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Comment Re:Hmmmmm.. (Score 1) 313

This goes back to the days of Netscape. I remember having a discussion here in the Mozilla Suite days before Firefox took off about how they should at least separate browser, calendar and mail/news tools in to separate processes. Devs at the time claimed it was too difficult and would break tight integration between these parts of the app. Same story now with the whole multi-process browser thing, and it all points to poor architecture and poor engineering skills at Mozilla.

Comment Re:newer replacement for TrueCrypt users (Score 1) 42

Any idea whether they've fixed the performance issues with TrueCrypt? I tried to use it to secure some large customer movie files (e.g. 75 - 250 GB range) and found that when writing these files that it gets slower and slower, from tens of MB/s dropping steadily down to KB/s after several hours of copying a large file. Files beyond a certain size take so long to write that I couldn't use it (gave up after waiting 24 hours).

Comment Electrolysis project (Score 4, Informative) 313

Meanwhile another year has passed and they still haven't completed the Electrolysis project (multi-process browser).

The monolithic process with all its memory leaks and unrestrained memory growth, and no way to figure out which tab was eating all the CPU and draining my laptop battery meant I switched to Chrome and Safari years ago. FF is not fit for purpose.

Comment Quite the opposite (Score 1) 131

My experience is that my iPhone under reports my runs by at least 100m every 5km (I get variances of 100-300m under reported for the same 5.7km loop that I run once it twice a week.

I ran the Richmond-upon-Thames 10k last year and after crossing the line I had apparently only gone 9.8km. Other people at the finish mentioned their Garmins had reported even less. I wrote an email to the organiser who came back to me with a plausible explanation and a defence that they were IAAF measured (with a certificate confirming the length): the sample frequency of these devices isn't frequent enough and will cut-off corners, which was particularly bad for this event which zig-zagged through Kew Gardens, with 17 right angles and a long curve along the river Thames.

Comment Re:Long Time Runner Here... (Score 1) 169

As I runner of just 15 years, I'm of the attitude that all you really need is a pair of shoes, and clothes don't need to be special. Keep it minimal and just enjoy the run.

Due to continuous breakdowns due to injury I switched to finger shoes (and been fine since), which are awesome for taking on business trips because they take no space in my bag. I learnt a good lesson on one trip to Shanghai though, out with the Hash House Harriers... always carry a phone and some money because there's nothing more scary than being the wrong side of the river and no way to contact your friends when you're lost, no idea where you're going to and no way to get home! Even when I'm at home I take my phone and just share my location with my wife so I don't have to carry more shit than necessary.

Comment Re:Logic (Score 1) 279

Improved healthcare and ageing population? It's unbelievable how much China has changed in this period of time. I read somewhere that the policy has prevented 400 million births.

Comment Rovi cost cutting? (Score 1) 22

I wondered how long they'd keep all that, now we see they've found somebody to pay for the storage. Rovi's only interested in the metadata about those discs. They've been desperately trying to cut costs since Fred Amoroso left a few years ago and the current CEO went on an anti-product purge and focused on patent trolling, which went abysmally in some places (see Rovi vs. Virgin Media in UK).

Comment Re:Uber actually comes (Score 1) 385

The last two times I've tried to get an Uber I've ended up taking public transport. Just last night I tried to get one outside a Tube station in west London. The app said 3 mins until pick-up, until I actually tried to hail one, at which point it jumped to 11 mins and suddenly all the vehicles nearby vanished from the map. When I tried to reserve it it sat there for a bloody age before flashing up a driver. Somehow it got cancelled. This is the second time I've seen this. Given that I've only used it about three other times, I'm not so impressed about predictability or reliability. I've never had a problem with regular taxi firms.

On one of the other occasions that I took it, I was talking to the driver about the Tube strike that had occurred a few days earlier. He said he waited around and deliberately didn't start work until after the strike started because he knew surge pricing would make him a mint. Seems like it's a driver's market, not a passenger's.

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