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Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 174

I'll add to your list, AdBlock Plus shows no "acceptable ads" once you uncheck the "show acceptable ads" box. I see no problem with this, nor with it being the default position.

What business is it of yours if other people don't mind viewing certain types of ads?

Comment Only needs one person to accomplish (Score 2) 143

It would only really require one or two people to pull this off. All the necessary components are innocent enough. (Also, the idiot who wrote the article is full of bull about "requiring additional hardware".) Components (with innocent purpose):
* Hardware necessary to detect testing mode: all cars have a speedometer
* Software to detect testing mode: reasonable to use for internal tests, and on production for traction control
* Hardware to allow software control of EGR: necessary for efficiency
* Software to adjust NOx/performance/efficiency levels: legitimate to have various modes, or for use in areas with different pollution laws

It would be trivial for one guy to write the code to have low NOx during testing, and high efficiency/performance otherwise. However, half the company would have to know they were cheating.

Comment Re:Actually you are flat out WRONG (Score 1) 340

The recent rulings have been that laptop searches are unconstitutional. The courts have said this is so because a ) laptops and phones contain highly personal information, much more so that suitcases normally do, and b) customs is to be searching for things like products being smuggled in, or drugs.

Just to be clear, those searches are unconstitutional because they have neither probable cause nor a warrant. They're not done regardless because a judge said mumble mumble.

Comment Re:Summary is flat out WRONG (Score 1) 340

Crossing the border is a genuine reason to permit the government to go through our belongings.

What, is crossing the border probable cause to a crime, and do they get a warrant before searching you? What grants them the authority to conduct these searches?

Certainly, it is very convenient for them to do, but convenience is not the same as legality.

Comment Re:Public Healthcare / Mental Healthcare (Score 1) 1139

On a similar note, we should provide food and housing to the homeless. It shouldn't cost more than $10,000 to feed and house a person, probably much less. I've heard that the current system costs $250,000 per homeless person, so doing this would save $240,000 per person helped. We do already provide free food and housing, although through a very complicated and expensive and inconvenient system:
* Free ride to the nearest hospital: just call an ambulance. In many places, they can't refuse. Cost to us, $1,000.
* Free short term food and housing: a hospital stay, must go through Emergency Room. $500-$1,000 for the visit, more if they stay. Also, they'll be ahead of you and you'll have to wait half an hour to get treated. Some of them will actually injure themselves instead of faking it, and that costs even more. See here for ER folks venting to stay sane, a lot of them are about homeless people.
* Free long-term food and housing: Commit crime, go to jail, get food and warm bed. Cost ~$100,000 per year, plus court costs. Decent winter accommodations.
* Petty crime to acquire food and accommodations (see if anyone would hire a homeless person).

Note that you're already paying for all this, whether you like it or not -- through taxes, through higher hospital bills, through crime and its results. Man up and cut out the middleman, and everyone will be happier.

Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 1) 1139

If a wizard suddenly made it impossible for guns to exist in America; they could not pass across any border, the ones inside the country simply turned into nothingness, do you think the rates of assault and murder would instantly go down?

The wizard would instantly cause multiple power vacuums, which will be immediately and violently exploited. Suddenly, the police, the army, security guards, and rival gangs would no longer have guns. Feeble people switch from "probably defenseless" to "definitely defenseless". Assuming the power vacuum resolves to a similar situation as we have now, the rate of homicide would increase because being robbed at knifepoint is far more dangerous than being robbed at gunpoint.

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