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+ - Prison Architect prison simulation game launched for linux->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Prison Architect is a Prison Simulation and Management game currently released in Alpha from indie developers Introversion Software (Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON and Multiwinia). Prison Architect was initially released in September 2012 and has been played by nearly 90,000 gamers so far. 10 Alpha updates have been released and Introversion is committed to continuing to release a major update each month. From Alpha 10 onwards Prison Architect will be available for Linux — from the Introversion Blog:

"We are now supplying builds for Linux via steam and as a standalone download from our website. The game should be widely compatible across the various Linux distributions, but please let us know if you have problems by logging bugs in our bug tracker. We have targeted Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit and 64 bit) as a starting point, and we anticipate wider compatibility in later alphas. Please note that we do require glibc 2.15 or later, which unfortunately means Prison Architect does not currently work on Debian Stable.""

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Comment: Re:I hope that Firefox isn't playing Microsoft's g (Score 2, Insightful) 363

by AberBeta (#33584366) Attached to: Mozilla Unleashes the Kraken

If you hadn't noticed, every synthetic benchmark released from a browser vendor favoured their engine, at time of release. At least Google had balls to call it v8bench.
While I believe all benchmarks (and non-comprehensive ACID tests) to be 3dmark-style pissing contests where they encourage developers to fast-path specific used functions, I have more confidence in Mozilla producing another (Dromaeo also tried to have a more realistic workflow).

Comment: Re:Ironkey also supports Linux! (Score 1) 191

by AberBeta (#28683505) Attached to: IronKey Unveils Self-Destructing USB Flash Drive

I got a review piece of hardware from InfoSec and tried it out in Linux.
You can mount it once the key has been set-up, but you can't set it up under Linux with the software provided.
So this key *requires* Windows before it can be used under Linux, which is pretty bloody stupid.

Since I don't have any copies of that software, it pretty much doubles the cost of the drive.


+ - Microsoft 'offers' $10k to IE users->

Submitted by ruphus13
ruphus13 (890164) writes "In the latest attempt to battle the declining share of Internet Explorer, Microsoft is dipping into its huge cash reserves to provide 'incentives' to people to switch to IE. In a new move, Microsoft is offering $10,000 in prize money that is 'buried' somewhere on the Internet, but can only be retrieved by using IE. Of course, several people will use IE, and a few will hopefully continue to do so even after 'discovery'. From the post, "How desperate is Microsoft to woo users to its Internet Explorer version 8 browser? Mozilla Chair Mitchell Baker points out in a blog post that Microsoft is now offering $10,000 in prize money "buried somewhere on the Internet" which you can only find if you use Internet Explorer. Come on Microsoft, Internet Explorer needs a lot more than this marketing campaign to shore up its prospects...Until Microsoft fosters the kind of free, open extensibility for its browser that Firefox has, it remains doomed to watch Internet Explorer continue to lose market share.""
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+ - Open Letter to Mozilla Regarding Their Use of HTML->

Submitted by AberBeta
AberBeta (851747) writes "We're on the verge of a serious evolution on the web. Right now, the common way to include video on the web is by use of Flash, a closed-source technology. The answer to this is the HTML5 video tag, which allows you to embed video into HTML pages without the use of Flash or any other non-HTML technology; combined with open video codecs, this could provide the perfect opportunity to further open up and standardise the web. Sadly, not even Mozilla itself really seems to understand what it is supposed to do with the video tag, and actually advocates the use of JavaScript to implement it. Kroc Camen, OSNews editor, is very involved in making/keeping the web open, and has written an open letter to Mozilla in which he urges them to not use JavaScript for HTML video. Coincidentally, this comes on the first day of the Open Video Conference, an event meant to espouse the virtues of using the video tag, which is hypocritically using Flash to live stream the event on their homepage!"
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+ - Chinese passing off fake drugs as 'Made in India'->

Submitted by prapu
prapu (1147161) writes "The Times of India reports "Are fake drugs manufactured in China being pushed into various African countries with the `Made in India' tag? The Indian government has long suspected this to be the case, but it now has definite evidence for the first time. ""
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+ - Yahoo Changes IM Servers- Incompatible with Pidgin 1

Submitted by markdavis
markdavis (642305) writes "As of June 17, 2009, many Pidgin users are having trouble connecting to Yahoo! IM accounts because Yahoo! seems to be upgrading their servers to a new version of their software. The new version requires a new authentication method and the latest version of Pidgin does not support this new authentication method. The next version, 2.6.0, will, but it has not yet been released. The only current workaround is to manually select a "pager server" that hasn't been upgraded yet. Some people will not notice this problem until they disconnect. Others have noted that GAIM appears to be unaffected yet Kopete *is* affected."

+ - Rogers to be charging for incoming texts->

Submitted by iSzabo
iSzabo (1392353) writes "In my inbox I see that +4768 sent me the following:
Rogers svc msg: As of July 7/09 received txt msgs will be $0.15/msg. 2enjoy free rec'd texts get a Text Pack at or 4 more info see

From CBC (
Rogers Wireless said Tuesday it would begin charging 15 cents for each incoming text message for customers without message plans, beginning on July 7.
The move comes about nine months after rival carriers Bell and Telus made similar changes in their policies.
Rogers spokesperson Liz Hamilton said the decision is in keeping with changes in pricing policies among wireless carriers in both Canada and in the United States."

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Secret EU Open Source Migration Study Leaked 311

Posted by kdawson
from the why-they-stick-with-office dept.
Elektroschock writes "For 4 years MEP Marco Cappato tried to get access to the EU Council's 2005 open source migration study because he is a member of a responsible IT oversight committee in the European Parliament. His repeated requests for access were denied. Now they have finally been answered because the Council's study has escaped into the wild (PDF in French and English). Here is a quick look. It is embarrassing! Gartner, when asked if there were any mature public Linux installations in Europe, claimed that there were none. Michael Silver said, 'I have not spoken to any sizable deployments of Linux on the desktop and only one or two StarOffice deployments.' Gartner spread patent and TCO FUD. Also, the European Patent Office participated in the project, although it is not an EU institution."

+ - Could Google predict illness trends?

Submitted by thefickler
thefickler (1030556) writes "With the Swine Flu pandemic scare not long past, Google is embarking on a study to test a theory that internet searches can predict illness trends. Users who search for keywords relating to illness and medicines may, in randomly selected cases, be asked whether their search was prompted by a medical condition (either their own or someone they know.) By doing this, Google should be able to extrapolated how many people actually affected by an illness are searching for information about that particular illness at any one time, allowing Google to track significant patterns."

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