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Comment Re:Here's an obvious power saving solution... (Score 1) 205

My computer is being used even when I'm not using it myself. I have an FTP server, a small webserver, a database, a TeamSpeak server and a PLEX Media Server on it. While idling (aka "not gaming on it") it consumes around 200W of power. I balanced that consumption by replacing all my light bulbs with low-consumption ones, and I actually pay less than when I had incandescent light bulbs and no gaming PC.
While gaming, my PC consumes 400-450W and that happens 2-3 hours a day, some days it consumes less while gaming because some games I play don't tax the CPU/GPU so much. GPU Power is at 30% while playing Kerbal Space Program but it jumps to 100% while playing Witcher 3.

TFA is blanket-statement and scaremongering. If you really want a reduction in power consumption, tell all those bloody corporations to cut off the amount of lighting they use for their buildings, most of which are lit like a fucking Christmas tree and filled to the brim with computers which never turn off (not talking about servers here).

Comment Re:Are you trying to imply that systemd is faster? (Score 1) 744

That's not what I am suggesting.
Maybe the analogy was imperfect.

Systemd is like cars compared to horse carriages in early 1900s. They were a not-so-good alternative to the established method.
Horse-based transportation was a mature solution which reached its limits, and cars at the time were a worse alternative in most ways.

I say, give it time. See if it would grow into something better. Flinging poo at systemd is like yelling "get a horse!" when seeing a car, back in the 1900s. True at the moment, but in time proven to be shortsighted.

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