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Comment Re:better idea (Score 1) 205

Uber is doing a terrific job – but it has to play by the rules

Change the rules.

And the way to do that is by passing the appropriate laws and regulations, not by breaking the existing rules. In a democratic society, rather than a libertarian fantasy, that implies getting people to agree with you, not just doing what you want.

Comment Re:Nail everyone? (Score 1) 618

That only worked because there were so many of them (and we needed them as potential cannon fodder against soviets).

If your boss (not superior military officer) orders you in writing to break a law you have exactly zero chance of getting off with the "only obeying orders" defense.

(Anyway, that's such old hat, the one that works today is the "I was only giving orders" defense).

And the idea of a supreme troll like you accusing people of "parrot[ing] mindless slogans" makes me laugh.

Comment Re:SystemD (Score 1) 170

Barstewart is not my sockpuppet. (My actual sockpuppet is taking a rest as slashdot is so close to brain death as to be no fun any more). I'm not Lennart, I'm considerably older than him (and much less German).

Systemd has some fundamental problems with its architecture, such as its use of binary logging

How is binary logging a "fundamental problem with its architecture"? Any half competent programmer could replace journald with something that logged to a text file in about half a days work.

It has also caused many problems for many users, including computers that don't boot fully, which is among the worst possible software problems.

Which is something that never happened with sysvinit. (Hint -- I've been using sysvinit since SVR3 in 1989).

So when GNOME 3 depends on systemd, it makes GNOME 3 unusable for a great many people. These aren't just any people, too. They're the most talented, valuable and intelligent users. They're the ones who can contribute the most to GNOME and its community.

But, somehow, these "most talented, valuable and intelligent users" are unable to contribute the one thing that would make GNOME 3 independant of systemd -- a working replacement for logind.

The GNOME project only hurts itself by excluding the best possible users, especially when it does so thanks to unnecessary ties to unnecessary and unwanted software like systemd.

If those "ties" were unnecessary they should be easy to undo, right?

Like I said, the quality of the trolls is dropping rapidly.