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Comment Better Journalism (Score 5, Informative) 108

Investigating "a loophole for debt collection robocalls had found its way into the budget bill":

I can narrow this down to having been introduced by the House. Commit 2015-10-28 pushed by House shows:

Previous 2015-05-22 revision committed by Senate

Diff places blame on house.

Perhaps an improvement would be

"The United States House of Representatives added a loophole for debt collection robocalls into the budget bill":

This is the limit of my journalism abilities here, but just hoping to make some improvement.

I would glad pay money for Slashdot if somehow the journalism could be improved.

Comment Re:In fact a new version often is how it should be (Score 1) 262

Yes, the opposite is Canon. They have many models and cycle features between them, adding and subtracting so there is no clear winner. Then they have long release schedules.

Their goal is to get you to choose a product line and buy old technology -- because you wont expect "that model" to be replaced any time soon.

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