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The strongest category is CAT IIIc and the need for visibility is not existent. The so-called decision height for landing is also not existent. IIIc is not in use though, so I to IIIb are used.

Yes, but per your very own article the only reason IIIc isn't used is because taxiing blind is impossible. There is only one situation that a plane would land IIIc without a windshield and that's if its cameras failed. If all of its cameras failed then it's an emergency landing situation anyway and they could clear a runway and tow the aircraft into the terminal like they often do with an emergency landing due to mechanical failure.

In every other situation you would have at least visual and probably FLIR video.

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by Lumpy (#47414411) Attached to: Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos

Google allows it, which is wrong. Google can easily say, "if you do not provide a clean pure android on your phone you can NOT call it android in any way and you can not even say that it is "compatible" Also it's not just AT&T. HTC bakes in all kinds of complete crap that ruins the phone.

That would stop it instantly.

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"Users do not have control because we're experiencing what Oligarchy feels like."

no Users do not have control because they refuse to learn. Cyanogenmod is your path to bliss and control for Android. If you "cant be bothered" with learning how to install it, then privacy and control are really not that important to you.

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There is evidence that China's one child policy is what enabled it to grow far faster than India did(though there are people that argue that India's younger population will eventually be an economic asset rather than a drag on the economy). In 1980 China and India's economies were at about the same size, but China has grown far faster than India, and many argue that the one child policy was what allowed this to happen. By limiting the # of children people could have they could invest more capital per student, and measures like the literacy rate show that this effort paid off.

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