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Comment: Re:For work I use really bad passwords (Score 1) 136

by Vlad_the_Inhaler (#49479391) Attached to: Cracking Passwords With Statistics

That is exactly what I did for a while, and for the same reason.
Then I thought out a different system which fits the rules and provides me with new passwords I can use more often that I actually need them. They are still not *that* secure but having to change passwords every couple of months is incompatible with having strong passwords.

Comment: Re:Not a shocking revelation to be honest . . (Score 2) 237

by Vlad_the_Inhaler (#49473193) Attached to: Chess Grandmaster Used iPhone To Cheat During Tournament

He is looking at a 15-year ban.
Even if he was not banned, he would no longer get invitations to tournaments. People would refuse to play tournaments where he was present.

I have no idea if he is going to lose his GM title or not, but it does not really matter - he won't be able to use it for anything.

Comment: Re: Trademark, not patent (Score 1) 111

by Vlad_the_Inhaler (#49410869) Attached to: Swiss Launch of Apple Watch Hit By Patent Issue

You appear to have either misunderstood the article linked to, or read a mistranslation.
The article is quite clear (although inconsistent in one place) - this is a *trademark* and not a *patent*. Trademarks can be extended by 10 years when they expire. The inconsistency is in that they say the trademark was last extended on 15 June 2005 so it expires in 2025.

If the trademark has not been used for 5 years, it expires.
Apparently Apple (Switzerland) is already advertising their new product which would indicate that they are confident of being able to sell it there.

Comment: Re:Oh this is easy .... (Score 4, Insightful) 394

by Vlad_the_Inhaler (#49393511) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Living Without Social Media In 2015?

What can I say?
I *am* antisocial. If I'm outside walking/cycling/skiing/whatever, I don't want to be telephoned. Interactions are face to face or not at all.
I may have a google+ account (it came with the gmail address, which was a necessity when I bought an Android phone) but that does not mean I have ever used it, or the gmail account. No Facebook, no Linkedin, no Whatsapp, no whatever-the-other-one-was-which-Rupert-Murdoch-bought. I don't see a problem.

Comment: Re:I feel for them... (Score 1) 273

The US is asking for the favour here, not China.
I can see more potential problems here for Vietnam if they became the US's "running dog". If I am missing something, then it is some point of conflict between Vietnam and China other than the humiliation inflicted 35 years ago.

btw, it is "annihilated", not "annhialated". Sorry - not a word I use too often.

Comment: Re:I feel for them... (Score 3, Insightful) 273

Why "Poor Vietnam"? I see no reason for Vietnam to go along with this, they have historical ties with Russia and geographical ties with China. They start to have to make choices if China and Russia disagree but that does not appear to be the case here.
The last time China invaded Vietnam, China's troops were pretty much annhialated by village militias. Vietnam had invaded Cambodia to stop the Khmer Rouge and China took exception. The US weighed in on the side of China and the Khmer Rouge.

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