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Comment Re:RISK vs CHANCE (Score 1) 182

Let's see:
- Global Warming: High chance, high risk, slow action. Will happen over generations (5+).
- Killer viruses (I assume you added bacteria as well): Low chance, low risk, slow or fast action. I'd bump it down significantly.
- Rogue black holes: frankly they fall into the same category as asteroids (celestials dangerous to us)
- Rogue artificial intelligence: Pah-lease. That's coming after global warming takes care of all of us :)
- Aliens: I'd lump them into "celestials dangerous to us".
- Gamma Ray Bursts: Low chance, extreme risk, unknown probability and no way to avoid. I'd plaster the "shit happens" tag on it and pray shit doesn't happen. It's the most we can do.
- Giant solar flares: Medium chance, medium risk, no way to avoid. See "Gamma Ray Bursts".
- Magnetic field reversal: "Still, there is no evidence that a weakened magnetic field would result in a doomsday for Earth. During past polarity flips there were no mass extinctions or evidence of radiation damage." (source: http://www.scientificamerican....). High chance, low risk, it's not a Mass Extinction Event. Also, we can do nothing about it.
- Supervolcanoes: Medium chance (it WILL happen), high risk, fast action. If the year without a summer tells us something, it tells us it would be bad. Bumped up, deserves funding.
- Biotech disaster: lumped together with Killer viruses.
- Nanotechnology: are we getting that far? Maybe. Deserves funding.
- Particle accelerator chain reaction: wasn't this scientifically dismantled many times over?
- Divine Intervention: "God Help Us All!" is all the funding this deserves.

Comment Re:what's the problem? (Score 2) 145

If I now have a barrier to reading my books then the device is not as worthwhile to me.

No you don't.
You have an inconvenience but not a barrier. You're not stopped from opening any book from your SD card, you only lack some functionality such as indexing the books stored there.
TFA says you can manually navigate to the book location and tap it and it would load in the Kindle app just fine.

Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things (Score 2) 350

You're looking at it incorrectly.
India is 3 times as large in terms of population. The people pool is simply larger, which means that make the "highly" in "highly skilled" high enough and there would be someone in India with better skills (on paper) than someone in the USA.

Mind you, that simple metric does not account for cultural clash, language barrier, etc. That's where the problem is. Effectiveness on the job is not only hard skills, but soft skills too. A person from India who is 10% better in hard skills or hands-on experience might overall be 30% worse when you account for soft skills (conversational, social, cultural affinity, etc).

Disclaimer: I am not from the USA, nor am I from India, but I work with people from both countries (any many others).

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 577

It was broad daylight, dude. It was not "against the wall". It was not while intoxicated. It was flat out casually pissing in the middle of the street.
I fucking hate it when people yell "RACIST!!!111" when you happen to notice a fact. Dude was from the Far East. It's a bloody FACT. Racism is when you say "ALL are doing the same". I didn't. I said that when a foreigner does it, authorities tend to be more lenient. maybe out of fear of retards like you who yell RACISM for no reason, just because.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 577

No it's not similar, not at all.
Swedish people let a caught gypsy thief go because they thought it would be unjust to send a "poor soul" to jail, they thought he was just hungry and poor. Back home, he had a mansion. There's a documentary TV series about how our gypsies live in the Northern European countries, this was one of the stories they covered.

I assume that thief would have spent deserved time in jail were he been caught in the USA.

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