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Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 2) 256

If there's a problem that politicians are taking bribes (be it campaign contributions or the promise of a well-paid job later), the party with the most guilt is the politician. We shouldn't let them off the hook by saying "It's the lobbyist's fault for offering the bribe!"

No, nor shouldn't we let the lobbyists off the hook... both of them should be put in jail, and forever barred from being in those positions again.

Comment Re:The article should use "ridiculous" 0 times. (Score 1) 292

Actually it was pretty much settled in 1798 (by a congress containing 5 signers of the Constitution, no less).... it's simply that really stupid partisan hacks (who place their own need for power above the good of the people) can't be bothered to learn from history, that way they can keep their panties in a wad while pandering to idiots even more stupid than them who elect them into office.

Comment Re:First, do no harm (Score 2, Insightful) 265

I hope that sentiment of yours carries you through life if someone having a psychotic episode shoves a shotgun in the face of one of your family members and ventilates their skull. The Constitution doesn't demand we intervene... common fucking sense does. Alas, common sense isn't something that most people have.

Comment Re:Only IRAN is celebrating (Score 3, Informative) 459

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi came to power during World War II after an Anglo-Soviet invasion forced the abdication of his father Reza Shah. During Mohammad Reza's reign, the Iranian oil industry was briefly nationalized under the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh before a U.S. and UK-backed coup d'état deposed Mosaddegh and brought back foreign oil firms

I'm not sure if i should point at you and laugh because you aren't capable of reading, or because you're not even as accurate as wikipedia.....

Be that as it may, even the CIA has acknowledged what they did through FIOA releases. So please, feel free to argue with the CIA who, after 60 years, said "yeh, we did it" and see where that gets you.

As for Reagan.. yeh, all that tells me is you probably weren't alive during the time, or too young to remember what was going on. He wasn't yet president, but as he confirmed in 1991, him and his republican posse were playing behind the curtain undermining Carter as they went. Pretty much everyone knew what had happened right afterwards anyway... right after Reagan was elected, the Iranian started accepting compromises to their "demands," and the hostages were released the day Reagan was sworn in.

So i'm sorry you have to read wikipedia to get a history lesson, and that you can't be bothered to actually read all of a single article on the Shah. You might check out the national archives to to see the CIA papers admitting what they did, unless of course, you think the CIA is lying bout that to cover up.. um.. i don't know, maybe a weather balloon traveling back in time to crash in Roswell after sucking ships in the Bermuda Triangle into an alternate reality to hide the existence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the last rational conservative.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 459

Now you're just being a fucking idiot. How about you do a little research into what the Shah and his merry little band of secret police did in Iran, WITH THE BACKING AND TRAINING FROM THE US; US backed dictators always seem to be the worst, most sadistic sociopaths we can find.... and you complain the Iranian people finally had enough and had a revolution against one of our depots? Seriously... learn some fucking history.

Comment Re:Only IRAN is celebrating (Score 4, Insightful) 459

I think you're an idiot. Tell me, how is Obama the worst president ever? Is it his cleaning up of Bush's complete fuck up of the economy... or that he's not siding with sociopath murderers in attacking Iran.. or is it the millions of people who now have health insurance.... please, do tell. I get it, you're just a stupid fucking partisan hack who can't stand that Obama won, and your offshoring, company destroying, money sucking robot didn't win. Too fucking bad.

Obama's made some mistakes, yes... but all his mistakes combined don't add up to any given year of Bush II's. But yeh, you're still a fucking idiot and partisan hack. You don't need optimism, you need surgery to have your head removed from your ass. Maybe Obamacare will pay for it.

Comment Re:Only IRAN is celebrating (Score 3, Informative) 459

Perhaps you weren't alive during that time period, but Iraq invaded Iran at the behest of their sponsor.... uncle Ronnie... who then made mint selling weapons to both side, AND supplying Iraq with the chemical weapons it would use against Iran.

The CIA ousted the pro-western, democratically elected government of Iran in 1953, and put in place a sadistic dictator who used secret police squads to round up and jail/murder opposition. The Iranian Revolution finally through out that sociopath, and the US's response to that was.... install another sadistic murderous dictator in Iraq, and have him start a war with Iran. Then while trying to save their own cities from capture, his military used chemical weapons repeatedly to kill tens's of thousands. Of course, given the USA supplied them with the weapons, the USA was then nice enough to block any condemnation from the UN about their use.

After all that crap, do you actually not understand why the Iranian government generally has a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to the US?

Comment Re:So tired of these stupid articles (Score 0, Offtopic) 410

Enough. I'm not even promoting rightist shit.

Actually you are, just like you always do. Your rant post is a laundry list of bullshit talking points from mental midget conservative talk shows and "pundits." I'm sorry you're a fucking brainwashed idiot, but don't try to disguise your fucking idiocy as anything other than that.... most everyone else here isn't as stupid as you are. Quit projecting your fucking failures onto other people.... us leftists are tired of you conservatives fucking everything up.

Health care costs:

Housing prices are going to go up regardless.... same land, more people... an idiot could figure that out; unless of course you crash the entire economy like Shrub did.

Jobs... oh, jobs.....

Crime? Seriously, you are a fucking idiot. Crime is dealt with from min to max, not the other way around. Cities, Counties, States, Federal. If you think either of the parties has much control over criminal activity, you are too fucking stupid to ever be taken seriously on anything. One thing that has increased when democrats are in charge is an increase in right wing terrorist groups

I'll add one more note.... THE most progressive event since the signing of the Magna Carta was a group of citizens deciding they didn't need a king, but they needed a government where everyone had representation, and where the rights of everyone where not theirs by the whim of someone else. So you say you don't like the United States? Go fuck yourself.

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