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Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 65

Sorry, but I just don't understand what the purpose is, and it isn't stated in the thread linked -- other than a few ... (maybe) benchmarks that don't cover many real-world use cases.

With CFQ, an high disk-IO task will block every other process on the system from getting any time. This can be a big file cp, but I see it most often when writing to slow USB thumb drives... Queue up a copy/rsync/etc. of a few GBytes of data to a slow thumb drive, and after your RAM/buffer cache is filled, your system will be almost completely unresponsive.

Change your scheduler from CFQ to deadline and your system will spring back to life. I don't specifically know that BFQ does any better, but it couldn't possibly be worse... CFQ is crap.

Comment Re:Just 5 billions for 200 MW?? (Score 2) 181

We are going to need portable fusion if we ever want to do serious interstellar travel.

Fission (which we've had for decades) is a perfectly workable and acceptable energy source for "serious interstellar travel".

From battleships to trains to large aircraft to small aircraft: they have a use at many scales where high energy density (production) is required or preferred.

Fission works nicely for aircraft carriers, already. Trains are better accommodated by electrification via overhead power lines.

It's completely crazy to claim "small aircraft" would be a suitable use-case for a fusion power plant... A bit like saying a massive turbine could "have a use" in your leaf-blower.

Comment planet 'Murika (Score 1) 95

I don't understand why they don't do like baseball and declare our national championship the World Championship.
Err hell, just go right to Championship of the Universe. It's not like anybody else bothers to play the game.

queue up Hollywood treatment where the best of the NFL have to stave of an alien invasion by beating them at American Football. Unfortunately, Bert Reynolds is probably unavailable.

Comment repost - for reference only (Score 1) 104


Yes that's right, THINK ABOUT YOUR BREATHING. Why you might ask? Well it's simple!

Your brain usually takes care of breathing FOR you, but whenever you remember this, YOU MUST MANUALLY BREATH! If you don't you will DIE.

There are also MANY variations of this. For example, think about:




In conclusion, the THINK ABOUT YOUR BREATHING troll is simply unbeatable. These 4 words can be thrown randomly into article text trolls, into sigs, into anything, and once seen, WILL FORCE THE VICTIM TO TAKE CARE OF HIS BREATHING MANUALLY! This goes far beyond the simple annoying or insulting trolls of yesteryear.

In fact, by EVEN RESPONDING to this troll, you are proving that IT HAS CLAIMED ANOTHER VICTIM -- YOU!

Comment Re:Prohibited (Score 1) 336

Brilliant, exchange a cheap hard to track device for an expensive device that transmits continuously,

Low-end smart phones are just as cheap as the least expensive unlicensed 2-way radios. You can quite easily and 100% reliably shut-off the cellular radio, while still using WiFi. They are certainly no easier to track than an unencrypted 2-way radio.

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