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Women Get Pull Requests Accepted More (Except When You Know They're Women) ( 215

An anonymous reader writes: In the largest study of gender bias [in programming] to date, researchers found that women tend to have their pull requests accepted at a higher rate than men, across a variety of programming languages. This, despite the finding that their pull requests are larger and less likely to serve an immediate project need. At the same time, when the gender of the women is identifiable (as opposed to hidden), their pull requests are accepted less often than men's.

Comment Re:Cool in theory, but numbers may be too optimist (Score 1) 234

Based on their own numbers, they would have been better off putting PV panels on already existing buildings. 1/10 the cost (assume $1/watt for panel and $1/watt for installation).

This is $20/watt with generous rounding.

I'm betting this was a typical humanitarian project in Africa. Every government official had to be bribed and every high official's nephew put on salary, in order for the project to go forward.

Comment Re:User error (Score 1) 520

Heal and toe under power? Is that some drifter move? It's just a downshift unless you are also braking, hence heal and toe...I don't subscribe to 'never powerbrake', but haven't been in the situation where I was already power braking and decided I needed to grab a gear (without upsetting the balance of the car doing donuts?).

You can argue about weather a paddle shift dual clutch is a manual or an automatic, it's 1% of the market. Most slushboxes remain slushboxes. They are sitting in top gear at a red light and don't even start to downshift until you gas it and intake vacuum drops, computer controlled but still the same old.

Don't even start about engine braking through a torque converter. The one thing no automatic can do is anticipate the corner, even the automatics with shifters take them as 'suggestions'. Shift kits are nothing new.

Comment Re:Jeep? Not so much (Score 1) 520

You get (for as you say little or no money):

A 3/4 ton Dodge (can be wrecked).

A 1/2 ton Dodge.

A Toyota truck or 4 Runner hopefully with solid axle in front.

A Suzuki 4x4.

Then you move the running gear (and brakes) down one truck, being sure to save engine from 3/4 ton dodge before discarding wreck. Throw away the Suzuki axles. 3 pretty capable 4x4s for 5 or 6 grand and a bunch of wrenching and welding. You should be able to take your pick, sell the other two and put money in your pockets.

Unless you're really good at welding drive-shafts, those are going to be a big expense.

Comment Re:User error (Score 1) 520

Bullshit. The automatic can't read your mind, hence it's always trying to catch up with what you want. They are good for straight lines.

Automatics have caught up on fuel economy. But at the cost of being terrible drive by wire cars in both cases. I rented a Sentra that overrode my throttle stomp until it decided the steering wheel was straight enough, I would never buy a POS that did that.

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