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Comment Re:What is a gravity wave? (Score 1) 250

It's not something that moves along is it?

Err... I think it's like water waves in that sense. No thing is moving in the same direction as the wave. The water molecules only move up and down, but the combined movement becomes this thing we call a wave.

It's a perceived distortion of time space?

It's perceived as a change in the distortion of spacetime. I'm not sure if we've been able to measure static distortions of spacetime yet (not directly, anyway; we can see gravitational lensing for example, and of course falling is a direct consequence of spacetime distortion).

Comment Re:static linking on windows (Score 2) 151

It does leave you permanently vulnerable to any flaws in the particular version of the library you linked against, or such is my understanding. At least with dynamic linking you can blame the user for not keeping up to date!

I still static link though because whenever I upload something (using a video filtering plugin) at least one person won't have the right runtime installed at all.

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