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Comment Re:The American Way (Score 2) 181

I have an idea. Handle it the way some of the smarter states in the USA do it. About 1 in 100 people in the crowd has a concealed weapon. Try attacking that. Return fire assurance is infinitely more effective as a defense and a deterrent than some ridiculous laws and metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs and all that predictable, bypassable nonsense.

ISIS pledge to kill thousands of Americans by opening gun stores across the Midwest

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 3, Informative) 181

Do you really think France, and especially the French, would accept a "state of emergency" lasting years?

No, they will make the measures permanent like every other country that has reduced civil liberties. When?

This isn't the first time France has declared state of emergency, an the previous times it was removed when it expired.

But feel free to enjoy your ideologicaly inspired cynicism.

Comment Re:You're running a distribution (Score 1) 725

So it is a KDE problem, because they started requiring systemd.

No, upower started needing systemd. KDE changed nothing, that's why they don't see why they should "fix" it.

If you frame it as a Devuan packaging error, that means that including KDE is a packaging error?

Including a version of upower that only works with systemd, and not including systemd, is clearly a packaging error by Devuan.

Comment Re:You're running a distribution (Score 1) 725

> Post the issue to your distribution not the systemd group.
It's a problem with almost every distro, right? Like what doesn't have systemd, slack?

No, it's only a problem for distros that don't have systemd. The problem is that newer versions of upower need systemd to do hibernate/suspend, and KDE uses upower.

The bug is a packaging error made by Devuan. I can't imagine why somebody decided to report the bug to the KDE team.

Comment Re:It depends on somebody doing the actual work (Score 1) 725

What are the "non-systemd distros" that are crumbling?

Well, if you could be bothered to read the article, written by some gut called "yeupou" the answer is obviously Devuan, who managed to break suspend and hibernate in KDE by packaging the wrong version of upower.

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