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Comment: Re:Again... (Score 1) 201

by OrangeTide (#48655629) Attached to: Cyberattack On German Steel Factory Causes 'Massive Damage'

The nation's economy collapsed because the steel factory shut down? Some equipment was damaged, maybe they should have insurance for that?
Possibly there should be a worry would be injuries or deaths, so in that context security is of an important safety concern.

It's not on the same scale as collapsing the power grid for millions of people, businesses, and hospitals. Or tying up world wide credit processing for weeks, which would have some serious economy consequences.

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 97

by HBI (#48655341) Attached to: Minecraft Creator Notch's $70 Million Mansion Recreated In Minecraft

Agree. I bought a cheap house and my nut every month is about 1/4 of my net - including the car. I drive a little Kia. Having the rest to play with and save is really nice. When I see people driving around their land yachts and living in much larger houses filled with unfurnished rooms, I pity them. A little.

Comment: Introducing... (Score 1) 57

by fyngyrz (#48653585) Attached to: Problem Solver Beer Tells How Much To Drink To Boost Your Creativity

Programmer's Pizza*

Eating just the right amount will allow you to reach optimum blood sugar levels for creative programming. However, be warned that eating too much will probably put you to sleep.

Please watch this space for the introduction of our follow-up product: Programmer's Spaghetti (with Object-Oriented Meatballs)*

*Garlic levels tailored for maximum personal isolation. Do not use if in a relationship or if expecting a job interview. May cause immediate termination of relations, arms-length disease, and acne. Not suitable for homeopathic dilution. May enhance programming mania. Use with caution.

Comment: Re:Interesting (Score 1) 107

by fyngyrz (#48653481) Attached to: Cuba Says the Internet Now a Priority

Fine; but Cuba is one, at least as far as I know, that doesn't have a significantly built-out Internet structure, even though the hardware to do so is pretty far down the road to commoditization. They're very late to the game, and this should (ok, could) afford them some advantages. So what I was trying to say (and apparently, saying badly) was that it will be interesting to see how they go about it.

Comment: Re:And how many were terrorists? Oh, right, zero. (Score 1) 214

by cold fjord (#48653163) Attached to: TSA Has Record-Breaking Haul In 2014: Guns, Cannons, and Swords

I know what you mean. Just why the hell can't we bring chainsaws onto the 747!? Have they gone mental? When is the last time that a terrorist with a chainsaw took over an aircraft? Please! Anyone with half a brain knows there is no way you could really run with it either, the isles are too narrow. Besides, who would notice it in operation over the crying babies? What on earth happened to our freedom!?

I've never been canoeing before, but I imagine there must be just a few simple heuristics you have to remember... Yes, don't fall out, and don't hit rocks.