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Comment: There might be more to this story (Score 2) 208

by wonkey_monkey (#47807665) Attached to: In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

It would be useful to know if McLaw is under investigation for behavior other than writing two novels

Yes, it would be very useful to know that before people go writing articles about how this guy has been locked up (if that) for (and only for, seems to be the implication) writing two novels. Oop, too late.

Comment: Re:Elephants can paint too (Score 0) 77

by wonkey_monkey (#47805377) Attached to: Researchers Say Neanderthals Created Cave Art

Reposting AC's comment (as it's slightly more useful to do so than just reply with "mod parent up"):

No. Those elephants are tortured to submission to be controlled by their handler to paint the same paintings over and over again for the amusement of tourists.

Comment: Re:No, no, no (Score 1) 106

by wonkey_monkey (#47799897) Attached to: The Passenger Pigeon: A Century of Extinction

Here is a 6 hour interview with Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Shaman. [] - Credo Mutwa interviewed by David Icke - The Reptilian Agenda

6 hours of two deluded people talking about their shared delusion doesn't constitute evidence, if that's what you were hoping we'd take it as.

I might appropriate "Credo" as a nickname for someone who'll believe anything.

Comment: Re:Ummm.... (Score 4, Interesting) 163

by wonkey_monkey (#47799179) Attached to: XKCD Author's Unpublished Book Remains a Best-Seller For 5 Months

You missed this bit:

No I didn't. It's funny (to me) not solely because I know what SQL injection is, since there's nothing inherently funny (to me) about SQL injection. It's the setting, the "characters" (such as they are), the conversation. "Little Bobby Tables, we call him," for example, is (to me) an amusingly colloquial interjection in itself, ironic in what would probably otherwise be a dry analysis of SQL injection, as is her stereotypically mom-like admonishment.

Just don't expect everyone to agree with you.

I don't. That's why I don't go around saying "this isn't funny" as if it's an objective fact and getting all uppity because other people like things I don't*.


*except for Jersey Shore, because that is just shit.

Comment: Re:Ummm.... (Score 4, Insightful) 163

by wonkey_monkey (#47798637) Attached to: XKCD Author's Unpublished Book Remains a Best-Seller For 5 Months

The "sudo make me a sandwich" one? Just not funny

... to you.

I "get" the "joke", it's just not even a little bit funny

... to you.

The "Bobby Tables" strip also isn't funny

... to you.

I did notice. I don't blame you. Reality is very difficult to face.

And apparently subjective opinion is a very difficult concept for you to grasp.

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