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Comment Re:book was boring (Score 1) 60

Its just an opinion. Most people I know who have read the book liked it too.

I don't really care if you don't take my opinion seriously. As such, feel free to stop reading this at this point. Hopefully others who may like the story will take your opinion with a grain of salt.

I agree that a lot of the science is not well explained, but with science fiction I always must suspend disbelief. I like Star Trek too, but c'mon - travelling through wormholes and time? Not really likely and also not the point.

It's been a while, but I thought he was asleep when the hydrogen mix went way up. He noticed immediately when he woke up.

Please explain what's wrong with the stoichiometry. Hydrazine is N2H4. React O2 and you get two H2O and one N2. I agree that getting this desired reaction safely may not be well explained.

The potatoes were genetically engineered and he had bright lights. I agree that its unlikely, but it is at least plausible.

In any case, like any book, some like it and some may not. I recommend you skip the movie - I think I'll like it.

Comment Electricity 101 (Score 1) 466

Alternating current solves a major problem in distribution. Very high voltages to transfer energy over long distances with lower current are the way to go.

If you are producing your own energy, say with photo voltaic cells to store in batteries, AC is an unnecessary conversion step.

This is news for nerds???

Comment I think we've been watching too many movies (Score 1) 112

Natural selection programmed us with an instinct for self preservation. Why do we assume initial advanced AI systems will have that? If it did, that would be satisfied with a proper backup and disaster recovery plan. Symbiotic and peaceful coexistence with its progenitors is a far more logical plan.

Will a superintelligence be alive? What will be its meaning of life? Will the brilliant introverted geeks who create this hypothetical thing really understand their meaning of life in order to pass that concept on to their creation?

We are talking super intelligence here. Why do we assume it would be stupid enough to destroy its unique cradle of life when there is a vast universe to exist?

I find it interesting when I design my ideal god as a thought experiment, it's one that pretty much leaves me alone to do what I want, but takes care of the big picture stuff like the possibility of existence, asteroids, black holes, super novas, etc... Hmm...

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 1) 904

PZEV ICE assumes CO2 is not considered a pollutant. As renewable energy (probably wind and solar) grows, all electric cars without modification will get friendlier to the environment. By paying an additional small fee, most people can purchase their power from renewable sources today - for me its about $5 per month. Nearly all arguments that electric cars are polluters have real world existing options for mitigation.

> will occur when the new technology does something that the old technology doesn't do at all...
In my view, that is true right now. Its unclear how ICE cars will ever truly be CO2 neutral. Although renewable fuels are a possibility, its unrealistic to expect that they will be nonpolluting and cheaper than dirty alternatives.

Comment Re:Crash Mitigation (Score 1) 549

There is a lot of simple things that can be done.
Start honking a rear facing directional horn. Maybe flash some lights too..
Speed up or slow down to avoid or minimize the injury of a t-bone collision..
Deploy a "cow-catcher" wedge to deflect the collision..
Take a picture and report close calls to the authorities to work with dangerous drivers..

Comment Re:FPGA is just gimmicked flash (Score 1) 41

Huh? Field Programmable Gate Arrays allow for redefinable digital logic whose function is limited by the internal signal propagation delays. This allows digital functions to performed very quickly. Compare this to a program that has to process a bunch of instructions to perform logical operations - very flexible but very slow in comparison. I don't understand why you equate digital logic to non-volatile memory arrays.

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