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Comment Re:Designer Babies? (Score 1) 183

Which is why I like to combine the two and tell people that I own several assault weapons loaded with cop killer bullets. Oh and SILENCERS! I can shoot the gun in complete silence!

All of that stuff works by taking advantage of the general population's low education level. An educated population is harder to whip up into fear frenzy than a dumb one.

Comment Re:Rogue scientist is the LEAST of your worries... (Score 1) 183

Just wait. Everyone thinks the Republican party supports gun rights..... Just wait for them to decide that armed citizens are not good for their masters.

And there wont be a huge fight. Here in the USA we gleefully gave up the 5th amendment to protect us from the boogymen of terrorisim. the 1st and 2nd amendment are also on the chopping block and will go down with unified support in congress.

It's just going to take time and the rich have to start feeling afraid of the poor having guns.

Comment Everyone goes straight to the "zombies" (Score 1) 183

Want something sinister? manipulate the common flu to mutate rapidly and spreads easier. Imagine catching the flu that never ever goes away, you can cripple a country's workforce rapidly. If you never get away from the Flu symptoms your work output drops dramatically, productivity drops dramatically, etc...

Comment Re:Wait a mintue (Score 1) 278

No, but that's not really the point (actually, all of the others have added additional security features, but they all had sandboxing last year). The point is that Firefox does not implement the core mechanisms for security that the others all had last year (and, mostly, the year before and the year before that too). This makes is uninteresting as a target.

Comment Re:Wait a mintue (Score 1) 278

This is a reliability measure, not a security measure. The process that plugins run with is not sandboxed and runs with ambient authority. It can read every file in the user's home directory and can open arbitrary network connections. If Flash crashes, then it won't crash Firefox (which is a good thing), but if Flash is compromised then it's exactly the same as if Firefox were compromised. In contrast, if Flash is compromised in Safari or Chrome, the attacker has access to a process running with very restricted privileges and an IPC channel to the browser. To do anything useful, the attacker must use the IPC channel to compromise the sandboxed renderer process, then do the same thing again (though likely with a different vulnerability) to compromise the main browser process (the one that runs with ambient authority). You need, at a minimum, three exploits: one in Flash and two in the browser, to get from a malicious Flash app to a user-level compromise in Chrome or Safari. With Firefox, you need just the first one to do the same amount of damage.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 278

Now look at the entitlements for that process. It runs without any sandboxing. A crash in the plugin won't crash the browser, but a compromise of that plugin will give enough privileges to attach a debugger to the main process (on OS X the system will prompt for this, because it looks suspicious, but it can still open arbitrary network connections and read every file in your home directory). Reliability and security often have similar mechanisms, but don't confuse one for the other.

Comment Re:They don't need to be up there (Score 5, Interesting) 110

You might want to look up "AMD Zerotech" as its that way right now if you buy an AMD APU/CPU and pair it with an AMD GPU. With Zerotech if you use that particular setup it will turn off the discrete when not needed giving you the lower power usage of the APU and will then fire up the discrete when you have a task the APU cannot handle. Likewise if you have an AMD CPU it will turn down the GPU when not needed and simply use the GPUs baked in video encoder/decoder along with the frame buffer while turning the rest off.

I have an AMD FX-8320E paired with an R9 280 and I'm currently only pulling 8w from the CPU with 5 tabs and a video running and the GPU has idled down to practically nothing (my gauges only go down to 300/150 on GPU/memory speed so I cannot tell you how slow its actually running) with the GPU completely cool to the touch and the entire system completely silent.

I have to say I'm deliriously happy with the performance and power usage of my setup, last time I put it on my Kill-A-Watt it was pulling less than the Q6600 that I had been using at the shop as an office box, and thanks to Zerotech while the system stays nice and frosty and sips power when I'm just surfing and watching vids it can still scale up to 4Ghz on the CPU and 940/1250Mhz on the GPU/memory respectively in less than a second and if I want even more? I just flip on the overclock and can shoot up to 4.4Ghz without breaking a sweat. considering I paid less than $650 for this system with 16GB of RAM,a gaming board, 3TB of HDD, a BD burner, the R9 280 AND an SSD? The bang for the buck is just insane, no way you could build an Intel system with those specs, no way in hell.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 580

Well I deal with a lot of boxed upgrades as I deal with a lot of SMBs and what happens is it gives you the classic "this software is not genuine" when you get to the desktop on first install.

After that you get the fun of either dealing with a MSFT flunkie over the phone or just using the bootloader hack, frankly I'm leaning toward the latter as I'm tired of dealing with those motherfuckers on systems where the key is either plastered to the tower or in my hand in the retail upgrade box. I've already got several customers looking at Macs and Linux because they do not like how untrustworthy MSFT has become and I've started running various distros in VMs looking at exit strategies. MSFT? Be fucked.

Comment Re:What kind of telemetry (Score 1) 260

Are you dense, or just unable to understand basic logic? Let me break it PAID for Windows 7, this is valued at say $110 for Home, following along? They offer to TRADE, not give, because if they gave you anything then you'd still have your Windows 7 (which you don't) a copy of Windows 10 in exchange for your windows 7 currently valued at $110.

So I'm sorry but they didn't "give" you shit, they took something of value when they handed you that OS and in no universe does trading equal free, no fucking way. You can jump through all the flaming logic hoops ya want fanboy, it won't make 1+1=3.

Comment Too late and too stupid. (Score 4, Insightful) 67

let people report a spam call number easily. once you get 15 different people reporting the same number block it system wide. Honestly it will take down the whole spam calling industry within 30 days.

But knowing how telcos work, they will monetize it and sell to spammers a service to have their number forever whitelisted.

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