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The "Here I am" message is insufficient for coordinating between vehicles. And as I mentioned localization using GPS, even differential GPS, is not reliable enough or fail safe enough for collision avoidance. ... Because some percentage of the time cars will be giving you bogus location messages. At some point message protocols for coordinating actions between vehicles does make sense. In addition to highway drafting, vehicles could use some protocol to more efficiently merge or change lanes. I just don't see transmitting absolute position and velocity being something good to base a system around. Autonomous vehicles need to be allowed to get established without V2V. As they are doing now. Don't hobble them by making them rely on a poorly conceived notion. Getting to a fail safe V2V for Here I Am messages is a very steep and expensive curve compared to a camera and proximity sensor based system which would be more closely following Moore's law.

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You're arguing against Tokamak fusion. But what about, say, HiPER? Looks to me to be a much more comercializeable approach, yet it's still "mainstream" fusion, just a slight variant on inertial confinement ala NIF to make it much smaller / cheaper / easier to have a high repeat rate (smaller compression pulse + heating pulse rather than a NIF-style super-massive compression pulse). The only really unstudied physics aspect is how the heating pulse will interact with the highly compressed matter; NIF and pals have pretty much worked out the details of how laser compression works out. Beyond this, pretty much everything else is just engineering challenges for commercialization, such as high repeat rate lasers, high-rate hohlraum injection and targeting, etc.

I've often thought (different topic) about how one can get half or more of fusion's advantages via fission if you change the game around a bit. Fusion is promoted on being passively safe (it's very hard to keep the reaction *going*, it really wants to stop at all times), it leads to abundant fuel supplies, and there's little radioactive waste (no long-term waste). But what about subcritical fission reactors? Aka, a natural uranium or thorium fuel target being bombarded with a spallation neutron source. Without the spallation neutrons, there's just not enough neutrons for the reaction, so the second the beam gets shut off, the reactor shuts down, regardless of what else is going on. It'd be a fast reactor, aka a breeder, aka, your available fuel supplies increase by orders of magnitude. And your long-term waste would be much, much less in a well-designed reactor. Spallation neutron sources have long been proposed as a way to eliminate long-lived nuclear waste by transmuting it into shorter-lived elements.

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I think the V2V proposal should be scrapped altogether. It would take decades to implement, be very expensive (at hundreds of dollars per car) and it won't actually make cars safer compared with relatively simpler collision avoidance using cameras and other relatively cheap proximity sensors that don't rely on everyone else having functioning V2V systems in their car.

Autonomous cars have cameras and other fail safe sensors they can rely on. GPS is for navigational way points and route planning. Just getting a signal from another car that it is at a certain position is not a sufficient replacement for actually seeing that car with a camera. In all cases I would program that car to trust the camera and distrust the V2V and if it didn't have a camera then the car should stop as safely as it can and not continue to try and drive automatically. GPS is better for navigational way points where precision on the scale of feet and inches is not as important. For collision avoidance in close proximity you want to rely on sensors.

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Wrong, you're talking about charge 2 on the EAW, which is only a molestation charge, not rape. charge 4 on the EAW is the rape charge and concerns a different woman. All of the charges are:

1. On 13th – 14th August 2010, in the home of the injured party [name given] in Stockholm, Assange, by using violence, forced the injured party to endure his restricting her freedom of movement. The violence consisted in a firm hold of the injured party’s arms and a forceful spreading of her legs whilst lying on top of her and with his body weight preventing her from moving or shifting.

2. On 13th – 14th August 2010, in the home of the injured party [name given] in Stockholm, Assange deliberately molested the injured party by acting in a manner designed to violate her sexual integrity. Assange, who was aware that it was the expressed wish of the injured party and a prerequisite of sexual intercourse that a condom be used, consummated unprotected sexual intercourse with her without her knowledge.

3. On 18th August 2010 or on any of the days before or after that date, in the home of the injured party [name given] in Stockholm, Assange deliberately molested the injured party by acting in a manner designed to violate her sexual integrity i.e. lying next to her and pressing his naked, erect penis to her body.

4. On 17th August 2010, in the home of the injured party [name given] in Enkoping, Assange deliberately consummated sexual intercourse with her by improperly exploiting that she, due to sleep, was in a helpless state. It is an aggravating circumstance that Assange, who was aware that it was the expressed wish of the injured party and a prerequisite of sexual intercourse that a condom be used, still consummated unprotected sexual intercourse with her. The sexual act was designed to violate the injured party’s sexual integrity.

Please follow the case better if you wish to comment about it.

