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Comment Re:Puzzling (Score 2) 46

You would have thought the cold gas thrusters would have been checked out before a landing attempt was made.

Oh, well, there we are then. Obviously they just had to have them "checked out" and everything would have worked fine.

Perhaps, though, you'd care to expand that two-word phrase a little, and explain to all of us exactly how you would have ensured that this sensitive piece of scientific equipment could survive a journey of ten years through space to land on a tiny ball of spinning rock and have everything go exactly to plan with absolutely no possibility of failure.

Landing on a comet ain't like dusting crops, boy.

Comment Re:The problem with pictograms (Score 2) 191

The problem with pictograms is they don't mean squat to someone who doesn't already know what they mean.

But people generally do know what they mean, even if they've never seen an emoji before. The emoji for "sheep" is a cartoon sheep. Grammar is another matter, of course...

If that weren't the case, Egyptian Hieroglyphics would still be in active use...

Hierogylphics aren't pictograms. The hieroglyphic symbol that looks like an eye doesn't mean "eye."

Comment Re:Nice. (Score 1) 229

1. Who is going to press charges?

Same "person" who presses charges when a murder is committed. Hint: it's not the victim.

2. They used fake photos and the like, so I'm under the impression they did a good enough job covering their tracks. Hopefully they did

It's right there in the first sentence of the summary:

Yahoo Travel reported that three women in Chechnya took ISIS for $3,300 before getting caught.

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