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Comment: Re:Why do I need this... (Score 1) 40

Easy. Computer power on handheld devices is less than massive companies which are efficient and processing all the data from many devices allows them to use only the resources needed whereas the power within the phone is always there and not always fully utilized. It also takes power to run that stuff. And really while neural net chip things aren't horrible they can easily just be simulated in software or processed by GPUs. The idea of having special hardware in a phone to perform a somewhat rare specialized function is both wasteful and unneeded. The data capabilities are such that every input to my phone could be sent to HQ. We're talking a latency of less than a tenth of a second.

It's rather pointless. We have the ability already in every phone to process this stuff on the fly. We can run a neural net without special hardware. You can code them in software rather easily. You can code them to run in parallel on a GPU if you want. If we're adding hardware as such, how about you just add some more cameras and microphones, or more GPU power, or more space for battery.

Comment: Re:Varies, I suppose (Score 1) 533

by Tatarize (#49507771) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

No. There's places that actually need those power-buffers and yeah, they tried to use lead acid and recently scrapped it for EV batteries. More and more this stuff has to go into them. Even to the point of giving batteries to individual panels as well as to the entire system, and then notifying the power company when your power production is about to drop, because they need to know that and need to account for it.

There's a lot of power stuff in the grid where we have like natural gas generators and places that can take less consistent power that are being more and more utilized. The truth is the power companies have a point. As hidden supplies of solar power become more and more common place the problems with the grid are going to be more pronounced. Mainly that all the batteries in the world would only give ten minutes of all grid power. We really need this stuff and we don't have it. Old ass screwed up power-grid.

Comment: Re:Actually... (Score 1) 203

by Tatarize (#48729917) Attached to: Why Aren't We Using SSH For Everything?

Given that they easily cracked SSH why use it for much of anything. Properly we'd want/need something stronger. And you can't really exchange keys over the internet in a really safe way. Though, I'm hugely in favor of replacing general public key encryption schemes for those password schemes to access websites. Just encrypt my account with the key on file, if I can read what my email is, I must be me.

Comment: Re:cut off one head (Score 1) 251

by Tatarize (#48567745) Attached to: Peter Sunde: the Pirate Bay Should Stay Down

It only got posted to TPB. Other places weren't really needed because those sites would copy it. They were as of lately just magnet links, in that you'd get a link to the swarm and not to the torrent file. And torrents are pretty robust overall so even ten copies of the same file would still be ten copies of the same file and you could, if you wanted, download them all. But, a lot of the topsites would do their releases and "the next guy" was sketchy and nobody would bother.

Comment: Re:Why does it get hot? (Score 1) 179

by Tatarize (#45862863) Attached to: Ford Will Demo Solar-Charged Car At CES

The bigger heat issue isn't just the IR though, there's heat produced just by producing more current. More current in a wire means more heat. So you'll need to build the panels in wildly different ways when you're concentrating it. Even if you just filter out the heat with a hot mirror or something (which would typically require it adjust to the suns position), you'll still be left with something that requires more than just a panel on the roof, and then you might well be talking an extra grand or two for the panel and gear rather than a couple hundred which is a steal for an extra mile or so per hour of sunlight on the go.

If I have a specialty car port, why not just have a specialty set of solar panels on my roof and plug the car in. While I'm all for the panel, the car port seems pretty unworkable.

Comment: Re:Why does it get hot? (Score 1) 179

by Tatarize (#45861657) Attached to: Ford Will Demo Solar-Charged Car At CES


The albedo of anything means you'll lose something but if you can divide out the heat causing wavelengths from the useful light ones, you can just counteract this with more light. So you lose 10%, get 100% more light and you won't notice. It means you need a larger roof or a reflector into it, but still it would be nicely useful. Whether you could use such a thing to divide the heat and the light and use the heat for condensed solar and the light for PV isn't something I care to speculate on. But, it's all generally theoretically possible.

But again, the stupid car moving and running over my cat is going to pretty much a deal killer. Unless your car port moves without the potential to kill fluffy, it's DOA. And even then it seems pretty silly. Just slapping a solar panel on top though is such low hanging fruit that that part is gold..

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