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Comment: Other manufacturers too ... (Score 1) 45

by kbahey (#49586015) Attached to: LG G4 and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 Benchmarked

Other manufacturers are doing away with physical buttons as well.

For example, my first Sony, an Xperia X10, had 3 physical buttons at the bottom. So did my next Sony, Xperia Arc.

Then my current Xperia ZL has no buttons on the front, just capacitive ones.

You get used to it though, and never miss them after a few weeks of adjusting.

Comment: The hard parts is the integrated circuits ... (Score 2) 365

by kbahey (#49472009) Attached to: Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels?

I would argue that fossil fuel is not the only determinant ...

The hard part is that we have become almost dependent on integrated circuits. This goes for any computer device, all control devices in manufacturing, and much more ...

If civilization collapses, how can we get back the IC fabs going with specialized material?

I wrote about it in a previous comment: 19th century technology vs. mid 20th century.

And expanded a bit on it in information readability and longevity in the digital age.

Comment: Another LG TV owner here ... (Score 1) 130

by kbahey (#49092015) Attached to: Gadgets That Spy On Us: Way More Than TVs

Another LG TV owner here ...

I want to echo what the parent said. LG TVs are decent in general. The voice feature is just a gimmick added to make the company/product look cool. Perhaps it gains some WOWs when demoed in store. But in real life, its voice recognition is subpar, and the feature does not get used much. And yes, you have to press a button on the remote for the TV to listen (via a mic in the remote in my case).

Comment: Re:Speechless (Score 2) 49

by kbahey (#49055863) Attached to: Five Glorious Years of Sun Images In a Four-Minute Video

That the earth was round, was known from the time of the Ancient Greeks.

In fact, the circumference of the earth was measured by Eratosthenes in the 3rd century BC, with considerable accuracy, using very simple means.

Here is Carl Sagan in Cosmos, on Eratosthenes measurement of the earth's circumference.

Comment: Re:This is (sort of) good news for Americans (Score 1) 215

by kbahey (#49049915) Attached to: Russia Seeking To Ban Tor, VPNs and Other Anonymizing Tools

I can't talk about Ukraine because I am not fully informed about it as I am about the other countries I listed. But from a cursory look, Russia accepted an independent vote from the Crimean penninsula, and annexed it based on that. If it is good for Crimea, then it is good for the rest of Ukraine.

But as I said, Ukraine is not what I can/want to discuss. I am specifically astonished to you characterizing these three Arab countries as having 'legitimately elected government" while the facts completely contradict this. These are dictatorships, and not legitimate at all. They were a brutal police states.

Moreover, the role of the USA in removing or trying to remove the dictators was minimal to non-existent.

Comment: Future genetic analysis and research (Score 1) 199

by kbahey (#48980905) Attached to: British MPs Approve 3-Parent Babies

At some point in the future, genetic analysis will be messed up because the lineage fo the mtDNA is not from the same mother that gave the nuclear DNA.

Will be a serious puzzle when this is done without any accompanying documentation that person X had this done, or a marker is present to indicate it was.

Comment: Slashdot keeps aggravating their "audience" (Score 2) 182

by kbahey (#48769125) Attached to: Four Facepalm Bugs In USPS Label-Printing Site

The last time I commented about the continued posting of Bennet's rants, some idiot moderators marked it as flamebait.

I am posting it again below. This is serious, not a troll, nor funny:

Slashdot's editor team knows that the "audience" here hate Bennet Hasleton's continued long winded drivel, yet they keep posting his stuff regularly.

This is yet another clear sign that Dice and Slashdot do not care about their "audience", just like the way they handled the Slashdot Beta debacle.

Dice: keep ignoring your "audience" while expecting viewership to increase. Yeah, that will happen alright ...

Comment: Egypt had helicopters, submarines and spaceships (Score 1) 381

As an Egyptian, I have to take issue with India claiming they were flying first. The Egyptians indeed had helicopters, submarines and spaceships thousands of years ago. And not in oral myth. We have real carvings on the temple of Abydos showing them clearly.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

For the sarcastically challenged, they indeed look today live those vehicles, but the cause is recarving the new pharoah's name on top of the old one, hence this artifact.

Mod this informative, not funny!

Comment: Ubuntu 14.04 with KDE, XFCE or LXDE (Score 1) 210

by kbahey (#48729675) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux Distro For Hybrid Laptop?

You are not alone in your dislike for Unity.

I did install Ubuntu 14.04 Server edition on newer (2014) PCs that require UEFI, and it works fine.

But you have options: kubuntu (KDE desktop, which I am using now), xubuntu (XFCE desktop) or lubuntu (LXDE desktop). If you use the 14.04 from any of those, then you probably wouldn't have any issues compared to older versions.

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