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Comment Re:Who the fuck would use something like that? (Score 1) 206

You also said it was a "small risk" when it's actually a massive risk. Get Gmail password, look for signups to other sites (invariably will contain username), notice Gmail password is XYZ123gmail, WOLOG say there was a Slashdot signup, go to and attempt login with username listed in Slashdot email + XYZ123slashdot, repeat for any other email with "registration" in the subject.

Comment Re:Reasons why I don't like Musk's hyper loop (Score 1) 124

I was puzzle by this (as I know that Musk is a smart guy), but just now Bruce Perens made a comment below [] that made my head spin bit. Basically his comment is that Musk is somehow conspiring to kill high speed rail, with the implication that the hyper loop is just a tool for this purpose.

It may come as a shock to you, but being an expert in one field doesn't make you an expert in every field. There is nothing that makes Bruce Perens's opinion on this conspiracy theory any more valuable than, say, mine.

Comment Re:Double Width Exterior Walls and Ductless HVAC (Score 1) 557

We would open all the windows and by the morning the house would be around 65 degrees.

Oh, would that Texas weren't so humid, I'd be doing this, too. But nothing like waking up to a raincloud in your house in August in Texas! The front doors in Houston sweat.

Comment Something Lost to the Ages (Score 1) 557

I would do something that modern constructors have forgotten to do: have all your big windows (or, at minimum, master bedroom) on the side of the house that faces the equator. This means in the winter you get sunlight as heating, and in the summer you get less direct sunlight, meaning a cooler house.

The house I live in currently, built a scant twenty years ago, has the MBR windows facing west, which means crazy AC costs in the summer (Texas!) just to get the MBR under 80 degrees F when it's time to go to sleep. It's unbearable, but boy was the house cheap.

Comment Re:Sell your Amazon stock now! (Score 1) 92

The musical adaptaion of The Lion King had a ten year run in London.

Not just that - you'd be hard pressed to find more than a couple popular musicals on Broadway right now that isn't one of three things: (1) revival; (2) jukebox musical [i.e., one that is a thinly-written story wrapped around a Greatest Hits album]; or (3) big Disney production.

Comment Re:Stands to reason (Score 1) 181

Correct. The US hacked a hostile nation's government, one we're technically at war with, that has repeatedly declared it will attack the US and has fired weapons at our allies, and that kidnaps our allies' citizens.

North Korea hacked a private corporation's network to disclose random people's private information and to engage in artistic censorship.

Totally equivalent, yup.

Comment Re:Wrinkle (Score 1) 295

Picture a cube if you lived in 2-dimensional space. You might see it as a square, or as an oblique slice through a cube.

Actually you'd see it as something like a line. To see a square, you'd have to be "above" the sheet of paper that is your two dimensional world, which necessitates a third dimension.

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