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Comment Re:GIMME GIMME GIMME (Score 4, Insightful) 412

Maybe you asked to be born, I haven't.

As a parent myself, I expect NOTHING from my children in terms of help. Not now, not ever. They don't have to do shit for me. They have to grow, develop, live a happy life and I won't take it against them if they leave me to rot in a ditch when they won't need me anymore. I'd just go quietly into the night.

Comment Re:mnemonic assumes everyone speaks English (Score 1) 304

Also, "GT" could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, whereas ">" would mean the same thing to all (madmen aside).
In my native language, "Greater Than" ("GT") should become "MMD". Ironically, "Lesser Than", in my native language, would also be shortened to "MMD" (because "Greater" and "Lesser" start with the same letter in my language).
Of course, we could use "MMD" and "MmD" to differentiate, which would work under certain languages but not at all in others. Or stick to the English terms and have to retrain your brain away from the established operators.

Comment Re:What is the definition of "productivity" (Score 1) 360

Or, on a personal level, if my boss is giving me 2h worth of work every day, is my productivity bad or good?
It's both, as a matter of fact. What I achieve in 2h would take a colleague 10h worth of manpower, so my productivity is awesome. At the same time, slacking for 6h means my productivity sucks, although that's not my fault to start with.
Now, if my boss gives me enough work to keep me occupied for 8h, that amounts to 5 times what my colleague could achieve, but I'm paid the same salary as my colleague (in reality, I'm actually being paid less). So... how do you measure my productivity?

Comment Re:Where are the trumpeting unicorns? (Score 4, Informative) 140

Adding the following:
- Huge memory footprint, on par with Chrome. This is the #1 issue I have with most modern browsers and Chrome is by far the worst offender. I understand RAM is fairly cheap, but fuck, 2 GB RAM occupied with 4 tabs (GMail, Forge of Empires, Google.com main page and Slashdot) achieves full retard status.
- Bookmark import works, but creates a sub-folder in the Bookmarks Bar / Imported Bookmarks rather than the expected behavior of asking whether prepopulated bookmarks should be replaced.
- You can't move multiple bookmark folders to the bookmark bar although you can select multiple folders (it only moves them one by one).

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