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Comment: Re:Okay, You Have the Floor (Score 1) 507

by ajlisows (#29473603) Attached to: RIAA's Elementary School Copyright Curriculum

You are assuming that working at a Union Job where you have no choice but to join the Union automatically makes you Pro-Union. I've known people who worked in Unionized manufacturing plants as well as Public School Teachers who loathed the Unions they were part of and blamed said Unions for a lot of things that were wrong at their shop or with the Public School System. I've also known some people in unions that didn't really care about the issue at all.

In general terms, you are probably correct in that a higher percentage of Union workers are pro-union as compared to non-union workers. However, I don't think you can state for a fact that all teachers will put a positive slant on them. Each individual teacher will have their own personal biases regarding just about everything they teach.

I'm getting way off topic, but this is A little anecdote that I like to tell about indoctorinating of children. This happened back when I was in Grade School, during an election year...I really don't remember if it was Reagan/Mondale or Bush/Dukakis. My teacher asked me who I would vote for if I could. I picked the Democratic candidate and she asked me why. I gave her my reasons (Which were probably very childish and stupid, but that isn't the point). She said..."And what would be the most important reason to vote for him?". I thought about it for awhile and said "Because he is a Democrat?" Said teacher was absolutely beaming with pride and told me that was the right answer. From that moment on until I was old enough to have a remote understanding of politics I actually thought that the Republicans were truly evil people and the Democrats were the good guys simply because a person who I was told to respect and learn from told me so. As a 2nd or 3rd grader, why would I think my teacher was just steering me towards her belief system? Pushing her views on me wrapped up as fact was an absolutely disgusting act, IMO.


+ - Open Letter to Mozilla Regarding Their Use of HTML->

Submitted by AberBeta
AberBeta (851747) writes "We're on the verge of a serious evolution on the web. Right now, the common way to include video on the web is by use of Flash, a closed-source technology. The answer to this is the HTML5 video tag, which allows you to embed video into HTML pages without the use of Flash or any other non-HTML technology; combined with open video codecs, this could provide the perfect opportunity to further open up and standardise the web. Sadly, not even Mozilla itself really seems to understand what it is supposed to do with the video tag, and actually advocates the use of JavaScript to implement it. Kroc Camen, OSNews editor, is very involved in making/keeping the web open, and has written an open letter to Mozilla in which he urges them to not use JavaScript for HTML video. Coincidentally, this comes on the first day of the Open Video Conference, an event meant to espouse the virtues of using the video tag, which is hypocritically using Flash to live stream the event on their homepage!"
Link to Original Source

+ - E17 -- Desktop Enlightenment

Submitted by
michuk writes "The performance of desktop computers increases year by year. This gives the programmers great opportunities to further improve the desktop experience of the users. However, what should you do when you have an old computer that is not capable of running the latest and hottest software? How can you benefit from the great software that is X.org when you can't run a desktop that takes advantage of its best features? No need for upgrading your PC, when you can have a usable alternative with the current one. Let me introduce you Enlightenment E17 — the window manager with minimal hardware requirements that may amaze you."
The Internet

Walmart Rejects Firefox and Safari 555

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the also-dalmations-have-spots dept.
babooo404 writes "Last week, Walmart launched their online video download service. Immediately there were posts that the service did not work with the Firefox or Safari browsers. There was a collective, "WTF" when this happened as this is 2007, not 1997. Now it appears that reports are out that Walmart has completely turned off the ability to get into the application at all by Firefox, Safari or any other browser it does not like."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal: The Onion on Vista

Journal by P(0)(!P(k)+P(k+1))

Highlights from the article:

  • Microsoft Word's helpful paper-clip icon now blinks at rate of normal humans
  • Five new card-back designs for Solitaire
  • Something that Apple would never, ever dream up in a billion years

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.