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+ - A hospital delivering domestic violence restraining orders via teleconference-> 1 1

Gamoid writes: I talked to a hospital that's delivering restraining orders to victims of domestic abuse via teleconferencing, helping to protect them in their most vulnerable time. It's not even a drop in the ocean, but it's a really cool story about how technology can be used to help people — and how the legal system still needs to catch up with technological progress.
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+ - Is there really a tech worker shortage?->

Gamoid writes: Silicon Valley says that we need more H-1B visas because there aren't enough developers and software engineers in the United States. But there's an increasing body of evidence to suggest that the real issue is that Silicon Valley companies aren't hiring the many, many talented people here in the US.
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+ - Evernote's quest to change the world with productivity->

Gamoid writes: For the massively popular note-taking platform Evernote, recent changes reflect an almost religious crusade to rid the world of skeuomorphism and change the world by bringing people together under a new way of working.

In other words, we need to stop pretending paper is a thing. It's not a thing.

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+ - Matrix: A new open source standard for IM, VOIP, and video chat->

Gamoid writes: I talked to Matrix, an open source initiative that's trying to build a new, open, federated standard for chat, voice, and video that enables rich applications to be built but that still allow users of different clients to talk to each other. It's only two weeks old, but Matrix has a lot of potential.
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