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Comment: Re:More than PR (Score 4, Informative) 382

by meglon (#49748367) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?
I think your analysis is off. I believe democrats see government is a moderation of society, where people come together to create a better society and life for EVERYONE, not just the few wealthiest fucktards that will buy them into office (as the republicans believe), or that only-the-strongest-and fuck-everyone-else as conservative libertarians do.

As for the big government democrats, maybe you need to do just a little smattering of research before continuing to use a stupid talking point that is basically propagandized projectionism utilized by con men preying on the willfully ignorant conservative base.

The largest state governments by percentage of population are red states:

.... red states that siphon more money from the federal coffers (takers) than blue states (makers) who have to subsidize them so they're not even worse shitholes than they already are:

... perhaps following the path republicans in the white house that have increased government jobs more than democrats in the white house have, while failing to come close to the private sector jobs that are created under democrats:

Maybe the biggest reason for the hatred is, libertarians and republicans continue to push policies that simply DO NOT WORK, and actually harm this country, all the while lying through their teeth about the disasters they've created. Clinton had to work to clean up after Reagan (Bush Sr. started that cleanup, and the GOP threw him out), and Obama has had to work to clean up from Bush Jr. Red states are leeches off the federal coffers, while blue states have to dole out money to help the sad sack red states who apparently don't have bootstraps of their own. All the while republican politicians lie like bitches so they can HAVE POWER.... instead of actually govern the country for the betterment of everyone.

Comment: Re:why is that the question? (Score 4, Insightful) 382

by meglon (#49748217) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?

His father Ron Paul once ran third party and got less than 1% of the vote, if I'm not mistaken.

Even though according to independent polls he won every debate in which the news media and other organizations allowed him to participate.

....which obviously means jack shit when it comes to people voting, which is why we have votes, not debate team winners.

Comment: Re: Minimum Wage (Score 4, Informative) 1091

by meglon (#49732879) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

So the mistake your side makes is misunderstanding that at every incremental raise of the min wage, jobs are lost. It doesn't matter that workers have more money to spend, unless that increase in volume leads to inflation of prices, this resulting in Sally's output being worth $14+ from inflation. But your side insists min wage increases do not cause inflation and only lead to higher demand (volume). If volume demanded increases without inflation, that actually has no impact because Sally's company will not produce more units at negative margin. In fact Sally's company will produce less than before the increase in demand.

And if it does lead to inflation, Sally may not get canned, but that is a regressive cost that will hurt many lower wage workers and definitely the unemployed, whose benefits are not indexed to local inflation.

...and the mistake your side is is not looking at the reality of WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS, and instead spews the same ignorant bullshit over and over:

Comment: Re:Australia ditto (Score 1) 545

by meglon (#49696181) Attached to: California Senate Approves School Vaccine Bill
I am thoroughly amazed at the number of complete fucking idiots that pop up in these discussions that don't have a basic understanding of fascism, nor the first clue what tyranny actually is.. yet spew bullshit from their mouth because their brain cavity is too full of it.

Only a complete fucking idiot would not have an understanding of the dangers the diseases we vaccinate against, and the incredibly danger they pose to society and individuals. Only an even bigger fucking idiot would think a parent has the right to murder their child through neglect because the parent has a "belief" about something, that in the case of being anti-vax, is a really incredibly stupid fucking belief.

Perhaps people like you should pull your head out of your ass for once in your life, and think about someone other than yourself and your petty little whiny bullshit. Diseases kill.... if you allow your child to die for no other reason than you're a fucking idiot, not only do you not deserve to have children, but you should be locked away for criminal negligence at the minimum.

And opposed to your stupidity, i'd be willing to bet that our forefathers would think that allowing your child to die when you could easily prevent it would be reprehensible and criminal; any normal person would. So it begs the question: what the fuck is wrong with you?

Comment: Re:California lol (Score 1) 545

by meglon (#49694103) Attached to: California Senate Approves School Vaccine Bill
Because the same reason that's been posted and explained so many times there's no way a person who can actually read hasn't seen it many, many, many times: Herd Immunity. If you seriously have not read that before, Google it... or look at EVERY other thread on /. and probably EVERY other news site about vaccines.

