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Comment Actual math (Score 1) 279

Here is the normal total cost of ownership calculation for comparison.:

iPhone 6 64GB in 2014: $750
Decent eBay price in 2015 : -$450 (plus shipping)
Minus eBay fees: -$54
TCO: $246 or $21/mo

iPhone 5s 32GB in 2013: $750
Decent eBay price in 2015: -$275 (plus shipping)
Minus eBay fees: -$33
TCO: $442 or $18/mo

Comment No progress in this industry (Score 3, Interesting) 417

Here is the interior of a stock 2000 Ford F-150, the most popular car model at the time.


The only actual improvements (not necessarily F-150) since then have been:

    * Replacing "eject", "panel & floor", "lo / hi" and other words with pictographs
    * Bluetooth connectivity
    * Rear-facing cameras
    * Upright alcove above radio to place cell phone for navigation

Everything else has been a fucking failure, distraction, or quickly obsoleted.

Comment Re:Inject adds in my pron? (Score 1) 278


It would be fairly easy for AT LEAST SOMEONE to detect a malicious action by the Google CA, because it would leave irrefutable, cryptographically signed evidence of foul play. Does anyone remember the AACS cryptographic key? This would be bigger than that.

Therefore, no, Google 99% isn't going to fuck around with that to get your credit card number. Besides, your credit card is already on file with Chrome auto fill.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 492

You have a lot of good points here and I hope people aren't glossing over because of the length.

Also, you do a great job of talking to the difference between campaign promises, actual positions, implied threats, and action. Of course, the easiest way to prevent war is to install a president who LOVES war and plays with G.J. Joe figurines all day -- other countries would be scared shitless, the Middle East would STFU and the pivot to Asia would actually work; and the legislature and public wouldn't support them anyway even if they did have a good cause for war. To guarantee a war, put in a puppet who doesn't care about war, but then put someone who stands to profit greatly from war right next to their ear.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen