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Comment Does not compute (Score 1) 323

I have a Yahoo email account, because the ISP I had when I started in florida -- BellSouth -- later AT&T -- outsourced their email to yahoo.

I still have an ATT account, which is still my BellSouth email address.

I'm paying for this so-called Yahoo email.. Which is why Yahoo can go fuck themselves into oblivion, they seem to be very good at that.

I wonder if they'd be able to detect this for FireFox Mozilla Yahoo Ad Hide Plugin or for Chrome

Yeah, I use that on top of AdBlockPlus.

Comment Beats the old way.. (Score 1) 109

The old way: A notebook (the paper kind) with a pencil (this wooden thing with graphite in the center).

THe notebook would record that Roll #3 was Tri-x exposed as rated (400 ASA), that frame 1 was a grey card at f5.6 with a shutter speed of 1/400, and then on and on for each successive frame.. if you gave a rip about how a particular frame was shot.

I'll take exif any day, I just make sure the camera (or device) I'm using doesn't geotag.

Submission + - Mysterious piece of space junk to hit Earth

schwit1 writes: A piece of unidentified space junk, discovered in a long elliptical orbit going out far beyond the Moon, has been calculated to hit the Earth over the Indian Ocean on November 13.

WT1190F was detected by the Catalina Sky Survey, a program aimed at discovering asteroids and comets that swing close to Earth. At first scientists didn’t know what to make of this weird body. But they quickly computed its trajectory, after collecting more observations and unearthing 2012 and 2013 sightings from telescope archives, says independent astronomy software developer Bill Gray, who has been working to track the debris with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

WT1190F travels a highly elliptical orbit, swinging out twice as far as the Earth-Moon distance, Gray says. Gray’s calculations show that it will hit the Earth at 6:20 UTC, falling about 65 kilometres off the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Much if not all of it will burn up in the atmosphere, but “I would not necessarily want to be going fishing directly underneath it,” Gray says.

What makes the object interesting is that they don’t know when it was launched or how it got in the orbit it is in. It could even be something from the Apollo lunar missions.

Comment A nation of brainwashed pussies (Score 1, Insightful) 223

"I pledge allegiance to the Corporations of the United States, and to the Republic which they freely rape.

One Nation brainwashed and addled to believe in a "God," divided by ignorance and wealth, with Liberty and Justice only for the well-off."


Well, America, isn't this what you wanted? Free stuff for everyone? Have the big corporations supply your every need, have the Big Bad Federal Government supply your every protection?

You got it. Now enjoy it. Gooooood luck getting rid of it!

Comment Re:Me being the one of 3 people using a Windows Ph (Score 1) 42

Why not just get a flip phone instead?

Because no one makes a flip as beautiful, well-made and small-footprint as the Razr.

That atrocity by LG the other day looks like a Razr with a tacky leather cover glued on to it -- that doesn't count. That's a near copy.

After the Razr, all flips are hopelessly plasticky fragile constructions.

My Razr lasted 6 years. Longest-lived phone i've had.

Comment Buy N' Large (Score 2) 206

We're headed that way. Commerce and government will become indistinguishable from each other.

We have a (laughably ineffective) separation of Church and State.

We desperately need to even more fiercely deploy and enforce a separation of Commerce and State. No more lobbying by religious groups. No more lobbying by commerce -- or proxies of, at least not on the positively obscene way it is being done today

And by State I also include the federales.

Comment I would've done the same. (Score 2) 1197

Hovering over my property without my invite? Expect to be blown out of the sky.. if I determine I can get the shot without having the wreck come down on top of my house.

Alternatively, we can develop counter-drone drones, whose job would be to seek out unwanted drones and shoot them out of the sky.

Or how about a net-gun? Throw a net at the offending drone, capture it, and if it survives, sell the shit on ebay.

Brave new world, this one.

Comment Re:important definition: maximum speed. (Score 1) 238

And as for maximum speed? its egregiously avoided at all costs because it burns much more fuel than a slow lope across the globe. It taxes engines and in turn drives up maintenance costs.

"Egregiously avoided?" More like "avoided to avoid damage to the aircraft" You don't fly at max speed.

Velocity Never Exceed (Vne) is the maximum speed of an aircraft - and no one stays there for long at all. If you stay there too long or go beyond that, very bad things likely will happen.

All aircraft have a cruise setting, which is some ways away from Vne.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.