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Comment Re:What the fuck is with the snark (Score 1) 118

Jesus... seriously... is there no conservative out there who has enough integrity to imply not fucking lie? Us liberals didn't vote to spend trillions on the ACA because TRILLIONS HAVEN'T AND WON'T BE SPENT ON IT. Pull your head out of your ass. And YES, it was fucking important to people that actually care about their fellow citizens to do what they could to see they could get the medical care they might need, as opposed to the fucked up conservatives who would rather see people just die. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

As for NASA not being in Obama's budgets... are you a fucking idiot? Of course it's there. It's too damn small, just like it's been since the late 1970's, but it's still there. The people wondering why not highways instead of space exploration are those people who are too fucking stupid to realize that dollar for dollar, NASA has had the biggest impact on innovation and economic growth of any government agency. And lets be clear.... the lifetime cost for the F-35 program, a plane that can't do a damn thing that it needed to do, is massively over budget and a decade behind schedule, could fund NASA for like 70-80 years at it's current level. The problem is there are a lot of cowardly politicians who prefer to have a global military hegemony so they can control everything rather than work for the betterment of humanity... and those asswipes continue to spend massive amounts for a military that we, quite frankly, should not have.

But lets make sure we get this straight.... privatization ALWAYS increases costs, and only blind deaf idiots miss the point where the government covers those costs AND MORE through new "subsidies" for the corporations who now have control over what SHOULD BE working for the people of this country. Look at what happened to Medicare B. It is the poster child for what shit happens when "privatization" happens. Services go down, costs go up, everyone's screwed except the corporations.

You want the national debt taken care of.. that's easy.. vote in democrats. Every time we get republicans in there, the debt skyrockets, economic growth slows, and job creation drops. Don't take my word for it, actually look up the numbers. See if reality can penetrate your blind partisan bullshit.

We need a lot less military in every other country in the world, and a lot more basic infrastructure and r&d here at home.

Comment Re:What the fuck is with the snark (Score 4, Insightful) 118

Yes, because every time you privatize something, the costs go up. Businesses call it: profit.

I seriously wish all the fucking asswipes who hate this country, and society in general, would do humanity a favor and go fucking live on their own out in the woods till they realize that they ain't shit without society being there for them; fucking ungrateful little inbred brain-dead whiny bitches. What we need to do is kick all the worthless fucking trash politicians out of government who actively try to destroy our government from the inside. Fucking anarchists.

Comment Re:Hang Snowden you hang Obama (Score 1, Interesting) 485

... and if Bush hadn't invaded Iraq, and disbanded their military afterwards, ISIS would never have existed. You're just another butthurt fascist republican that doesn't want to admit your fucked in the head republican neo-con politicians fucked over the world.. yet again. At least have the decency to not be a fucking coward.

Comment Re:Ben Carson was actually right bout something. (Score 1) 575

Well, anti-intellectualism is one of the founding pillars of fascism and fascism has been growing in this country since the 50's bircher movement.. What's amazing though, is the sheer level and depth of stupidity they have to achieve before they're "pure" enough. I note some idiot responded to you and once again compared Lincoln's republican party with today's; it's truly mindboggling that some people have enough brain function that their heart and lungs are capable of working at the same time.

Comment Re:Ben Carson was actually right bout something. (Score -1, Troll) 575

Ahh, you missed the part where the DNC members that were against the Civil Rights movement were conservatives...and conservative voters, BECAUSE OF the passage of the bill, moved en mass to the republican party afterwards. That was increased even more by Nixon's southern strategy.

And, of course, with HUAC predating the en mass move of conservatives from the DNC to the RNC, once again you have: conservatives.

And of course back when Lincoln was president, his republican was probably more progressive than even the current DNC.

I get it, you're a bircher loving fascist who's been taught since a young age to lie like a little bitch ever chance you get, i'm sorry.. i mean you've been taught a bunch of bullshit lies that you regurgitate every time someone points out you're a fucking bircher fascist. Only a complete fucking idiot would suggest that Lincoln's republicans were even remotely similar to the fascist conservatives of today... i mean a complete fucking idiot... but that's pretty much the level of the brain inbred fascists mentality.

I'll grant you this though, you got that complete cowardice thing down pat.

Comment Ben Carson was actually right bout something. (Score 5, Insightful) 575


Clearly there could be the rise of a charismatic egomaniac who preys on the fears and hatred of the conservatives, making groups out to be the scapegoats (Muslims, gays, immigrants... at least it's not Jews this time around). Everything Trump says about these groups are the same things that Goebbels and Hitler were saying about Jews. We are witnessing the rise of the radical fascists Europe had to deal with 80 years ago. How in the hell are people so damn fucking stupid not to learn from history?

Comment Re:The 'intellect' of the Sunni extremists.. (Score 3, Interesting) 327

While Christian revelationists aren't actively trying to bring about the end times as directly as the Islamic ones are, they're certainly not phased by the idea that they'll be horrific times.


Now, no offense, but this is really a no true scotsman moment. While you may wish no Christian would be pining for the end of the world, it doesn't take more than a few seconds of searching to find innumerable instances where VERY high profile individuals.. and LOTS of them.. are doing exactly that. What you're trying to say is that IF any Christian was wanting the end times, then they're a very fringe small group... at the same time ALL Muslims want to actively cause the end times... and that's nothing more than another "us good, them bad" shlock.

What we see here in the US, and it's very very easy to see, is a whole lot of high profile, VERY influential people in positions of power, who use and abuse religion so they themselves can have power.... and a whole lot of willfully blind people enabling them. You look at some of the current and past presidential candidates on the right, and you know that any number of them wouldn't hesitate to murder thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people in other countries for no real reason.... and yes, that's one of those "ripped from the headlines" based on the reality of 2003 on observations. When Bush said "God wants me to..." that was not followed with "be a peaceful person."

Comment Re:The 'intellect' of the Sunni extremists.. (Score 1) 327


There's been quite a few articles very recently about several of the "organizers" in ISIS, and their pushing of the "end times" dogma. They do include a lot of the Sunni who were basically thrown out of the Iraqi military when Bush disbanded it.... apparently they had to have something to do, and lets face it, ISIS is a group that the worst of them could probably easily fit in.... but that in larger part is purely because they had to do something to survive once their former meal ticket disappeared; find something to eat or die is a powerful motivator for pretty much everyone.

Comment Re:Don't you mean Allah? (Score 5, Informative) 327

Of course.. it's more of the same "us good, them bad" bullshit. The Christian "God" and the Islamic "Allah" are the same idea/entity/delusion. Both religions stem from Judaism, and both rely heavily on the Old Testament in a lot of their teaching.

Judaism has a bunch of prophets, but Jesus isn't the messiah. Christianity (protestant) has elevated Jesus to the only one it really cares about, has him as not only the messiah but the living incarnation of God, but largely ignores the rest of the prophets (from the Old Testament). Islam places importance on all the Old Testament prophets, and includes Jesus in the list of prophets, and adds Mohamed to that list.

The bigger difference is, in both Judaism and Islam, the more conservative the individual, the more strictly they adhere to their respective texts; BUT, the more conservative the Christians here in the US are, the less they actually LIVE in the manner he teaches them too.... so in reality they probably should be considered a completely different religion, as they don't follow the teachings of pretty much their only prophet/messiah (in the US, they tend to rely much more heavily on the Old Testament, and pretty much ignore the actual teachings of the New Testament... you know, where Jesus actually shows up).

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