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Comment: Get off my lawn (Score 5, Interesting) 230

I was in a similar situation a few years ago. It involved write access to other people's brokerage accounts.

FINRA, SEC, and FBI are all good points of contact and they have a straightforward complaint/action process. Assuming that you mailed a letter to the CEO first. Otherwise, I just now post live exploits to my blog at and usually give the vendor a heads up.

You will not get credit for the find. The TLAs will not invite you to give a speech. You will not get a career out of this, or even consulting money. Your end game is getting the thing fixed and moving on. Do this by posting your story which proves how innocent you are and giving the people an honest chance to fix it. Imagine you are in front of a jury of idiots. If you are saying "I wrote down this URL, then I typed it back in and some else's bank records came up... then I found out I made a typo". This is a perfectly reasonable story, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Comment: Re:Double Irish? TAX ALL FOREIGNERS!!! (Score 2) 825

by fulldecent (#48953013) Attached to: Obama Proposes One-Time Tax On $2 Trillion US Companies Hold Overseas

The difference is that corporations (US C Corporations) are the imaginary invention of people, and this is also why they should not be taxed.

I imagine that all my corporations are in tax-friendly, business-friendly domicile. And if such a domicile does not exist, then imagine harder! This is the present state of corporate earnings management.

People, on the other hand, receive all the benefits of corporations. These benefits accrue as transactions, wages, dividends. Transactions and, to a degree, wages and dividends, are real, tangible things.

This is why taxing transactions (i.e. sales tax) can strive to meet standards of fairness and smartness, but taxing corporate profits will always lead to ridiculous outcomes.

Comment: MPG (Score 2) 307

by fulldecent (#48927571) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

iPad is a single-player device.

The one in my house displays a pop-up when shoes go on sale that my wife wants or whenever a commit hits any of my GitHub projects. Multiply that by about 50 installed apps and this quickly become a device that is not fun for anyone.

But sure, for business users and single people, it is just a big phone.

Comment: Re: I believe you missed who the adversary is (Score 2) 109

by fulldecent (#48195407) Attached to: China Staging a Nationwide Attack On iCloud and Microsoft Accounts

This is a cute post that implies governments will use influence over CAs to sign fake websites that are accepted by default by browsers.

Given any such forgery would:
  - leave immediate and permanent evidence
  - be a known attack vector that people are actively seeking evidence of
  - be of high interest to slashdot and browser makers

Then I would recommend the naive null hypothesis that governments do not do this on a large scale has a high bar to be rejected.

OTOH, targeted attacks against individual people are a different story.

When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.