Comment: Re:Common sense prevails! (Only Partially!) (Score 5, Insightful) 545

by meglon (#49694021) Attached to: California Senate Approves School Vaccine Bill

The federal laws passed in the mid-80s that insulate the responsibility of vaccine creating companies to flaws in their products needs to rescinded or heavily revised.

It is the fact that the companies creating these vaccines are largely not culpable for their products that has driven the anti-VAX movement. FIX THAT or this law will be ignored.

No. The anti-vax movement has been largely driven by greed, stupidity, and the parents need to "blame" someone.

What's lost in most discussions of the fraud doctor in Britain is that he was trying to discredit the current vaccination regime so he could push his own = greed. Parents, preferred listening to that jackhole and dipshit blondes who's only claim to fame is stripping for cash instead of medical professionals with actual knowledge = stupidity. The whole blame game is the demented way humans interact with seemingly everything. Their child has autism = it MUST be someones fault.... which in reality is just more stupidity.

The companies that produce these vaccines are shielded from individual lawsuits because individual lawsuits would very quickly bankrupt said companies. The result of that would be no vaccines, which would lead to everyone in society fucking dying of easily treated illnesses = more fucking greed and stupidity ("everyone" being hyperbole, obviously, but given current transportation ease and population, "millions" would be a given) . Complications from vaccines are fairly rare, and very serious complications/death even more-so.... but vaccines are of critical importance to our species in the present day. If the argument is: let millions of people die each year because of diseases that can be easily vaccinated against, or requiring parents to keep their disease ridden kids out of school unless they vaccinate... that's an easy one: fuck the idiot parents.

Comment: Re:A private contractor (Score 4, Insightful) 45

Grow a brain then try using it. The root cause is greed, enabled by the privatization of what should be a government function. Your stupid asshatery hatred of the government IS part the problem. This shouldn't be tagged "government" it should be tagged "private contractors," but sadly there's too many idiots who want to say government is bad all the time without seeing that many issues with government stem from the private sector committing various frauds and thefts from said government.

For the record, i don't have a passport... and i'm not such a fucking idiot that i think the government is going to come shoot me because i don't. I swear, peoples IQ must have dropped by 50 points in the last 30-40 years or so. There's just that many more fucking idiots than i remember while growing up.

Comment: Re:Taxation is not charity (Score 1) 866

by meglon (#49685729) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US
Taxes are what we pay for a society. YOU have gained immensely from being in this society...clean air, clean water, safe food, police protection, and a myriad of other benefits. YOU have gained those things since before YOU were born BECAUSE previous generations understood that taxes are what we pay for a society, and by doing that we can make society better for future generations.

YOU, on the other hand, want to be a fucking thief, and instead of living up to YOUR social responsibility to PAY BACK WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY USED, you want to steal all the value from society so that future generations have it worse than we do. YOU want all the benefits and rights, but want to take none of the responsibility. YOU are simply a greedy little simpering thief who doesn't give a fuck about this country or the people living here.

As for religion and morals.... religion tells people to be "good" so they can get into heaven, and not to be "bad" so they don't go to hell. Someone who has to have the stick or carrot to be a "good" person isn't really a good person, they're just doing risk aversion. Someone who isn't religious doesn't do good to appease some daddy-issue mythology floating around in the clouds, but they do it because they are actually decent people.

In a sense you're right...taxation isn't charity. It's responsibility, and it's love for country. Fucking thieves don't understand that.

Comment: Re:Earthlings? (Score 1) 78

by meglon (#49685603) Attached to: Dawn Spacecraft Gets a Better Look At Ceres' Bizarre 'White Spots'

Would they find evidence of us?

Five million years is a pretty long time: everything on the surface would be eroded away, the seafloor would get covered in quite a bit of muck, any underground bunker would collapse. Overall I don't think there's be any reason for them to suspect that we were once here.

Have you never heard of Twinkies?

Comment: Re:pro government insanity (Score 1, Informative) 133

by meglon (#49662201) Attached to: FCC Tosses Petition Challenging Its New Internet Regulations
Well, you certainly are on a first name basis with insanity. The problem in this country is idiots like you are too fucking stupid to actually learn anything about reality before opening your mouth to let out the bullshit that's seeped out of your brain.

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.