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Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 2) 341

So you're afraid of giving them basic human rights. Got it.

Perhaps what we need to do is round up a thousand random conservatives a year and hold them in indefinite detention for potentially no reason as the vast majority of gitmo detainees were, and see how fast they come to understand that that is simply morally wrong. You either are for the rule of law, or you're not. Anyone who thinks gitmo is a good idea is NOT for the rule of law, and betrays some of the basic tenets of this country.

Comment Re:Guns actually protect people (Score 3, Interesting) 189

If correlation = causation, there may be something else we need to take a look at:

The rest of these point out that you're statement of "easy access to firearms actually protects people" is most likely bullshit.

Comment Re:Governmental solution to government problem (Score 5, Insightful) 521

Broadband in the United States still lags behind similar service in other industrialized countries

Is this a race or something? Is such "lagging behind" — whether it is even true or not — automatically bad?

Perhaps one of the stupidest things i've read today..... We're basically talking about how the US compares to other counties in the basic medium that allows us to compete as a world economy, so YES, IT IS AUTOMATICALLY VERY FUCKING BAD. You may like the idea of burying your head up your ass and dreaming of 1950, but suggesting our country should be able to compete with the rest of the world while they move ahead and we're stuck looking at the inside of our colon is just stupider than shit.

Comment Re:technically, 100BASE-T is baseband, ISDN is bro (Score 2) 521

No... you pretty much had the extent of the "concern" of these senators when you said "regulation." The entire motivation of these changes were to try to keep the US competitive with other countries, which in pretty much every arena possible... from net neutrality, to health care, to education.... these ideologically driven senators don't give a fuck about the US citizens or future generations thereof, nor the infrastructure that they need or will need.

The US is falling behind many other countries in the world not only because other countries are innovating and upping their game, but also because these fucking idiots fossil senators (in general) prefer to be anti-intellectual cretins who don't understand the most basic thing: stupidity doesn't lead to innovation.

Comment Re:Law or morality? (Score 1) 257

Maybe you should read the bullshit post i responded to that basically said if we'd just followed the dogma of the conservative religious fucks, the world wouldn't be such a harsh place to be....except... people seem to prefer freedom over religious fucktards trying to step on their neck. Conservatives are up in arms about the whole "PC" thing, yet what they really means is... show us respect while we be fucking bigoted assholes to anyone we want. So yes, once again, we have a fucking conservative elected official talking about stripping peoples constitutional rights because HE doesn't like their actions.

Here's an idea... maybe any conservative that doesn't fit that profile should stand up and denounce those loud vocal pieces of shit that do.

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