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Comment Just say no... (Score 2) 99 unnecessary regulation codified by politicians who don't understand the technology in question. At the end of the day, it only drives up cost and stifles innovation. At most we need to enforce a law that says you cannot operate something without the owner's permission except in cases of public emergency.

Comment Re:Its all in the taxes and incentives. (Score 1) 211

I'm curious to understand your position.

From my view, they are already important. Many automakers have either introduced or announced electric cars in response to the positive public perception of Teslas. Tesla will be selling much more affordable cars in the next 5 years. I think electric cars powered by wind and solar will be a big part of our personal transportation future and that was unarguably ushered in by Tesla.

Comment Re:Wow, so much effort (Score 1) 115

I can't really argue the point because I have not personally tested lunar samples or performed fusion experiments.

That said, I have read *many* articles in popular press concerning the relative abundance of lunar He3 and its benefits as a fuel. E.g.

I'll take your points and these articles with a grain of salt.

Comment Re:Wow, so much effort (Score 1) 115

Actually if there is a breakthrough with fusion power generation, we'll need a lot of Helium-3 which should be plentiful on the moon.

If we are to colonize something other than earth, we need the experience of thriving in harsh environments.

The fact that we cannot detect intelligent life elsewhere in the universe implies a responsibility to spread humanity - an off-site backup if you will...

Comment Re:book was boring (Score 1) 60

Its just an opinion. Most people I know who have read the book liked it too.

I don't really care if you don't take my opinion seriously. As such, feel free to stop reading this at this point. Hopefully others who may like the story will take your opinion with a grain of salt.

I agree that a lot of the science is not well explained, but with science fiction I always must suspend disbelief. I like Star Trek too, but c'mon - travelling through wormholes and time? Not really likely and also not the point.

It's been a while, but I thought he was asleep when the hydrogen mix went way up. He noticed immediately when he woke up.

Please explain what's wrong with the stoichiometry. Hydrazine is N2H4. React O2 and you get two H2O and one N2. I agree that getting this desired reaction safely may not be well explained.

The potatoes were genetically engineered and he had bright lights. I agree that its unlikely, but it is at least plausible.

In any case, like any book, some like it and some may not. I recommend you skip the movie - I think I'll like it.

Comment Electricity 101 (Score 1) 466

Alternating current solves a major problem in distribution. Very high voltages to transfer energy over long distances with lower current are the way to go.

If you are producing your own energy, say with photo voltaic cells to store in batteries, AC is an unnecessary conversion step.

This is news for nerds???

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