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Comment Re:NASA.gov has good Mars info (Score 1) 547

Note again I'm not saying this effect accounts for ALL or even MOST of the warming on earth.

What effect? Some observations seem to show that the Martian icecaps are shrinking. No cause has yet been found. We know it's not the sun -- there has been no increase in solar output.

[the "effect"] seems to account for between 15%-60% of [warming on earth], probably close to 30%.

Where do you get these figures?

If there is some mysterious "effect" that is causing (part of) the warming on earth there must be an equal and opposite unknown effect that is causing cooling, too, otherwise there would be no match between the observed warming and the known cause for that warming (CO2 increase).

Submission + - France launches second salvo against facebook (liberation.fr)

Eunuchswear writes: After Mondays decision by the French CNIL (National Center for Computers and Freedom) that Facebook must stop tracking non-users the DGCCRF (General Direction for Competition, Consumption and Repression of Fraud), has ruled that Facebooks terms of use are abusive and must be changed within 60 days. The Facebook page of the DGCCRF is at https://www.facebook.com/pages/ALERTES-PRESSE-DGCCRF/174644682627095?fref=ts

Comment Re:And, will the Martians stop driving? (Score 2) 547

And, since we know Mars and Venus are also getting warmer, it must be the Martian's fault.

Well, given that we don't know that Mars and Venus are getting warmer we don't have to look for causes for that nonexistent warming.

How much of the change is likely to be caused by which of the several known factors, and potentially unknown factors?

If there are unknown factors causing the warming then there are also unknown factors causing cooling that happens to exactly balance the unknown factors causing warming, since the observed warming fits pretty damn well the known factors that can cause warming. Or maybe we should just use Occam's razor?

What is the long-term temperature trend, based on long-term actual data (as opposed to COUGH corrections COUGH made up on the spot and added to the data).

The long term temperature trend is slightly cooled the corrections that are carefully considered. You might like to see a doctor about that nasty cough.

Comment Re: Isn't this what --preserve-root is for? (Score 1) 699

and I have to make raid changes and reboot,

While I am in violent agreement about your general point -- slow boot problems are not important until you have to boot at which point slow boot can be a disaster -- what kind of cruddy raid system needs a reboot to change its config?

Comment Re:I think you mean kilocalories (Score 1) 108

you're talking about kilocalories when you talk to a layperson in the US about the "calorie".

No, no, no. 1 kilocalorie == 1 Calorie, not one calorie. You mean you can't hear the all important distinction between the "calorie" and the "Calorie", runners up in the "stupidest tradition unit" prize with the ton and gallon.

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