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Comment: Re:He answered the most boring questions! (Score 0) 175 175

I am also aware that doing so doesn't remove the dependencies on the libraries

Why do you care? The only reason that library exists is to make sure that systemd is not a required package.

Or are you simply alergic to the d,e,m,s,t and y?

I am also aware [...]that the systemd team is hard at work removing even that option.

Oh, you are an insane person, so sorry, I thought for a moment it was worth talking to you.

Comment: Re:He answered the most boring questions! (Score 1) 175 175

You should try looking at the other pages, there's more than one there.

Hahaha. I guess you've never seen a busy mailing list.

Meanwhile, if you think Jessie doesn't use systemd, you clearly haven't been paying attention to that either.

And if you don't know that systemd is optional in Jessie then you clearly haven't been paying attention.

Comment: Re:No, they just need reliable Linux distros. (Score 1) 175 175

I'll bite.

I'm a professional sysadmin. Scope is important so we'll go by cores. The total number that I admin and/or work directly with total over 100,000. I work very closely with a lot of cutting edge technology. [FQ]DR IB, distributed fs in or near the range of petabytes, openstack, clusterware. We do this to run systems geared towards bioinformatics, CFD, CAE, etc. I can't speak for everyone but if I included a few colleagues I work with closely, the number of systems grow astronomically as they may have detailed knowledge of much bigger systems than I do. None of these systems will touch systemd with a 10ft pole.


Comment: Re:Dragonfly BSD, Funtoo, and (for now) Gentoo (Score 1) 175 175

Sending patches to fix what?

Who the fuck knows, the whiners are unable to say exactly what they want, or why.

Rember that clown that claimed he nearly destroyed the laptop his business depended on in order to remove libsystemd, a library that largely consists of:

if (init is systemd) {
  do something;
else {


Comment: Re:kinda dissapointed... (Score 1) 175 175

No, he's complaining that if he wants to use a modern linux distro, he gets all of those components replaced by their systemd equivalents. A few of them he can likely put back, but many are mandatory and cannot be removed (journald, for example)..

Funny, you claim "but many are mandatory" then cite one component.

Cite another, please, one is not many.

P.S. So, you don't like binary logging. Why not write a version of journald that uses text logs? Should be easy, the interfaces between journald and the rest of the system are fully documented.

Comment: Re:linux hard to install and use for desktop users (Score 1) 175 175

I would have asked if there will ever be a interface thats easy enough for non techs to use as a desktop.. we have been waiting for this for 2 decades and we have watched Apple reuse Unix and make it easy .. and every version of Windows since 3x is getting easier frontends and more complex backends.. but Linux still has a garbage interface... a going through hell setup and hardware support that simply sucks... we can't get drivers for average hardware.. Its just sad ... Hey Great Server software.. but crap for desktop users.. and its been what 25 years now?... thats just unacceptable and sad that there hasn't been any leadership on those points in all this time.

This is so bizzare. Slashdot is obviously broken, your post says "by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 01, 2015 @08:00PM (#50027053)" but that can't be right.

Comment: Re:He answered the most boring questions! (Score 1) 175 175

"I have to say, I don't really get the hatred of systemd. I think it improves a lot on the state of init"

He answered it. What the fuck is with you people?

It's like saying, "At least they're trying." Not exactly a positive endorsement on the quality of the systemd code.

I'm sorry? When you see "I think it improves a lot on the state of init" you read "At least they're trying."?

Maybe you need new glasses.

Comment: Re:He answered the most boring questions! (Score 2) 175 175

So you're saying all those messages I get from the mailing list are a hallucination?

All those messages?

Yeah, that's a load of messages.


And, by the way, could someone please explain what Devuan is trying to do? I've heard they want to make a Debian distribution that doesn't use systemd. But that already exists, it's called Debian Jessie.

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