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Submission + - Samsung has a tough hill to climb at differentiating itself->

rfran writes: Part of Samsung's troubles is the growing competition in the low-end smartphone space from Chinese manufacturers that are able to deliver comparable Android devices at lower prices and with lower margins. Even when Samsung does successfully differentiate, it doesn't quite seem able to sell that differentiation to its customers.
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Submission + - Windows next: So what?->

mattydread23 writes: The PC isn't dead. But Microsoft tried ambitious and ahead of the curve with Windows 8 and got a resounding "huh?" from the mainstream market. If the next version plays it safe, tones down the vision, and makes enterprises comfortable with the more secure and easier to mobilize WinRT runtime, while accommodating cheap tablets for people who don't want to pay for iPad and want something more powerful than Android, Microsoft can hold onto its 14% while it builds out cross-platform versions of its apps to take advantage of the services where it's actually doing something exciting — like Power BI and Project Spark and Skype Translator and Azure ML and lots of things that have nothing at all to do with Windows.
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Submission + - Matrix: A new open source standard for IM, VOIP, and video chat->

Gamoid writes: I talked to Matrix, an open source initiative that's trying to build a new, open, federated standard for chat, voice, and video that enables rich applications to be built but that still allow users of different clients to talk to each other. It's only two weeks old, but Matrix has a lot of potential.
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Submission + - Why Apple's HealthKit and HomeKit privacy rules are a huge competitive advantage->

mattydread23 writes: Apple has added a list of rules about how developers can use HealthKit, HomeKit, and keyboard data, and they demonstrate Apple's commitment to ensuring that the most private and personal data of its users is respected and protected. In a year where Facebook admitted that it experimented with the mental state of hundreds of thousands of its users, it's refreshing to see a company that remains focused on what its users want and need, and doesn't rely on selling information about them.
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Submission + - VMware unveils Workplace Suite and NVIDIA partnership for Chromebooks->

Gamoid writes: At VMworld today, VMware introduced the Workplace Suite, a platform for securely delivering applications and content across desktops and mobile devices from the cloud. The really cool part, though, is a partnership with Google and NVIDIA to deliver even graphics-intensive Windows applications on a Chromebook. I was on the scene.
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Submission + - Why Microsoft Azure will get the last laugh in the cloud wars->

mattydread23 writes: Venture capitalist Brad Feld recently argued that Amazon's cloud dominance is over, and said that it's a good time to be Microsoft or Google. In this article, CITEworld editor Matt Rosoff argues that Microsoft is in fact in the driver's seat — Azure is a core part of its strategy, not a low-margin side business like Google Cloud Engine is for its parent company.
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