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Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 410 410

Implicit assumption in your thinking is that government is efficient in spending it's money. It is not.

A large part of the benefit of government spending goes to government employees and contractors, who don't work for shit and are typically overpaid. (Don't even bother pulling out 20 year old studies done by government workers. We all know they are pure BS.)

If government work wasn't unduly profitable, why would so many people/unions/companies fight so hard for 'their share' of it?

Comment: Re:Methamphetamines age you prematurely. (Score 3, Interesting) 238 238

*raises hand* I'd like to join your congregation.
Father of two, sole income-maker in my family, average sleep time is 6 hours a day. I work more than it's healthy, and that's because I have no choice. Still, many people think I'm younger than I actually am. I guess at some point I'll start aging really fast, like it's often seen in Asian people. This year they look like they're 25, next year they look like they're 50 and their actual age is 35-36.

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