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Comment: Re:I shall answer the question! (Score 1) 554

by denidoom (#22678962) Attached to: Student Faces Expulsion for Facebook Study Group
I personally dislike this latest trend toward working in groups, at least as an older adult student. All day long I work at a job and work with a team of people. I collaborate, I share, I ask questions, and contribute answers. When I goto class in the evening or late afternoon, I feel like I am being cheated because the professor wants other students to teach each other. I know that a 22 year old has some value to contribute (lord knows, they sure think they do), but personally I want to hear from the prof., who is the expert on the matter. Then there is always some loud mouth, or domineering person, or sullen uninvolved person in the group who detracts from the learning experience. Maybe you, as a professor, think it's just a matter of the professor being expert at directing these groups. Maybe we're supposed to learn how to be socially adept and as a group, tell the loud mouth, overly assertive, or sullen group members to stop? Why is this my responsibility?

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