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Comment: I'll keep warning you, you won't listen (Score 2) 153

by Thud457 (#48450279) Attached to: NASA Offering Contracts To Encourage Asteroid Mining
Just remember I told you so when Elon Musk is holding the Earth for a ransom of one MILLION dollars or he'll smack us with an asteroid.

Also, could one of these new asteroid mining companies get whatever's left of Atari to sponsor them so they can fly under the Atari logo?

Comment: get over it (Score 1) 202

by Thud457 (#48385311) Attached to: Department of Justice Harvests Cell Phone Data Using Planes
If they can, they will.
It's like melamine in you baby food.
Don't give me no shuck about "legal", "constitutional" or "moral".
Just assume if it's technically possible, somebody is doing it, and act accordingly.

I know you're hiding somewhere with your damsons and prunes. Well I'm ready for you. I've wired meself up to 200 tons of gelignite, and if any one of you so much as makes a move we'll all go up together! Right, right. I warned you. That's it...

-- NOTE -- the quote was satire, relevant to the arms race you've created, NSA


Thanks To the Private Space Industry, Things Are Looking Up For Space City USA 47

Posted by samzenpus
from the not-dead-yet dept.
gallifreyan99 writes When the shuttle program was ended, and manned space exploration was put on hold, the people of Titusville, Florida were left in big trouble. "Just 20 miles northwest of Kennedy Space Center in Florida, it used to have a proud nickname: Space City USA. The dizzying boom of the 1950s and '60s helped create myriad jobs by giving work to nearby aerospace companies. Unfortunately, the past 15 years have seen everything dry up By December 2010, Titusville had one of the America's highest unemployment rates, 13.8 percent." But even though there's been plenty of bad news recently, the city hopes that the private space industry can save it from destruction.

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