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Once again, Assange fanboys go all out to dismiss the rape charge against him without even knowing enough about it to even keep the two women involved straight.

There are two women involved here: AA and SW (and no, their names haven't been scrubbed, but it's a sick testament to our society than rather than letting justice run its course, everyone wants to lead a personal witch hunt against the accusers, and I certainly won't help enable it). AA is the one who tweeted (but not what you said she tweeted) and who has been to cuba and wrote a blog (which doesn't say what you say it said). SW is a low-level museum worker who did none of the above. The rape charge only applies to SW. There are no rape charges concerning AA, only three lesser charges - 1x unlawful sexual coersion and 2x molestation.

The fact that you don't know even this most fundamental basic aspect of the case yet want to pontificate about it speaks volumes as to how much you are just willing to assume the innocence of Assange and that the women are just lying sluts trying to set up an innocent man. Which always happens with famous people and their fans. When you hear people talking about "rape culture", that's a very big part of it.

Now, let's correct your misrepresentation of the facts in detail.

1) There are no rape charges concerning AA. She described a series of unpleasant experiences, first to friends, later to police, involving the pinning of her down to try to force sex, her consent in exchange for the use of a condom which she feels he deliberately broke, and his repeated acts at later periods such as rubbing his naked genitals against him after she had told him no. She became so uncomfortable around him that she moved out of her own apartment to avoid him. The events therein form the basis of the unlawful sexual coersion and molestation charges. The tweet in question was not "Julian is FANTASTIC", it was "Sitting outdoors at 02:00 and hardly freezing with the world's coolest smartest people in the world". She was at a party full of political activists, one of the people there being Julian. At the same party, according to testimony collected by the police, she warned a friend about Julian.

2) She did not file a rape complaint. All of the testimony speaks to that she went to the police to support SW in her going to the police to report a rape by bringing up what Julian had done to her. Which is only what a person would expect. SW had already at that point, according to testimony, been telling friends and family that she'd been raped by Julian. SW's goal in going, however, was not prosecution but to try to force Julian to take an STD test. AA's blog (again, NOT SW, who the rape charge is about) entry was something she copied years ago from someone else about how to break an ex boyfriend up with his new girlfriend, and the first two rules basically sum up as "don't do it". And seriously, do you honestly think if millions of fanboys combed through everything you've ever written on the net that they couldn't find something to attack your character with?

3) See my reply to the post above yours, and pay particular attention to the fact that the Svea Court of Appeals has already reviewed all evidence in a full court hearing with testimony from Assange's attorneys and ruled against him, and the Swedish Supreme Court refused Assange's appeal.

4) How does a person "convince" a person of anything while they're asleep? Is Assange capable of doing Inception?

5) Again, you're talking about AA, not SW. The attacks against AA are the most ridiculous six degrees of separation thing I've seen in ages. It's something penned by Israel Shamir, a famously misogynistic and antisemitic author, as well as being the guy who's famous as being the person who gave unreleased Wikileaks information to the dictator of Belarus which he then used in a purge of political opponents (google "Israel Shamir" and "Belarus"). The argument he posted on Counterpunch basically goes like this: AA once wrote articles in support of democracy in Cuba for a journal, and that journal was run by a group, which is connected to another group, which is connected to another guy, that a Wordpress blog says is a CIA agent; and that the group she worked with a women's rights/democracy group in cuba which is connected to a group in Miami that once held a parade that a guy who tried to blow up a plane in Cuba marched in (Maria Carey marched in the same parade). Wow, I'm sold, clearly a CIA agent! And let me guess: the CIA planted SW as a low-level museum worker afraid of unprotected ages ago because their CIA psychics forsaw the day when there would be a guy named Julian Assange who would find her attractive and sleep with her unprotected?

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Nobody has backed out of anything. Both women still have legal representation pushing the case forward. They've been trying to stay out of the public eye, but one made a remark on a blog half a year ago about how she was a victim of sex crimes and the perpetrator still hasn't been brought to justice and his fans keep making excuses for him. Does that sound like having "backed out of said accusations" to you?

No, it's not "his word against hers". The Svea Court of Appeals has found probable cause for rape, and the Supreme Court upheld it, does that sound like "his word against hers"?

