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Comment Re:You are missing the point (Score 1) 402

A joke stand on its own without the laugh track. Watch other funny shows with gags, you do not need laugh tracks (think comedy films for example where there is NO laugh racks).

Those are different forms of entertainment. They're written differently, they're shot differently, they're edited differently, they aim for a different effect on the audience.

But BBT needs those laugh track and i will tell you why since you apparently did not watch one of the video.

I did watch the video. I didn't find it funny, and I covered the reasons in my other post. BBT needs the laugh track because that's the type of sitcom it is. It's the same as a Bond film needing explosions and guns.

And that is essentially why they add laugh tracks because it is a mostly unhumoristic show

It's laugh-track/audience comedy (not sure what the weighting is; I know some scenes are entirely tracked because the timing comes off badly, but not all) They are different to non-laugh track comedies. People laugh along with it but not solely because it has a laugh track and not solely because of the words the actors say and how they say them, but because of the combination of the two.

If the creators of BBT wanted a non-laugh-track comedy it would be written, shot, and edited differently.

But add a laugh track and people will start to smirk and laugh. Why ?

Because they find it funny, not because they're morons. Just because they might not find it funny without the laughter, doesn't mean it is intrinsically unfunny, because the audience laughter (tracked or not, tracked always coming off worse, but still) is part of the overall experience, as is the fourth wall setup, the incidental-music segues, and all the rest of the common sitcom tropes that they employ.

Take the laugh-track/audience laughter out of any laugh-track/audience sitcom and your left with the same bizarre Pinter-esque nightmare.

Take the music or sound effects out of an action movie and you get the same effect. It's all part of the same piece of entertainment.

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