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Comment Re:Wait for it... (Score 1) 118

this is a guy [...] shilling for his password management company

Thank you. From the tone/writing style of the story, I was wondering whether this was written by a first year CS student or somebody trying to sell something. More clutter adding to the poor SNR on /.

Comment I just got bored of the bloody thing (Score 3, Interesting) 196

The explicit violence just doesn't seem necessary. It detracts from the story more than anything - what's the point of it? Are the producer simply just trying to shock people? They could just cut the content by 75% and focus on the character development and the plots (i.e. The story), and they would have a way better show.

Comment Re: As much as possible (Score 1) 350

Yup I have a MBP at home from Feb 2008. The biggest problem with it is the lack of memory (max spec'ed is 4GB, you can get it to work with 6GB but I normally have 8-9 and allocated and I'm fed up with the speed.). My work MBP's have had 16GB for years and I frequently have more than 20GB allocated - it's hard to imagine a new MBP lasting so long. I can't help feeling that there's a pretty bad memory leak in OS X considering I've observed multiple machines low on memory with no apps running once I get to about a month after the last reboot.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 170

I find sometimes that I have to take a break and let my mind freewheel a bit. I suppose getting up and stretching my legs might be better for my health than staring at the wall or faffing on /. There are people who spend time playing around rather than working, but I suppose their work shows it or they've got a shit manager.

Comment Re: The street will become half as wide (Score 2) 258

Considering that you can support bidirectional bike traffic in less space than a single lane for motor vehicles

This is precisely why I dislike the bike lanes in a London. I'll wait and see how these new cross London routes pan out, but I suppose I'll stick with the roads.

The lanes as you describe it are not wide enough. You can't overtake and believe me there are a lot of very slow cyclists in London, and I'm not even referring to the amateurs and tourists wobbling around on Boris bikes.

panic: kernel trap (ignored)