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by Eunuchswear (#48211117) Attached to: FTDI Reportedly Bricking Devices Using Competitors' Chips.

I could tell you'd lost all beating on reality when you started talking about 700$ rent. Mine is damn near 1500$ per room/month, what world do you live in?

Paris, France, is between 30 and 44 EUR/M2 for small studios, so 700$ a month could get you a 18 M2 studio (about 194 sq feet).

How big are your 1500$/month rooms? Maybe you should move to somewher cheaper?

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Er, no. That's not what they have been saying. They have been saying things like sitting right next to a person with Ebola on a plane is very low risk

But that is observed fact. Nobody on the plane with Patrick Sawyer was infected, even though Sawyer was already expressing symptoms and collapsed on arriving in Lagos.

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by Eunuchswear (#48203641) Attached to: Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting

The other is by a private company called Remote Sensing Systems. Their data looks like this. A very slight cooling, that I cannot believe would be "real cooling trend", if by real you mean statistically significant.

And of course that famous AGW alarmist Dr Roy Spencer is on records as thinking that there is something wrong with the RSS dataset.

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However this is E.S.R. we are talking about so, aside from the possible issues with whether any of the cloud providers are compatible with his larger philsophical aims

ESR (Looks like Fortran to him) has "larger philosophical aims"?

who knows what other interesting ideas he might come up with given access to much more powerful personal computer hardware rather than having his creativity shackled by the limitations of his current systems.

Oh, I've been trolled, how silly of me.

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And I thought the fact that Harry Potter has a longer WP entry than Prince Harry was ridiculous.

Well in Harry Potter's defense he is a much more important person as far as many are concerned.

As far as anyone sane is concerned.

Harry Potter is big business, employment for thousands.. Prince Harry is small time entertainment.

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Ironically you're asking when we might revolt against our own Government when yours disarmed you long ago, removing your capability altogether.

Why do Americans think all Europeans are unarmed?

Gun ownership per 100 residents:

USA: 90
Switzerland: 45.7
Finland: 45.3
France: 31.2
Austria: 30.4
Germany: 30.3
Greece: 22.5
Belgium: 17.2 ...
England: 6.2

Gun ownership is lower in Europe, but not as low as some people think.

We don't know one millionth of one percent about anything.