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When I heard the $1/day figure, I always assumed there was a lot of barter and a lot of "doing without". You live in a shack on land that nobody buys, so you have no rent. Your village holds sway over 100 acres, which you farm and/or hunt. You trade bush meat for vegetables in the market. There's no electricity, so there's no electric bill. You fetch water from a stream, which is filthy; but there's no water bill. There's no sewer bill either. You crap in a hole if you're lucky, or the foul smelling street if you're not. Your family has a member who specializes in something that requires skill, such as being a motorbike mechanic. That pulls in some money. You use that money to buy a few things that can't be obtained by barter or other means. There. You're living on a dollar a day, but you're not a social outcast or any more poor than people around you. Thus, it's not as tragic as it sounds. At least, that's what I always figured. There has to be something that makes it different from just giving an American $1/day and telling them to live. If you did that, the only sensible thing to buy would be magic markers, a cup, and cardboard. Most of us would be miserable. It'd be psychologically debilitating. It'd be nothing like "living on $1/day" in Africa.

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If China really wanted South Korea on its border, they could have it in a few weeks. I don't think DPRK can really deliver a nuke, and even if they could the guys who actually launch them would probably be too busy partying. It's probably the only country on the planet where everybody would pour out into the street welcoming Chinese tanks with true sincerity.

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one guy says in a private email "In an odd way this is cheering news." re the death of a skeptic, and that is proof that scientists who believe in AGW are all assholes

It proves he is an asshole for sure

which proves that AGW is a hoax.

Now you're making stuff up and insulting people. That makes you an asshole.

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No, Beethoven for example continued improving his skill until near his death. Long after he'd written pieces of great genius.

Gladwell's observation was that people who achieve greatness work 10,000 hours.....which doesn't mean that you will reach greatness if you work 10,000 hours, but that if you don't, you certainly won't. More interestingly, he observes that working 10,000 hours is a greater indicator of success than IQ.

I remember reading somewhere also, that it helps to have a master teacher who knows how to guide you through those 10,000 hours. Otherwise you might be swinging with the wrong golf club for half those hours.

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The concept of iterative experimentation is hardly anything new, but it wasn't until there was a shift in attitude of the scientific community from one of secrecy to sharing and cross examination

Well, that's not really true either.....certainly scholars throughout the dark ages and earlier were sharing their ideas. The thing that made science take off was the idea of experimentation as the test for ideas.

It's also helpful to think of science the method, as differentiated from science the institutions. Science the method is a way to get closer to the truth.

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