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Comment: Re:Election time (Score 2) 36

You're right in a way... the problem it trivializes is that there's a faction of people in this country who lie anytime they need to dupe idiots into a frenzy about some made up threat, and those fucking asswipes NEVER face repercussions from their lies. Grumpy pretty much hit it on the head.... it's worthless lying sacks of shit trying to influence politics (and make money). Life isn't always simple... but sometimes it is.

Comment: Re:"social, behavioral and economic sciences" (Score 1) 187

by meglon (#49534293) Attached to: House Bill Slashes Research Critical To Cybersecurity
That's why we call it a "social science," and why real scientists point at them and laugh. The past few years we've seen some absolutely horrendous papers put out by these people who use fatally flawed methodology to set up experiments, and then come up with completely bat-shit stupid conclusions from their "research." The sad thing is, this isn't a recent thing... i remember review mags in the 80's and seeing some of the same kind of shit research. All you could do is just look around the lab and join in with everyone else shaking their heads in disbelief that anyone was so fucking clueless.

But, Geekmeister also has a point on the research itself. (good) Research is way undervalued, and the researchers tend to be overworked, under-payed, and not appreciated. I always get a good laugh at these dumbfucks who comment that climate researchers just do it for the paychecks they get form the government..... which brings us back to the phrase "so fucking clueless."

Comment: Re:No cuts are ever possible (Score 1) 187

by meglon (#49534237) Attached to: House Bill Slashes Research Critical To Cybersecurity
Other than Afghanistan being willing to extradite him if they were given evidence he was complicit in the crime? Here's an idea.... give the fucking Afganie gov the fucking evidence! I'd suggest that would have been a whole fucking hell of a lot better than what we did on pretty much every fucking level.. unless you're a fucking murderous sociopath that needs to be removed from society because you're a danger to everyone around you.



Seriously, if all your going to do is regurgitate useless ignorant bullshit... don't bother.

Comment: Re:What? Why discriminate? (Score 1) 700

by meglon (#49481077) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

Further, in the Christian churches part of the faith involves the silence of your contribution or good works.


Sorry, you really need to tell Christians in the US that.... well... the fake christians in the US who use their "charitable givings" to boost their social status, much like they use any and every other aspect of "christianity" that they can. You can start with the politicians. And to avoid people laughing at you hysterically, you may want to inject the word "supposedly" in that line... at least once, although more might be better.

Comment: Re:A first: We should follow Germany's lead (Score 1) 700

by meglon (#49481027) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

1 : formal religious veneration : worship
2 : a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents
3 : a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents
4 : a system for the cure of disease based on dogma set forth by its promulgator
5a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad
5b : the object of such devotion
5c : a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion

Yes, they are. The problem isn't that Mitch is wrong (because he's correct), it's that you're an AC who doesn't have the basic knowledge of what a word means, and you are adamant about making sure everyone knows you're ignorant. Take a quarter and go buy a dictionary.

Comment: Re:Why is it even a discussion? (Score 0) 441

by meglon (#49467293) Attached to: Republicans Introduce a Bill To Overturn Net Neutrality
Perhaps you need to do just a little hint of what actually happened then. I realize that being scared may seem like your right, but being scared because you're ignorant makes your ignorance really stand out. The FCC did EXACTLY their job, using the tools they had which WERE given to them by congress... just not the fucking asswipe, do nothing, government hating, fringe dickwads we have in there right now.

Comment: Re:Kind of makes sense (Score 1) 83

by meglon (#49451081) Attached to: Collision With Earth's "Little Sister" Created the Moon
I've always preferred a hybrid explanation for the event. Prior to the whole Theia hypothesis, one of the main ideas for the moons creation was it simply accreted with Earth as a binary planet system. The Theia hypothesis (man doesn't that sound like a good name for a sci-fi book) simply started off saying there was an impact and the moon was re-coalesced around the remaining Theian core from some of the ejecta.

That required, as you alluded to, that another planet/proto-planet was just kinda wandering through our systems disk due to whatever reason, such as gravitational pull from one of the gas giants; certainly a valid possibility, but it just seemed to me that the hybrid of Theia forming in our orbital path and eventually impacting with us was an easier event to explain... more one of those "just happen to be cleaning our surroundings" than "lucky shot from the rough" type of things.

This composition analysis seems to support the dual formation in the same/near same orbit idea.

Comment: This is what was said... the rest is assumption (Score 0) 289


The text, because this "news" article couldn't seem to post a link: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the...

There's people even on the reddit thread pointing out that the person mentioning Snowden has no basis for the assumption. As with all things, follow the money; in a couple days if that link to "Snowden" donations turns out to be some fat fuck padding his own bank account by preying off mental midgets, i will not be surprised in the least.

From what the EO actually looks like, i'd suggest the only ones who are going to be hating it are the hackers and thieves stealing personal data.... oh, and the numbnuts who have such a kneejerk reaction of hating anything Obama does so much that if he came out in favor of breathing, they'd all hold their breaths till dead.

Remember what they say about assuming. The title of the article should be something along the lines of: "Potential con-man fleecing more anti-Obama idiots by scaring them again."

Comment: Re:Wtf? Zero wars? (Score 1) 383

by meglon (#49403165) Attached to: Why the Framework Nuclear Agreement With Iran Is Good For Both Sides
A point your leaving out, however, is that that general, and those Hezbolla fighters were headed to a Syrian outpost that the Iranians helped to build, to defend against rebels.... you know, those guys with the ever changing initials of ISIS, IS, or whichever way they go together this week. Additionally, while those more cowardly or rabid fear the "inevitable" attack of Iran against Israel, Israels attack against those fighters fighting ISIS was inside a different sovereign nation. This was not a defensive strike, it was an attack.

A lot of the rhetoric from Iran the past decade has been blown up because of poor translations, and the complete lack of ability to understand any nuanced speech at all by a certain segment of sociopath war-mongers in the US. Overall though, when you compare what Israel has done in countries other than Israel, to what Iran has done in countries other than Iran.. for the past 50 years.... Israel is by far and away more likely to start wars, although they always try to call them "defensive actions," which the gullible, or the sociopaths, gobble up.

Comment: Re:yes and no (Score 1) 394

by meglon (#49393943) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Living Without Social Media In 2015?
I believe you think my comment was an endorsement of facebook, when it was actually an assessment on the stupidity of scientology. As for the election of people unworthy to be in office, that's a given.

You have state representatives who don't have a basic understanding of the female anatomy trying to regulate women's medical treatments: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...

You have had others running for office that think women can magically turn off their bodies ability to become pregnant: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...

There is a resurgence of the anti-intellectualism culture in this country, and it's being elected into positions where it can do unimaginable damage to our country. Stupid people make stupid decisions, and when those stupid people are in public office, they make stupid decisions that fuck up everyone's life. In all honesty, the Kardashian's you speak of would be less stupid than some of those who are in now (and no, that's not an endorsement of the Kardashians).

Comment: What could possibly go wrong.... (Score 4, Funny) 187

by meglon (#49389785) Attached to: Amazon Moves "Buy Now" Into the Physical World, With the Dash Button
Sorry, i've learned my lesson pushing random red buttons. I still argue that a button that will vaporize 1/3rd of a planet from the core out SHOULD have had better protection from people like me, or at least a label with a warning. FINE, a label with a warning in MY language!

Seriously, though, isn't this taking "lazy" to a whole new level? Or have we been at that level, and no one mentioned it to me?

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