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Comment: 2N2222 (Score 4, Insightful) 314

by shuz (#48821629) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing

So I found myself needing a 2N2222 the other day. I wanted it NOW I couldn't be bothered to wait 3 days for to mail one two me. So I remembered that my friendly neighborhood radioshack carries all the components I need! I head down there and much to my chagrin all they sold anymore were extremely common A/V connectors, cables, and mobile phones by low paid high school kids. Where were to remote controlled airplanes/cars/boats, the CB's, misc electronic parts, knowledgeable sales staff with white scraggly neck beards? I didn't go there expecting to save a buck. No, I expected to pay 3+ times the price of getting it online somewhere. But I could have it NOW! Then I remembered I hadn't been into a radioshack in 10 years. *sigh* I'll miss you electronics parts store.

Comment: Friggen lasers (Score 1) 162

by shuz (#48802927) Attached to: What are you most interested in seeing out of CES?

Projectors with friggen lasers attached to their heads. LED based laser projectors are long overdue. Though a few exist none are worth the price. Scanning laser projectors should be one of the new up and coming display markets. The best part about this technology is that there are no lamps to replace, the imaging is theory should be better than all others, DLP chips will make a come back. The negative is that LCD manufactures will lose a lot of market share, lamp manufactures will lose a lot of market share, 4k DLP chips aren't quite there to make 4k laser displays work(but there isn't any 4k content yet anyways).

Comment: Download from the source (Score 4, Informative) 324

by shuz (#48802823) Attached to: How To Hijack Your Own Windows System With Bundled Downloads

Need SCP? Download it from Need VLC? Download it form Teach your non-geek how to think outside the box (just a little and be gentle). Teach them about digital trust. To locate website of the vendor that makes the software that they want. If that vendor redirects them to cnet, then that is where they should download the software from.

For all driver needs tell them to download only from the original equipment manufactures website. If the driver doesn't exist anymore there is a reasonable chance the driver found on some third party website won't work anyways.

Comment: Cheap 2-4 year plus English (Score 1) 280

by shuz (#48612827) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Should a Liberal Arts Major Get Into STEM?

My suggestion is that you combine your interests and your knowledge. Technical people tend to lack one important concept and that is being non-technical and approaching problems from outside their focus. I would suggest getting a technical degree 2-4 years in the field of your choice from either a technical college or a state 4 year school. Choose the degree with the idea of how you might apply your arts based experience and education as well as interests to that degree. For instance Mechanical Engineering might lead to writing or designing instructional materials. A hard science based degree may lend itself to being a grant writer. A Computer Science degree might lend itself to a technical writer (The person who explains to the masses how to use software). Careers can end up being how you sell yourself as well. You might not need another degree at all as long as you have technical hobbies and general knowledge as well as high interest in a subject.

When you interview for jobs do not be meek. If you feel like the job is above your abilities or if you feel intimidated by a few aspects of the position know that you will have an opportunity to learn. You will make mistakes and your employer expect a certain level of learning from any College grad. Promote yourself with the abilities that you do have. Soft skills like attention to detail, the ability to work as a team, being friendly and social, being a self started, being able to self teach/grow. You also likely have hard skill such as an impressive vocabulary, understanding various cultures, critical thinking, computer skills.

The number one frustration I have with college grads is that all to often they think and say "I can't". Usually the case is you CAN, you just haven't learned and applied yourself yet.

Good luck!

Comment: Volkswagen-Audi group (Score 3, Informative) 195

by shuz (#48436715) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Hackable Car?

VW/Audi group cars can all be easily hacked via a Vag-com device which is a relatively cheap hardware/software alternative to the programmer used at the factor or at a dealership. There are great community sites. for instance:

One simple hack I performed for instance was to enable bluetooth hud. Default from the factory the contact list from my phone would not be displayed one the radio or on the instrument heads up display. One simple code change displays my contact list, last calls received, and last calls made. The only negatives to the vag-com are that engine performance and emissions are locked out. Which means you can't disable the ~130MPH governor for instance.

Comment: Re:I, Robot from a programmers perspective (Score 1) 165

by shuz (#47919979) Attached to: Developing the First Law of Robotics

They would only fail if no action is taken. There is juxtaposition in law all the time. The key is to find if action is taken to uphold a law that results in another law failing to be upheld where taking no action causes both laws to not be upheld. Upholding at least one law is ideal. I am not suggesting that if you saw a bank being robbed that you join in robbing said bank to pay your taxes however.

Comment: Priority (Score 2) 165

by shuz (#47919891) Attached to: Developing the First Law of Robotics

An interesting experiment would be to include actions that affect other actions. Such that when one specific proxy falls into a hole, multiple others fall into a hole. Would the robot learn? Would the robot assign priority over time? For any given decision there is yes, no, and maybe with maybe requiring a priority check to figure out what the end result is. In programming we tend towards binary logic, but the world is not black and white. Likely if the robot was programmed to learn, the robot would eventually come to the conclusion of save proxy A = yes, save proxy B = yes.Followed by Save A first = maybe, save B first = maybe. Followed by likely hood of success A > B = Yes/No and B>A Yes/No. Followed by action. The next question would be what happens if A=B? What you would likely find is that the robot would either randomly choose or go with the first or last choice, but would likely not fail to take some action. I would find it interesting if the robot didn't take action and then try to explain that.

Comment: BA vs BS (Score 1) 392

by shuz (#47919617) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?

I know of a few successful persons in IT that have a BA in computer science. There exists colleges out there that do not offer BS degrees, however they do offer a BA in Computer science. The primary difference is that the students are required to learn a second language rather than dissect a frog. As far as computer programming goes, I pose this question: Which might help a person more 1. understanding the nuances of how languages differ and learning key methods to memorize and differentiate those languages, or 2. learning where electrons might be in relation to the nucleus at given energy levels? The math requirements are equivalent for a BA and BS. The approach to problem solving might be a bit different, however any team benefits from multiple different perspectives.

Note I have a BS in CS.

Comment: Tools for patch management (Score 1) 294

by shuz (#46778461) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: System Administrator Vs Change Advisory Board

MS SCCM and RH Satellite are the two OS vendor specific patch management solutions. However your licensing will end up being more expensive per server and could be cost prohibitive for a small company. You cheapest option would be to script patch groups. You could do this in Powershell and Bash. The CAB may not require you to list in great detail exactly what each patch modify's. They may only ask you to list out the patch numbers being applied. The point of a CAB is to make you slow down rapid poorly thought out changes, bring stability, and external oversight to IT changes. CAB may also have a purpose in letting your greater organization know what is going on. You will find the new requirements painful and often times annoying or illogical, however they will also make you and your organization stronger.

Comment: Management to take the heat (Score 1) 236

by shuz (#46734087) Attached to: GM Names Names, Suspends Two Engineers Over Ignition-Switch Safety

Typically in a business the management structure is paid more the closer you get to the CEO of that company. They are compensated more because, as the theory goes, they are responsible for the assets below them. Being responsible means that you need to have visibility and control over what you are responsible for and take the blame and credit for what might go wrong or right. If two engineers were put on leave, than I hope that the managers over them were also educated on how the engineers made poor decisions and how they might avoid the issue in the future. If the engineers kept this a secret, I would expect the QA and change control departments would catch the mistake(of hiding a change without changing the version number). To buy a story that just two engineers could have sole blame in a faulty component affecting 2 million vehicles is ridiculous or the result of some pretty poor management. My point, if two engineers were put on leave and potentially fired, some subset of the management above them should also be fired.

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