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Comment: Re:An Insightful Quote (Score 4, Informative) 163


It's a quote from the brother of one of the arrested men:

Raban Alou said police were targeting his brother Kawa because he hung around a "bunch of hotheads" who were being investigated by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

He said police were searching for any material that could link his family to al-Qaeda or Islamic State.

"I dunno, I got a lot of anger," he said. "It's a war on Islam just because we grow our beards. They want to label us as a terrorist, or supporters of IS, whatever, that's up to you."

I'm not sure it's all that insightful, though.

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by wonkey_monkey (#47924611) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

They created a service that you don't need and forced you to pay for it.

What, gun to the head and marched you down to Walmart, did they?

No-one complains about being "forced" to buy deleted scenes they don't want to watch and subtitles they can't read on DVDs.

This is the deal. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.

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