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That's weird, because here where I live 'Loyalty Cards' are just the only means by which you would ever want to frequent the store. Kroeger (groceries) Walgreen and CVS (both drugstores) all have loyalty card programs. Especially with Kroeger, the prices if you don't use the card are such that you'd just never go into the store with those prices. It doesn't really 'pull' you to Kroeger over any other store chain.

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The Arduino is cool because you can 'steal' from it's software stack so easily. That is, you can buy one of the low end boards that has a socketed Atmel processor and treat it like a development board/part burner. Then, the stuff you 'develop' on it you can fork off from the overpriced Arduino hardware by just unplugging the processor chip out of the board and onto your own perfboard circuit.

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You misspelled the word 'cult' in your post.

It's true that the PalmOS devices weren't owned by a lot of people in their adolescence, and the developers for PalmOS were much more similar to those into Mobile development (in it for the money, not the enjoyment of hacking code), so PalmOS don't have the same sort of cachet.

PalmOS in earlier versions would be much easier to find resources for; the Dragonball processor was fairly popular in it's day, and you can reach out to all the 68K platforms to a degree. Still, a Dragonball developer I knew back then referred to it as "Draggin' Balls."

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Well, in a hundred years or so people will still want to listen to Bach and Mozart's music. And preferring Bach or Mozart's music. Can't necessarily say the same for Nirvana or The Sex Pistols (RIP Sid), even if there are people who would whip into a frenzy for the fact being stated as so.

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In my experience the power consumption of the Palm III varied significantly. I think there was a switchmode power converter of some sort in it, and it could be good or very, very bad, depending on individual device. Probably related to the capacitor in it. That's how I vaguely remember it, anyway.

+ - US Department of Homeland Security Providing Online Open Source Code Testing->

Submitted by cold fjord
cold fjord (826450) writes "ZDNet reports, "At OSCon, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ... quietly announced that they're now offering a service for checking out your open-source code for security holes and bugs: the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP). ... Patrick Beyer, SWAMP's Project Manager at Morgridge Institute for Research, the project's prime contractor, explained, "With open source's popularity, more and more government branches are using open-source code. Some are grabbing code from here, there, and everywhere." Understandably, "there's more and more concern about the safety and quality of this code. We're the one place you can go to check into the code" ... funded by a $23.4 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), SWAMP is designed by researchers from the Morgridge Institute, the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana, Indiana University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Each brings broad experience in software assurance, security, open source software development, national distributed facilities and identity management to the project. ... SWAMP opened its services to the community in February of 2014 offering five open-source static analysis tools that analyze source code for possible security defects without having to execute the program. ... In addition, SWAMP hosts almost 400 open source software packages to enable tool developers to add enhancements in both the precision and scope of their tools. On top of that the SWAMP provides developers with software packages from the National Institute for Standards and Technology's (NIST) Juliet Test Suite.""
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When someone does something that can fuck up an ecosystem that literally millions of peoples livelihoods rest on and billions of dollars flows through, then ye not only is being abusive acceptable it is fucking required.

Actually no, it isn't. Professionalism is required. Abuse is unhelpful.

Its this special snowflake bullshit from people like you that makes others ~want~ to not only verbally but physically abuse every single one of you.

That is a defect in your/their character that could lead to serious problems. Growing up would be a good start, and maybe some counseling.

You might want to remember this: making a habit of engaging in "physically abuse" might leave you lying in the street some day. The world is full of way tougher people than you, many of whom won't look it, and some of whom are armed.

You and everyone else is just another human being, no more holy or sacrosanct than any other.

And no less.

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So: why isn't someone making a *phone case* with a built-in Bluetooth or USB keyboard?

1. they are. They're just not very good.
2. there's stuff on the back of your phone. If you add on a keyboard, you block those things and/or have to work around them some how.
3. (if you didn't do a slider keyboard) the other options is a folio style. Generic ones exist, but they're very bulky cloth or (faux)leather wallet things with a keyboard shoved on one inner side.
4. more battery needed (takes up room, and it's another thing to charge).

Phones with a built in keyboard can move stuff around the back of the keyboard. They can stick the battery in the keyboard part if they want. It's little things, but they're really needed to make it worthwhile.

As I mentioned above, the Typo keyboard for the iPhone is another alternative that does seem to work. It rips off the blackberry, more-or-less. Something like that *could* be made for other devices, but it's not as desirable in other ways (adds permanent length to already long phones, and puts the keyboard on the portrait side, etc).

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Completely agree then.
The biggest issues with the sliding keyboard cases for galaxy S4 and S5 is that the camera, which is centered on the back, gets blocked even when the keyboard is slid out (the cases have an extra hinge so one can then fold it some, which leaves the camera the clearance it needs, and makes it really awkward to use and extra bulky).
The only add-on case I've been able to find that appears to be decent is that typo one for the iPhone. Wish they made them for other phones.

I'm hoping we see keyboards make a short comeback. Between the samsung galaxy S3, S4, and S5, there really weren't many significant changes. It wouldn't take them much engineering to get a keyboard properly integrated with one (or any other maker to do similar), and they could nab some upgrades from folks like me that see no reason to upgrade (only thing the S5 has that I want is the water proofing, which I hope becomes commonplace).

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Palm had one thing going for it, at least in the early days: excellent battery life. With no wireless, no background serivces, and no traditional backlight, battery life was measured in days—or weeks—or months!

While they don't hold a candle to modern devices in every other respect, I loved being able to tap away at the thing forever without ever worrying about finding a charger. And the EL backlight was pretty darn cool (though it made you really hate dimly lit rooms)...

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It's hideously slow and limited by today's standards, the standards are horribly out of date (802.11b anyone?) the ten year old battery is surely shot, and the platform is dead, dead, dead.

If you're looking for a cheap hackable device, get a no-frills Android tablet. If you're looking to get into mobile development, get any decent smartphone.

Still, if you really want to work on that old Palm, you should still be able to find the Garnet OS Development Suite.

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