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Comment Re:Resume the lunar program (Score 2) 105

A moon base would be by far the biggest boondoggle in the history of this nation: Trillions of dollars sunk into a make-work social program for space nutters.

Come on, surely you can do better than that. The bank bailouts, the wars knowingly started on false premises, the wars started on "regime change" ...

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 241

Code Page 437 (the original DOS) handles the accented e just fine (hold down the alt key and type 130 on the number pad if you don't have an international keyboard. Still works on Windows to this day. é

The idea behind code pages was to be able to express every character concisely in one byte. Unicode is a total failure at this. Worse, since character entities take up a variable amount of space, it makes it easier for programmers to not allocate enough buffer space to store unicode strings.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 241

You must be kidding. ASCII isn't even sufficient to write English, let alone the many other languages which genuinely benefit from being typeable.

Strange, I never had a problem with it, and the abc's taught in English classes are a subset of it. Also, you didn't seem to have a problem expressing your thoughts in English, without unicode :-)

Code pages were a much simpler solution that worked.

Comment Too bad they're doing it wrong ... (Score 1) 143

It's not just people posting insults in the internet who are trolls. On the other hand, maybe they're just trolling us?

It's s stupid idea. There's enough crap floating around on the internet - there's no need to add to the visual blight on the landscape, in what will surely turn into a contest to see who can get their stuff featured on a billboard. In other words, they need to read up on the law of unintended consequences. Or talk to Barbra Streisand ... :-)

Comment Re:Free Publicity For Amazon! Yay! (Score 1) 261

I'm guessing that Amazon plans to mail these out to customers when they sign up to a premium delivery service.

Or you could just print a QR code and staple or tape it down someplace. Maybe slip it into a plastic envelope. Then you could have one-time-markers that would help prevent spoofing.

Comment Re:Noise pollution (Score 1) 261

They may not even be using LiPos. The energy density of Li-Ions is very good these days. Lots of people are apparently powering their 250-size quads with LiIons, and maybe even some 450s. I aim to try powering my 450 with a 3S2P Li-Ion pack, but I haven't come up with a replacement for my USB power bank yet and there's where all my 18650s are right now. The ESCs will support it, and I think I can get enough current out of it. If I can come up with three more cells and two more servos I'll have everything I need to build another foam plane, too... save for the $11 motor/esc/prop combo

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 3, Insightful) 482

It was a war. Shit happens.

No, it wasn't a war. It was a series of heavy-handed, ultra-violent overreactions to minor incidents which themselves were responses to systematic oppression. Military action often does kill civilians, the so-called "collateral damage", but herding groups of unarmed women and children into a building and then deliberately shelling that building to kill them all is not collateral damage; the unarmed civilians were the target.

If you want to understand what's really going on in Israel, I highly recommend you read "Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel", by Max Blumenthal. It's a hard book to read, not because Blumenthal isn't a good writer but because the truth is so horrible. And if you doubt that it is the truth, check the included citations.

Comment Re:You are all hypocrites (Score 1) 122

when Uber greatly improves the taxi industry

For who? Certainly not the owner-drivers, for them it is an uninsured race to the bottom.

That is a problem that should be fixed. Insurance companies should not be able to deny you coverage while you are on your way to pick up a fare. Uber provides additional insurance while you are transporting them.

As for customers - Uber do not have any "taxis", they are a plain old (illegal) limo company "on a computer".

Oh, so it's better than taxis?

Taxi's can be hailed on the street,

Not in most cities.

taxi's have ranks and other infrastructure to manage street queues at popular locations,

Not in most cities, or at least, they don't function.

you can talk to a human to book a taxi or use an uber style booking app,

Most companies don't have a booking app, and it is not uber style in any case. It's just like making a phone call. It doesn't do any of the things that the Uber app does.

taxi's have appropriate insurance,

You said that already. Having trouble following your own conversation? Are you new?

taxis have regular mechanical inspections,

A problem best solved by demanding mechanical inspections at mileage checkpoints for all vehicles, taxis or not.

and yes, you can legally negotiate an up front price with a taxi driver.

In my experience, they always tell you that they can't do that in the USA. In other countries, I've had more luck.

Uber brings absolutely nothing to the taxi/limo industry that wasn't already illegal 30yrs ago.

having failed to make a valid logical argument you resort to the false idea that legality equals morality

Comment Re:Yep, Unions do nothing (Score 1) 122

The Unions did a lot for the average worker. But now they've stopped doing that, and only serve their own ends. Since union workers get paid multiples of the minimum wage, they do campaign to raise it occasionally, but never enough to actually help anyone who is not in a union.

Unions have done a great deal for the average worker. But now we have reached a point where it is difficult to unionize the rest of the workers, yet they still need rights. It is time to move beyond the trade union, and work again to secure rights for all workers.

All programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.