, one for astrophoto conditions and apps, one for auroral conditions and apps, one for IR work, one for special effects, etc., one for a DB of my lenses and cameras, one with my portfolio, one with links to photography websites, etc.

Folders within folders is a very natural way to arrange things in a hierarchy; I have never understood Apple's resistance to giving its customers tools they can use to make using IOS easier. In the case of nested folders, you don't *have* to use the feature if you don't want to, anyway... but if you need it, you probably *really* need it.

So here's hoping.

Comment: Re:Hopefully not like their TV remotes... (Score 4, Interesting) 103

by phayes (#47927471) Attached to: Logitech Aims To Control the Smart Home

Then they need to add a button that lets me download the needed device definitions when needed but let me configure the remote OFFLINE! I have a Harmony that I abandoned precisely because their web interface is slow, kludgy and reveals information that I do not want people outside my home to know.

If Logitech thinks that I am going to export even more information on the devices I use & what I am doing with them so that they can sell it to others, they have another thing coming.

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by strikethree (#47925345) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Also known as the days when you were most likely a teenager or young adult.

Believe that if you will, but music from the late 60s to early 2000s was pretty good. The poison pill was introduced in the 80s. It took a while to kill, but it surely did. On the bright side, that pill caused pressure to build and some of the best thrash metal came out then (late 80s).

However; Ozzy was wrong... apparently you CAN kill Rock 'n Roll. I would say that today, it is dead; not even on life support any more. It may be underground, but it seems like it is 6 feet underground.

Comment: Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 300

by phayes (#47923993) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Defending whom exactly? Anyone who pays attention already knows how to prevent automatic downloads of music to their iDevices (turn automatic downloads of music off) & knows how trivially it is to remove tracks from their iDevice (swipe left).

So who is it that "we" are supposed to be defending?
The clueless who change their automatic downloads of music to on & then lie that "Duh Music just appeared by majik"?
The apple haters who don't even own an iDevice but are attempting to label a wart a mountain?
The U2 haters who rag on & on that the group hasn't come out with an original song in a decade? My $DIETY the Embarrassment!!!
The people that are opposed to getting a free album of music that they may not appreciate but that can delete it trivially?

Who exactly is it that you are shrilly claiming needs saving? I can tell you this, it's not a normal iDevice user who pays attention when setting up his/her iDevice, appreciates free music if it's to his/her taste and deletes the album otherwise.

Comment: Re:Looking for a Job (Score 1) 69

by Animats (#47923925) Attached to: The Case For a Federal Robotics Commission

Is it just me, or does this sound like an ambitious Law Professor looking for a new job as head of a newly minted agency?

Exactly the feeling I got. We don't even have an Federal Internet Commission, and don't seem to need one.

We do need to have the Consumer Product Safety Commission setting safety standards for the Internet of Things. They're properly the lead agency of safety issues. That will probably happen after the first few deaths due to cloud-based control of home devices.

Comment: Re:You say that, but ... (Score 0) 168

That "design milestone" by Boeing comment is completely unsupported & is in all probability false.

Boeing has yet to exit the design phase & has no hardware at present, while Dragon 1 has made multiple flights to ISS & Dragon II flight hardware is being assembled NOW.

Comment: Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 300

by phayes (#47923793) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Again, NO! Automatic downloads are NOT the default! YOU may not have had the willpower to resist the suggestion that you turn it on, but it is only a suggestion, not a default setting one has to change to off. This is not subject to debate, your statements to the effect that automatic downloads are the default are WRONG.

You can stop it with the "apparently" and the "technically" bullcrap, you are factually wrong.

Clueless users are legion, that changes nothing. Idiots run red lights all the time but that is no defense when one of these idiots runs a light & T-bones a mother & her kids. Neither is complaining that "Duh iTunes did it widdout mah consent" when that too is patently false.

Yeah, you didn't pay attention when setting up your iDevice & never bothered to look at "Preferences>iTunes & App Store", now accept the consequences for those acts of inattention & your consequent ignorance without complaint. Do NOT attempt to contradict those who do know what we are talking about. The two words Automatic Downloads followed by on/off controls for Music, Books, Apps & Updates are clearly beyond your comprehension level.

Comment: Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 300

by Bogtha (#47922191) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

You can set a bit such that the phone will only download new purchases over wifi.

And how many users do you think knew that they needed to do this prior to the album being released?

FFS, I wish people would at least attempt to avail themselves of the facts before spouting off like this.

You don't have to switch off automatic downloads of new purchases over cellular connections because it's switched off by default.

Comment: Re:Downloading music for free? Scandelous! (Score 1) 300

by phayes (#47921513) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

No, Apple made the album available to be downloaded. People needed to change their configuration for the album to be auto-downloaded. As removing the album is trivial (swipe each song to the left), what I am rightfully upset about is the people falsely pretending that the album is on their device without any action on their part & that that this is supposed to be some kind of hardship.

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