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Comment Doubly so ... (Score 2) 152

If anybody didn't see this coming with this kind of thing, they're hopelessly naive. When they brought this in people were saying this is exactly what would happen.

Doubly so since this was a United Nations scheme.

Here's an idea, let these same people, the United Nations, come up with an unpublished scheme for nuclear weapons inspections. Oh wait, we're already doing that.

Comment No financial gains for one particular choice (Score 1) 108

What's the problem with selling dead baby parts? I could see there being a problem with killing the baby after it's born to get those parts, but otherwise, what exactly is your problem?

I believe women have the right to choose, however this issue has several problems. History and economics prove that you often get what is rewarded, and what is being reward here is parts. So Planned Parenthood has an incentive to produce parts. Back to the idea of women having a choice, abortion is one of several choices. Now if the people presenting the options to a woman have a financial interest in one of those options then that one option will be presented as the preferred option. In other words there will be a persuasive element by Planned Parenthood for the financially advantageous choice. Planned Parenthood is supposed to be a neutral party fully informing a woman of all her choices.

Plus there is the treatment. There are many ways to perform an abortion. The problem with selling parts is that Planned Parenthood has been choosing methods based on what will best produce sellable parts, to avoid damaging parts. The only considerations in choosing a method should be the woman's safety (avoiding damage that could impair reproduction in the future) and recovery (faster recovery time, fewer side effects). As a matter of fact federal regulations mandate this, selling parts can not be a consideration in choosing a method. Planned Parenthood seems guilty of violating these regulations.

Furthermore the negotiating of prices for parts, maximizing payment, is evidence that there was a profit motive not simply a recovery of harvesting costs. Harvesting costs would be a known cost to state to parts buyers.

Planned Parenthood needs some serious reforms and likely new leadership. To defend them in a case where there is absolutely wrongdoing is political zealotry. Wrong is wrong. Fix the problem, no financial gains for one particular choice.

Comment The President is learning management skills (Score 1) 459

Continued sanctions would slow the Iranians more than this deal. Now they will have a better funded program and several weeks of notice to prep a site before allowing the inspectors in, such delays are built into the terms of the treaty and there seems to be no cost to playing such games. They will play the military site / national security card as they have already done, and it will be even more effective to do so under this treaty.

We have this treaty for one reason only. The current administration wanted a "win" on their record. When crap hits the fan in the future they will blame it on the other guy. Its just like the corporate CEO who manages the company for this quarter's financial statement. Five or ten years down the road will be some other CEOs problem. I guess the President is learning some management skills with his on-the-job executive training.

Comment Re:He lies in his work too (Score 1) 146

Editing videos to remove information that doesn't fit his desired portrayal of events, absolutely distorting the true context of events.

He edited a leaked video, which the US Government had claimed did not exist. The events in the video where not as important as the exposure of the lies.

The fact remains that he is willing to lie in his work.

Comment Re:I hate and despise - but they should still be s (Score 1) 818

The traditional labeling of northern, middle and southern dates back to the original 13 colonies. Maryland southern, Delaware middle. New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey being the other middle states and definitely part of the 1804 group that had gone abolition or was phasing in abolition. Kentucky was carved out of Virginia which had expanded its borders west. So I guess we can say all northern and middle states, except Delaware, had decided to abolished slavery by 1804.

The "debate" over "southern" is in some cases a post-war perspective. A rejection by some southerners of their southern neighbors who remained loyal to the Union, rejecting them as not "true southerners".

But yeah Union is not strictly northern. Lets also toss in West Virginia which I think was carved from a region of Virginia that remained loyal to the Union. And the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in rebel territory.

Comment Re:South required half of new states to be slave (Score 1) 818

The documents and statements written at the time of secession were all about slavery.

Just like the documents and statements made at the time of the Iraqi War were all about Iraq supporting al-Qaeda and having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Poor analogy. The documents and statements being referred to were written by the states seceding and the confederate government, not folks in Washington DC. The documents we have are self-incrimination, not outsider claims. Go read the secession documents if you dare intellectual honestly.

Comment Re:I hate and despise - but they should still be s (Score 1) 818

The plain truth is that by 1804 all Northern states had decided to abolish slavery, some immediately, some phased it out over time. The North hoped the South would follow their lead. Instead, the South wanted to perpetuate slavery indefinitely and to expand it into new territories. The North's acceptance of slavery in existing slave states was a grudging concession to preserve unity and avoid war.

