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Comment Re:People who think economics is not a science... (Score 1) 295

If MV = PQ is so well tested, why are there still Keynsians?

There aren't, there are neo-Keynsians.
The Keynsians say, "In the short term (so short that we can't measure it accurately), increasing inflation might still improve employment."

In other words, the dispute isn't about whether the equation will become balanced, but how long it will take for it to become so.

Comment Re:All Well and Good... (Score 1) 156

Never mind that back in the prosperous '50s "good ol' days" taxes here were even more progressive than they are now...

I prefer progressive taxation, but this is a myth.
Back in the 50s, there were so many loop-holes in the tax laws, that almost no one paid the full rate. To pay it, you basically had to get your entire income as salary (which is why some athletes were among those in the highest tax bracket). I'll bet you can think of ways to avoid that kind of tax, structuring your income to not be salary (or hourly).

Comment Re:Why not ditch the schooling entirely? (Score 1) 180

Looking at my undergrad experience as a whole, i learned waaaay more in 3-4 semesters of co-op / hands on training than I did in 4 years of classes.

If you really didn't learn anything in 4 years of classes, then you either failed or your school failed you.
And I'm not talking about your grades.

Life in the state of nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan