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Comment When killer robots are outlawed (Score 1) 289 289

When killer robots are outlawed, only outlaws will have killer robots.

But seriously,
a) There is no way to really stop this, it's just a combination of standard hardware and some programming
b) While drones might allow for lower collateral damage (because the drone won't be afraid of death), a drone also will not object to illegal or immoral orders.

Comment Re:Nonsense law still can't be ignored (Score 1) 157 157

Here's how it works:
Court decrees Facebook doesn't have standing to challenge the warrant, because even though they're going through Facebook's stuff the warrant is for a specific person.
Court decrees the person who was targeted by the search warrant doesn't have standing to challenge the warrant, because they can't prove that they were even served the warrant because Facebook was also given a gag order.

Comment Re:It's not so easy (Score 1) 217 217

I think $10000 is probably a good price. A lot of drug dealers have that much money, and they are able to kill you if you are lying to them. You can agree to stay captive in their underground lair until they get their winnings.

They're also able to kill you if you weren't lying to them.

Comment Re:There's no There there. (Score 2) 246 246

Of course there's good reason to go back to the moon. Having no atmosphere is advantageous for some things (eg solar panels and certain manufacturing processes), its lighter mass means it is easier to launch stuff from, its nearness makes it a nice practice colony, and several more. For example, you could build a railgun style cargo delivery system to deliver raw material into space. Certain future advances (like 3d printing and robotics) could make for a surprisingly small investment to colonize the entire moon.

Comment Re:Stupid Self-Aggrandizing Press Release (Score 2) 62 62

Branson and Virgin did nothing at all except provide funding after the fact to the actual, certified genius aerodynamist and visionary Burt Rutan.

Determining what to fund and what not to fund is basically the hardest problem ever. If you could give me a computer program that can determine quickly and correctly what to fund and what not to fund, I could make the next revolutionary product, discover all the laws of physics, and discover proofs to mathematical problems.

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