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Comment Re:You have a sick idea of "shelter" (Score 1) 701

A lot depends on the details of the situation. I was lucky enough to be in a class with about 7 extremely intelligent students. I learned with them, bounced ideas off them, and competed with them. I feel this was the most important part of my public education. No teacher (home or school) could have replicated the experience and extra learning I obtained from my peers. Of course, I'm sure there are many more who lose the dice roll and end up with a bunch of neanderthals in their class.

Comment Re:I put 3 kids through the UNC system no debt (Score 1) 541

Right. Only kids with parents able to pay should be able to go to college. Your snowflakes are clearly more special than the snowflakes born to poor parents. Kids with parents who work low paying jobs should just follow their parents into the same low paying jobs. Kids with parents who don't have jobs should just continue that trend. Who needs upward mobility in a society. The Caste System worked great for a very long time.

Comment Re:There you have it (Score 1) 672

I'm going with "Gay people have a genetic disorder. We have to cure the gays of their gayness!"

By "cure" they will mean "throw into a vat of boiling oil" or "press them with rocks" in an attempt to burn or squeeze the gay out of them. It is a fail safe solution. None of the subjects displayed symptoms of being gay after "treatment".

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