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Comment Re:Levels of Security (Score 1) 69

The point of his system is to show that it really is possible to write secure software.

Do you really just run one qmail system and that's it? No client end, no other servers, no other services, no passwords, nothing?

The other systems should be made securely. DJB showed it's possible to write highly secure software. But fwiw it's not uncommon to only run one service on a server, especially now with VMs making it so cheap to do so. And passwords are archaic, we don't even use them with git anymore.

Comment Re:Three cheers for selfishness! (Score 1) 32

This fights against the "Go read the 2000 page manual, you idiot!"-itis found on specialist sites.

A reference manual is a terrible learning tool. It is only useful if you know what you are looking for. For that matter, it is difficult to use if you don't know the correct words to search for, as he mentions elsewhere when discussing duplicate questions.

Programmers who get off on saying RTFM are useless and should not be allowed anywhere near such discussions. If you were sitting next to the guy, you would answer the answer, not say this. Help someone find the answer to an actual question quickly.

On a personal note for SE, "This is a duplicate question." needs a link to the duplicate question. Again terminology for search issues. And if they provide it, note to their UI people, I can't easily see it. It just seems like a snotty response + "Denied!"

Comment Re:Levels of Security (Score 1) 69

I'm quite tired of the hi-tech this-security-is-hackable discussion. Of course it's hackable. Everything is.

If you think so and can prove it, then you can earn $1000 and eternal fame by hacking DJB's qmail. Over 15 years and still hasn't been hacked.

That this product doesn't require ethan hunt just makes it worthless for bank vaults.

Even then, there are different levels of "hackable." Some things (like uefi) take six months of work to hack, but that's not what we're talking about here. Some of these IoT devices literally are running their own wifi server, with an open telnet port. When I say open, I mean it doesn't even have a password. This is how much these companies care about security.

We're talking about the kind of security that your neighbor kid could hack after taking a high-school networking class.

Comment Re:Fun uber fact (Score 0) 113

The hate derives from free people out-competing every manner of entrenched interest.

This shows there is more going on then just government regulations and government licensing, to restrict competition.

Oh, look. Another vector to power, via government, to hamper free people from competing. Government allows a union to take over all employees, not just those who freely join.

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 448

Palestine is recognised as a independent state. Therefore this is a war between states.

One Israeli of my acquaintance stated that "They are not 'Palestinians', they are Arabs and as such they should be happy to live anywhere in the Arab world. Israel isn't part of the Arab world."

Aside from Australians I have never met a group more prone to racism than Israelis. But unlike Aussies the Israeli men didn't seem to be entirely misogynistic.

Interesting how Judaism is pretty much the only religion alive today which is almost entirely racial in nature and focussed on parentage. Who your mother is matters very much in Judaism; I don't believe there is any other religion for which your parents, your genealogy, actually matters at all.

Does Jordan plowing under entire Palestinian villages count as racism in your Israel-hating Euro-fashionable worldview?

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