Just what we know from what's leaked so far, which is just a fraction of the evidence: everyone whose close to SW has testified that she's had a lifelong paranoia about unprotected sex. Her former boyfriend of 2 1/2 years testified that when they were together it was "unthinkable" to her, that not only did it never happen, but she even made him get STD tested before protected sex. As for the night in question, here's the leadup that neither Assange nor his legal team have issued any dispute to: that he and SW went home together, where they were making out and she repeatedly refused the unprotected sex that Assange sought. He reluctantly consented to protected sex at least once. Assange's attorney even described (while trying to claim that there was no rape) that his client was "pushing the boundaries of what she felt comfortable with", so there's no dispute to this, Assange's team admits to it. In the morning Assange sent her out to buy him breakfast. Here we have phone records, SMS records, and interviews with those talked to to back up SW's report, and no dispute registered from Assange's team: that she complained bitterly about how mad she was getting at Assange for repeatedly trying to F* her unprotected against her will and for bossing her around. In line she also ran into her brother, who described her as looking very upset when the conversation turned to Assange. She returned home with the food; they ate, and she fell asleep.

Now, that entire thing thusfar is not disputed by any party. What Assange's team claims happened next is that she was "half awake" and consented to unprotected sex (what she says, and told many people before going to the police station, is that she woke up to him doing it). Let's reiterate: the woman with an extreme lifelong paranoia about unprotected sex who was immediately before falling to sleep complaining to her friends about Assange trying to have unprotected sex with her and bossing her around, suddenly wakes up and says "Let's f*** without protection".

Is it any wonder the guy keeps losing legal cases?

I'm against violence in general, actual rape,

No, when you automatically believe everything you hear about a guy accused of rape because you like the guy and assume any charges against him are a giant conspiracy, and calls F*ing a person while they're a sleep in a manner they expressly prohibited "stuck his boner in a place that it shouldn't have been", an act that one can "hardly blame the person who did it" - you're nothing but an enabler.

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Huh? The guy in that article was already åtalad (indicted) and awaiting an appeal when he died. How is that supposed to be arguing in any way shape or form that you can åtala someone who's not in custody? Under Swedish law, once someone is åtalad, there's a time limit until they must be tried. A person is anklagad to get them into custody, then åtalad to bring them to trial. And the British court system has at every level ruled Assange to be in a state equivalent to charged under the British legal system. But do you somehow know more about Swedish and British law than the Swedish prosecutor, the Swedish judge who issued the warrant, the Svea Court of Appeals that found Assange (after a full court hearing and all evidence reviewed) as having probable cause for rape, the Swedish Supreme Court which refused Assange's appeal, the British Lower Court, the British High Court, and the British Supreme Court? If so, my apologies, SuperLawyer - please return to the Justice League immediately!

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By all means, please point me to the part in Swedish law that overrules Sweden's constitution separation of powers clause and the extradition law's clearly spelled out order of proceedings which make it clear that the government isn't even allowed to give a nonbinding opinion until after the courts take up a case.

Secondly the guy has every reason to be concerned given various European countries involvement in illegal renditions AND torture

Yet strangely it didn't seem to bother him when he was outright trying to move to Sweden - he had nothing but praise to heap on Sweden and their legal system then. It was only after he was anklagad for rape that Sweden turned into an evil US lackey. And then he had no problem being in the UK out in the open, and talked about his respect for their legal system. That is, until he lost there, and they too became an evil US lackey. And now we're supposed to believe that both of his personally chosen countries, plus the ECHR, aren't enough?

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The British court system has ruled him to be charged. Assange and his attorneys like to play word games between being anklagad and åtalad (see elsewhere in this article's comments for details), but the simple fact is, as far as Britain is concerned, he's charged.

And no, they're not "extrading people for questioning". From the official sworn statement of the Swedish prosecutor submitted to the British courts:

10. Once the interrogation is complete it may be that further questions need to be put to witnesses or the forensic scientists. Subject to any matters said by him, which undermine my present view that he should be indicted, an indictment will be launched with the court thereafter. It can therefore be seen that Assange is sought for the purpose of conducting criminal proceedings and that he is not sought merely to assist with our enquiries.

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Right. The Great White Brootherhood not a white supremecist cult! And the organizer considering herself to be Jesus Christ doesn't make them a cult! And was purely harmless - that's why they were raided, all the children removed, and the founders prosecuted, right?