So no, you are mistaken with the idea that the North was not much better. It was not perfect, its hands were not clean, but it was much better.

As for the confederate battle flag. It is the flag of an army that was the force of arms that a government used to defend and perpetuate the institution of slavery. Whatever an individual Johnny Reb may have held as an opinion or belief, the preceding truth does not change. That flag is a symbol of the defense and perpetuation of slavery. Furthermore in the civil rights era of the 1960s that flag was resurrected as a symbol of support for segregation. So in the original context the flag represent institutional slavery and white supremacy and in the modern context it still represented white supremacy.

Comment Re:I hate and despise - but they should still be s (Score 1) 818

You know that the North owned slaves throughout the war, right? The Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves in the South. There were a lot of reasons the Civil War happened, but "it was all about slavery!" isn't true.

Actually you got the Emancipation Proclamation wrong. As I mentioned in several posts its only freed slaves in rebel held territory. It did not apply to regions of the South under Union control.

In any case your logic is terribly terribly flawed. The North did not initiate the war. The South decided to secede and to start the war (firing on Fort Sumter) and the Southern leadership that made these decisions was absolutely motivated by the defense and preservation and expansion of the institution of slavery.

There were violent debates in Congress prior to the war regarding the expansion of slavery into the territories. The North wanting to confine slavery to existing slave states, the South wanting to expand slavery into the territories and even require that half of new states admitted to the Union be slave states. The South's primary state's rights argument was that the North was not enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act. At least one, maybe more, of the secession declarations cited the election of Lincoln and his secret "abolitionist leanings", as if US Presidents were required to be pro-slavery. Numerous secession declaration explicitly and unambiguously lists the defense and preservation of slavery as a main cause.

The South decided upon secession and war and that decision was based on protecting their wealth and power and economy that was based upon the institution of slavery.

Comment US/Euro warrants did not effect Polanski's stay (Score 3) 213

I'm not sure either Snowden or Assange could live in France in safety anyway. France is subject to European Arrest Warrants. Snowden might be safe from those but if I were him I'd prefer a country like Iceland.

France granted asylum to convicted fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski. The victim was 13 years old. After pleading guilty he fled to France before sentencing. No US and European arrest warrant interfered with his 30+ year stay in France.

Comment Re-write the IRS ... (Score 1) 213

It is a well known tenet of software engineering that sometimes you just have to accept that a software product has come to the end of its useful life. That it is so bloated and kludged up and incomprehensible that a complete rewrite is warranted rather than ongoing extension and maintenance of the existing mess.

Sort of like the IRS regulations.

Comment Obama does not lean towards capture ... (Score 1) 213

Oh, but surely, Obama, our fearless defender of all that is good and just, Constitutional scholar and gentleman, would never, ever resort to such methods!

Actually Obama does not lean towards capture and extraction, he leans towards assassination via drones. Capture and extract was the previous guy.

Comment Would not f' with the Legion's esprit de corps (Score 1) 213

One does not get the new French identity paperwork and right to live in France until after one has served a complete tour in the Legion and been honorably discharged. There are no political or celebrity postings to the Legion. The French take the Legion really f'ing serious. Its training is no joke, its effectively at a special forces level. The reason the French take the Legion so serious is because it is a highly capable force that can be deployed without domestic political consequences, it foreigners not French kids, in particular French conscripts. They would not f' with the Legion's esprit de corps for Assange.

Imagine two US Ranger brigades (7,000'ish men) that the President of the US could send anywhere around the globe without domestic political consequences. That is effectively what France has.

Comment Re:Can one do a civil war game ? (Score 1) 818

Nobody is outlawing anything. This is an example of a business choosing not to publish something.

Yes but is there any discretion applied or is it a complete ban? Declining to publish a racing game with a car with a big confederate flag on it is one thing. Declining to publish a military strategy game that uses a historical setting like Gettysburg where Confederate troops on the field of battle are carrying a Confederate flag is something else. In other words is there any consideration for historical context and historically accurate use?

If a business chooses not to sell something, there is no legal mechanism to compel them to justify their decision.

Did anyone say otherwise? Note that the above is merely asking if Apple is applying any discretion? Such discretion would be obvious based upon whether games that are historical and display the flag only in a clearly historical context are still available.

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