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Comment Seriously... what info? (Score 1) 147

I see people talking about this magical information that somehow these guys had access to that "the general public" didn't.... but seriously... you make up the best team you can, then on sunday your #1 running back goes out with a torn acl on his first play and some idiots think these guys had that information BEFORE the game happens or something?

Years ago i ran a small fantasy league for me and some friends, and i did pretty good each year. In a sense i did have information others didn't, but only because i had to inundate myself with information to keep everyone's teams and rosters up to date, injuries stats up to date, as well as provide a hot-pick sheet of nfl players not on anyone's teams that were doing pretty good that everyone should have a look at. But at the end of the day, when Randal Cunningham goes out and blows out his knee opening day, i'm pretty much fucked for having Bubby Brister as a backup because... THAT'S WHY THEY PLAY THE GAME.

What this sounds like to me is everyone is forgetting that all they can do is HOPE their teams do well because NO ONE KNOWS ahead of time what will actually happen.

Comment Re:Not Deuterium but Tritium (Score 1) 141

You're right, if we start with tritium that eliminates one of the steps, and should bring the fusion temperature needs down into the 25 million degrees or so range, although we'll end up with more tritium as byproduct... kinda... But it'll definitely be a lower temperature than if we, say, started with helium.

Read your sig, please.

Comment Re:Blaming KKKorporations (Score 4, Insightful) 214

All people receive benefits from the government; one of the problems is that some people are too stupid to know that they do to. Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society... it's not money "confiscated," although there's a bunch of fucking idiots who like to term it that way. These are the same fucking idiots that don't understand that the air they breath, the water they drink, the food they eat, the products they use daily, the protections they gain from police and firefighters, and a myriad of other government functions, keep them safer and better off than if the government didn't exist. When government is compromised by fucking assholes who's sole goal is to destroy that government, then yes, government ceases to work as well as it should.

The beneficiaries of government is everyone... the problem is when it benefits some far more than it benefits others.

Comment There's two options (Score 1) 142

Either they're just going about their business without giving a crap about anyone else.... meaning their communications may or may not be encrypted because they basically don't care if we see it, or bother to consider it an option that we see it..... or......

They're trying to communicate with us, in which case i doubt they'd be so stupid as to encrypt unless they're sharing information, instead of simply saying "hello, we're here," that they deem should be reserved for a "sufficiently advanced" society (their opinion on what that may be).

Back in college, one of my friends started learning to speak Russian... more because he thought it would make him "cool" instead of it actually being useful. He was always pretty much an ass, with an ego that seemed to never be contained by the room he was in, but i remember his conversation one day with his brother and another mutual friend where he attempted to play the "i'm superior to you" card by switching into talking Russian. His brother, by far the best of our little group in temperament and patience for the ego, simply said: "language is a tool to communicate with others. What the fuck are you trying to do?" IF the LGM's out there are trying to communicate with us, they're not going to encrypt.

Comment Re:Evidence of the Great Filter? (Score 1) 365

Of course not seeing them doesn't imply that they are there; i'm sorry your reading comprehension inferred that from what i wrote. I'm also sorry you seem to think that i "need" to "believe" in little green men.... i don't. HOWEVER, as some other people have said, and i understand, space is really, really, fucking big. Sheer probability argues that there are a vast number of intelligent, advanced species out there...and that's ignoring the probably inconceivable large number of planets with simple life forms out there.

This article is basically saying "we didn't find any civilizations that could control their entire galaxy, therefore we're alone in the universe." That's a pretty stupid conclusion, one I'd expect from a sociologist, not from a scientist. By moving the bar of "advanced" up a notch (to level III), your basically saying that any given galaxy (of between 100-500 BILLION stars or more) can only have ONE advanced species. That's kind of bullshit to start with.

It's unfortunate that most people can't grasp the vastly huge incredibly big fucking numbers that come about when talking about THE UNIVERSE, just as it's a sad testament to their ego and arrogance to make the argument that WE must be the only planet in the entire fuckingly huge UNIVERSE that has life. That's what i don't get, how someone can be so self centered and arrogant to take such a ludicrous position.

But honestly, little green men would be cool i guess; the large green motherfuckers on the other hand could give us trouble.

Comment Re:Evidence of the Great Filter? (Score 4, Insightful) 365

Exactly. Because we haven't seen them up to now, with our rather primitive, blind searching doesn't mean they're not there, just that we haven't seen them. Takes a great deal of arrogance to think we've seen all, done all, and nothing new will ever be. 35 years ago (when i was in college... how depressing) we were still trying to figure out if quasars were in our galaxy with an unknown reason for their massive redshift, or outside our galaxy with an unknown reason for their massive energy output.

Whether life (intelligent, technologically advanced civilizations) is common or rare, the simple fact is we're not going to have a definitive search done for them in a just few decades, and the fact we haven't seen them really means nothing at all.

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