Please, give me a break here. The Family sought to "collect" children with pronounced aryan traits. She furthermore did everything she could to make them look more aryan, including bleaching their hair. The children were taught that Anne was their mother, and that everyone else in the cult - including their real parents - were aunts and uncles. Byrne held that a holocaust was going to wipe out humanity and that the children would become the inheritors of the Earth. The cult's motto was "Unseen , Unheard and Unknown", and breaches of that were punished severely. The kids were malnourished, raised in a dimly lit building surrounded by barbed wire and given daily doses of tranquilizers. They were carefully hidden from visitors. They were supposed to shower with their eyes shut so they wouldn't see their naked bodies and to not wash their genitals. Establishing friendships with other children was a punishable offense. They had to listen to regular "meetings with the master" where they were told of the importance of being a good disciple. Read what her daughter wrote about it here. Random excerpt (though there is all too much to mention):

Anne Hamilton-Byrne believed in discipline absolutely. We believed we were her children. She was, we were told, Jesus Christ reincarnated. This was rarely explicitly said by her: it was more assumed by how she referred to herself and acted. Her religion was based on distorted perceptions of the Hindu notion of "karma": that you reap what you sow. Suffering as children was supposed not just to expiate the sins of this life, but also the sins of our past lives. Suffering built up our chances of salvation and redemption. Anne's religion practically called for child-abuse.

Because she travelled so much she left two books of instructions called 'Mummy's Rule Books'. These books listed penalties for infractions. They had entries such as : "If David rocks or sways during meditation, he is to be hit over the head with a chair" and rules about everything, even about how many hours of piano practice each child was to do. These were signed by Anne. She encouraged the Aunties to belt us.

The guiding principle of our rigid existence was discipline. Discipline was the word used to justify abuse. It was discipline that we had to agree with no matter what.

It was enforced in the early days with beltings and the deprivation of food by the missing of meals almost every day. Later this changed to public humiliation, lines to write, the missing of 'privileges' and less common but more severe beltings.

We often had to watch others being beaten. If we took our eyes away that would be interpreted as disapproval and if you disapproved that was a worse crime. Public beatings were held to flush out insubordinates. Anyone who got upset or refused to look or appeared to be disagreeing that the person should be punished, got beaten as well.

Punishments came in waves. Whatever Anne considered the best way of disciplining us was enforced until she changed her mind. So I remember harsh times and softer times.

We were always belted and kicked around from when we were very young with hands and feet or with anything they could find, but looking back I can see differences in the times and the ways we were punished. But always we were punished. Anne believed it was good for us. It fitted in with the karmic principles that the sect used to justify suffering and pain.

But no, a harmless hippie commune, clearly! Run by Jesus Christ herself!

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F*ing a sleeping girl to work around her explicit and repeated refusal to consent to your preferred form of sex (what Assange is charged with, #4 on the EAW) IS RAPE, in every developed country on earth, and every level of the British court system have confirmed that what he is charged with matches to their equivalent crimes in the UK (they'd actually have worse sentences). And it damn well should be considered rape, and the fact that all of these Assange fanboys try to do a "it's not rape-rape!" thing with it is sickening. Let me be explicit: If I give you permission to F* me in a certain way, and explicitly refuse a different way, and I wake up to you F*ing me in the way I explicitly banned, You're Committing Rape. Period. End of story. And FYI, Sweden actually has some of the most lax rape laws in Europe, but even in Sweden, that's still rape.

Your claims that the women were "coerced" are absurd. SW according to everyone's testimony had a right proper freakout immediately after the event and told friends and family that she'd been raped, before she went to the police. And even before the event she'd been complaining to friends via SMS (and when she was out buying food) about how mad she was getting at Assange for continually trying to f* her in the way she prohibited. The fact that the women, after talking about what happened to each of them, decided to go to the police together, is bloody well what one would expect in such a situation. At the police office they were separated and interviewed separately. And no, it's a complete myth that SW "refused to go on with the investigation", as many fanboys claim - the leaked police report explicitly states that it's the interviewer who decided to terminate the investigation, and that SW then consented to a rape kit (sound like someone who didn't want to go on with the investigation?) and said she wanted a legal representative (who then pushed the case relentlessly forward - sound like someone who didn't want to go on with the investigation?).

Trying to get people charged with crimes like rape to trial is the very thing the EAW was created for. In what bloody world is rape not a "serious crime"?

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Also.... shitty Lync server checks for user agent like websites used to in the '90 and not all SIP clients know how to lie tot the server that they are Lync and not Pidgin, Empathy etc.

There still appears to be plenty of webservers trying to interpret user agent strings. Which, ironically, can cause issues with the latest versions of MSIE.

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People don't want to learn any more than the bare necessity to do their job. If LibreOffice is quite capable of doing what they want, but the menu/button layout is slightly different or some techniques are different between it and MS Office, they'll be less inclined to learn and stick with what they've always known. Which is fine, except that people aren't honest about this being the reason.

But somehow changes between different versions of MS Office don't get this kind of response.

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