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Comment Re: Not downsizing nuclear (Score 3, Interesting) 473 473

Germany needs overcapacity because wind and solar have pretty crappy capacity factors.

Year on year Germany exports to Danemark, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Austria and Switzerland, and imports from France, the Czech republic and Sweden. (Yes, Germany does export more than it imports).

In 2014 Germany exported 77.1 TWh, for which it earned 4591 million dollars.
France exported 37 TWh, for which it earned 3234 million dollars.

France is getting paid 46% more per Watt because it's selling when people need it's electricity, not when it's forced to because it has overproduction.

(Sources: and

Comment Re:It makes sense (Score 1) 473 473

The Industrial Age is over. The future is a bunch of small, barely self-sustaining agrarian communities loosely interconnected. With the upcoming end of the Information Age the energy requirements will plummet. It's been a great century and some, but science and technology have run their course. The place for Man is with Nature.

With your plan the place for man is in the grave.


Comment Re:What are they going to replace with? (Score 2) 473 473


Current EDF tarrifs are 0.144 EUR/kWh (flat rate, or you can go for the night rate deal, 0.1572 daytime, 0.1096 off peak).

I've seen claims that average US prices are around 12.64 cents/kWh, which is more or less exactly the same amount.

Comment Re:GPL is good but flawed (Score 1) 250 250

With that strategy they have managed to boost sales for their commercial license, but it is probably also one of the main reasons why Ada has not gained and will never gain any widespread popularity.

You think that is why Ada hasn't gained widespread popularity?

I remember when it was called "Green". No way was it ever going to be popular.

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