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+ - How Google thinks it can knock one of Oracle's main technologies off the charts-> 1 1

mattydread23 writes: For the last 20 years, Java has been unstoppable. But Google's Go is trying to give it a run for the money. Business Insider interviewed Go chief Jason Buberel about why he thinks Go has a fighting chance: It's simple to use, and Buberel says it isn't adding any more features. "He says that he would describe the average Go developer as "pragmatic and productive. They just want to look good to their bosses."
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+ - How to get a software developer to work for free->

mattydread23 writes: For people outside the tech community, the idea of open source can seem puzzling. Why would software developers — who can command huge salaries for their work — spend so much time working on certain projects for free? This article talks to a bunch of OSS developers as well as RedHat CEO Jim Whitehurst to provide some insight. Some of it's about paying it forward, some of it's about giving back to the community, and some is just about making better software, faster.
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+ - How Facebook is eating the $140 billion hardware market->

mattydread23 writes: It started out as a controversial idea inside Facebook. In four short years, the Open Compute Project has turned the $141 billion data-center computer-hardware industry on its head. This is the comprehensive history of the project, including interviews with founder Jonathan Heiliger and members of the financial services industry who are already on board, plus a dismissal from Google's own data center guru Urs Holzle.
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+ - WWDC: What developers want->

mattydread23 writes: Business Insider talked to a bunch of iOS developers to find out what they want to see at Apple's big developer conference next week. The answers include much better tools, improvements to Swift, way more access to the innards of the Apple Watch, and more stability in iOS. And fix the dang Mac Wi-Fi problem already!
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+ - Hola CEO responds to his critics->

mattydread23 writes: If you're following the Hola/Luminati news, this article by Business Insider is a remarkable read. The CEO claims that the vulnerabilities found in the peer-to-peer VPN amount to "growing pains," similar to what has happened to other big companies in the past. He wiggles around the fact that Hola was selling its users bandwidth to other parties and not really clearly disclosing that fact.
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+ - An interview with Urs Holzle, Google's 8th employee and Cloud Platform leader->

mattydread23 writes: In this interview, Google's Urs Holzle talks a little bit about the early days building Google's massive web infrastructure, and explains Google's plans to wrest cloud dominance away from Amazon — lower prices and faster innovation — and Microsoft — a stronger demonstrated commitment to open source. Google's coming from behind, but as he puts it, the race has just started. Do you buy it?
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+ - The rise and fall of the hot OpenStack startups->

mattydread23 writes: Four years ago, VCs were tripping over themselves to invest in OpenStack startups. Now Nebula's out of business. Piston just pivoted. What's going on? Business Insider talked to VCs who invested in the space, plus OpenStack tech pioneer Josh McKenty, who blames big companies like Red Hat for hijacking the OpenStack Foundation.
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+ - 30 tech skills that will get you a $110,000 salary right now->

mattydread23 writes: Here are the most in-demand tech skills and their average salaries, according to tech job-seeking service Dice. You might not be surprised at how many of them involve NoSQL/Hadoop in some form or another, but there are also some old reliables on there like database management and Documentum (!) still on the list.
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+ - Parker Harris, the *other* Salesforce cofounder->

mattydread23 writes: You're probably aware of colorful, larger-than-life Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. But he's got a counterpart, a sort of Wozniak to his Jobs. Parker Harris cofounded the company with Benioff in 1999, and has overseen its engineering functions the entire time. He created one of the leanest, most efficient engineering organizations in tech company history, he moved the entire company to agile programming in a matter of weeks, and he plays the logical realist to Benioff's sometimes wild vision. Not bad for a guy who majored in English literature at a liberal arts college....
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+ - A look inside the new Benioff hospital, complete with roving robots->

mattydread23 writes: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is almost as well known in San Francisco for his philanthropy as he is for the tech company he founded and his cracks at Microsoft. On Thursday, UCSF gave Business Insider reporter Eugene Kim a tour of the new Benioff Childrens' Hospital, which was funded by $250 million from the billionaire technologist. It's pretty amazing, with robots to do many tasks formerly performed by humans, and colorful scanning rooms to reduce kids' fears.
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+ - Next week is Microsoft's last chance to prove that Windows still matters->

mattydread23 writes: Windows 8 was a disaster. Windows Phone is a non-starter. PC sales have dropped for the last two years. Windows has gone from powering 95% of internet-connected devices to powering about 15%. Next week, Microsoft will lift the veils a bit further on Windows 10, the next version of its now 30-year-old operating system. Will anybody care?
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