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Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 1) 391

How so? I do not believe audiophiles who spend extra money on an ethernet cable necessarily feel bad about doing so. I would actually suspect that they feel good about it.

In addition, my response was to the argument about data transmission correcting for error due to a bad cable, and that the argument still stands regarding possible noise inserted after the DAC. Like I said before, I believe that's highly unlikely, since noise after the DAC means that there's noise on the MB and there are plenty of more sensitive circuits on the MB susceptible to noise, but to summarily dismiss that theory (or via test results from 20 subjects who were primed anyways) is just wrong.

Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 1) 391

Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually RTFA. From TFA:

Even the most rabid speaker cable true-believer audiophiles will admit that digital is digital—at this point, almost everyone has accepted that the bits will arrive, or they won’t. However, the audiophile contention is that some amount of electromagnetic interference or noise is transmitted up unshielded Ethernet cables, through the Ethernet port, and into the computer’s DAC (the digital-to-analog converter), which then makes itself apparent to the listener by coloring the sound in some way.

So, the contention is not that these cables will differ in a "DATA" setting, but that the cheaper cable may introduce unwanted noise into the circuit after the DAC. Now we can argue whether that does or does not happen (I believe it to be highly unlikely), but the argument is not about digital noise.

Comment Both Work and Home (Score 1) 558

I am a contractor and have to supply my own computer at work. Work: Running Fedora 22 on ASRock X58 Extreme, Intel i7 930, 12GB RAM, cheap video card, 3x64GB SSD in RAID0 and 3x2TB Enterprise SATA in RAID5. Work is used for sysadmin and development stuff. Home: Dual booting Ubuntu Studio and Windows 7 on Gigabyte MB with Intel i5 something, 16GB RAM, GTX760, 3x64GB SSD in RAID0 (Linux only), 500GB RevoDrive 3 PCIE SSD (Windows only), and 1TB Enterprise SATA (split for Windows and Linux). I use Linux for everything I do everything (including an xp virtual machine to run QuickBooks Pro) except gaming, which is where Windows comes in. I've been pretty happy with the set up. My graphics card at home gets upgraded once every two years and I upped my RAM to 16, but besides that I don't have to do anything to the boxes, other than occasional fan replacement and dusting the power supply.

Comment Re:How does it come to Dragon Mobile Assistant? (Score 1) 235

You're missing the point of the app. It's not merely a speech recognition piece of software as much as it is a search engine that understands your plain sentences and is able to find exactly the answer you're after. Hell, show me a web site that I can type any of the sentences in the demo in a search box and have it come up with the answers as quickly as in the demo.

Comment Re:Only one and it's vi not emacs. sorry (Score 3, Informative) 443

Back in the days I used to use Windows I used PFE, a multi window editor. For the past 14 or so year I have been using Linux and Kate is my favorite editor now. Does syntax highlighting, tabs vs. spaces, tiled views, profiles for project management, and allows multiple windows on multiple monitors. I'm not sure what more I can ask an editor. It's funny how some of us make the editor our "IDE" and do everything else on the command line like you say.

Comment Re:Golden Oldie (Score 1) 249

I stopped replacing my stuff 15 years ago, with the exception of digital players which have continually evolved. Right now my setup is:

  • Logitech Media Player
  • Technics SL-D202 Turntable
  • Nakamichi Dragon Deck
  • Nikko Beta III Preamp
  • Adcom 535-2 Amp
  • NHT Super Zeros paired with SW2P Subwoofer.

The only piece I'm not that happy with is the Logitech, but I'm not willing to spend audiophile money on a digital network player.

I would love to modify my room acoustically, but the lack of WAF for such changes has always trumped my wants.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 302

Yeah, except you don't know if they put yoga mats in it or not. Translate that to using libraries for coding and you're really putting your existence in hands of a few (or many, depending on which library you use). I'm not saying we shouldn't be using libraries. Of course I'm not going to program routines in assembler and write everything from scratch, but when it comes to website design, checking for invalid input falls squarely on the hand of the developer, not libraries.

Comment Re: Disposable Androids (Score 1) 186

... reload it regularly like a Windows gaming box.

Wow! The Windows install/update/drivers process is so painful that I am extremely careful in selecting what I install on my gaming machine. I can upgrade to a new version of Fedora in 15 minutes, give or take a minute or two, though. When it comes to my Windows installation, the ONLY thing I install is games I intend to play. Now if I need to experiment in a Windows environment I don't care about, I use VirtualBox and turn on snapshots.

Comment Re:well its a good thing that... (Score 1) 303

I'm not sure if you're specifically referring to the US Constitution or the whole shebang, including all the amendments (and the bill of rights). We constantly see courts skirmishing around the first and fourth amendments. They go back and forth, so I wouldn't so hastily toss out the Constitution.

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