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Comment: Re:But why??? (Score 1) 77

by wonkey_monkey (#49744813) Attached to: New Chrome Extension Uses Sound To Share URLs Between Devices

So, you're saying the problem is that there are currently too many messaging apps, and no agreed upon standard?

I'm saying it's a problem, sometimes, but nothing that keeps me awake at night.

And the solution to that problem is to create yet another messaging app?

It's not a messaging app. There's no login, no authentication, no friend requests. It's for sharing generic data, not authenticated messages, with someone in your physical vicinity. It fulfils a pretty different purpose which, when attempted over the various messaging channels out there, leads to issues such as I outlined.

As a Chrome extension, or even integrated into Chrome, I'm not sure it'll make many waves, and possibly more useful between one person's multiple devices (phone to laptop etc) than between people. Built in to Android? That might be useful. Not too convinced really.

Apps like Bump have been around for years.

Bump is no more. It required centralised servers, which Tone doesn't.

Comment: Re:But why??? (Score 2, Interesting) 77

by wonkey_monkey (#49741941) Attached to: New Chrome Extension Uses Sound To Share URLs Between Devices

Let me send you this link on Skype. Oh wait, you don't have Skype. No, I don't have WhatsApp. Facebook? No. Okay, I'll email it to you. Wait, what's your address? Okay, I'll just type that in. Damn you, autocorrect! Okay, sent.

Not got it yet? Did you check your spam folder? Okay, there you go. Haha, what a funny kitty. Totally worth all that screwing around working out how to send the link to you when we could have just each pressed one or two buttons in Chrome*.


That's not to say that Google Chrome isn't a solution looking for a problem.

*And of course, it could then easily continue with "Wait, do you have Chrome?" and so on.

Comment: Re:Quite the opposite (Score 3, Informative) 62

100% of galaxies have supermassive black holes near them.

Not quite.

So four galaxies around the same age had nearly the same mass by sheer random probability

That's one possibility. Funny thing about science, though, is that it isn't just going to shrug and say "Eh. Probability." and ignore something interesting.

"We looked at 1% of the universe and didn't see something like this so it must be impossible" is not valid science.

No, it's not. But then no-one's saying that.

Comment: Re:More to the point... (Score 1) 200

So you advocate for that police state where anyone arrested is obviously guilty unless they prove otherwise.

No, I don't, and I've never said he's obviously guilty. I'm not in a court of law. I'm not going to be on the jury. I'm allowed to express my opinion that it's a little bit suspicious that he's taken the opportunity to state it's "out of context" without stating "I didn't do it."

And they are a people with the knowledge, not the FBI and not Roberts.

Blowhard or not, I'm pretty sure Roberts is the one who knows better than anyone else whether or not he did this.

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