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Comment: Re:1D compression, AKA "Serialization" (Score 1) 100

by ultranova (#49568293) Attached to: Holographic Principle Could Apply To Our Universe

The point of the holographic principle is not that one can imagine a 3D encoding onto a 2D surface, e.g. a holograph, but that the maximum possible information in a volume is not proportional to volume, but to surface area. That implies the fundamental mechanics of the universe can't be something like "voxels".

Perhaps it could, but those voxels/cells aren't really independent. General Relativity requires space to be differentiable (smooth) which in turn means that value of one cell limits possible values for nearby cells. Laws of physics could also be understood as rules of how values can vary across time- and lightlike paths. Put these effects together, and I suspect the result is the holographic principle.

Comment: Re:GPS (Score 1) 60

by DigiShaman (#49568037) Attached to: A Cheap, Ubiquitous Earthquake Warning System

Battery drain would be a huge issue depending on frequency and time the results collected and uploaded. Though starting with the iPhone5s, the M7 was introduced which is a dedicated co-processor specifically for monitoring and processing accelerometer based data. So, that should help. And being in California, one can assume the quick adoption of iPhone tech into the public upon release. It is silicon valley after all. Anyways, a phone laying flat on a table or desk should be helpful, though filtering out the SNR could be more troublesome with people causing the vibrations on said table in the first place.

BTW, those sensors are pretty sensitive. Check out an app called SensorKinetics and see for yourself what they're capable. I was rather amazed myself.

Comment: Re:Someone is going to get a surprise (Score 1) 60

by Anne Thwacks (#49567557) Attached to: A Cheap, Ubiquitous Earthquake Warning System
A system that monitors 100,000 sensors and is capable of sending messages to almost 40 million people is not going to be done for free.

Depends on the level of mnitoring a day. One ping a day, and inbound alerts on "quake detected"? A PIII on ADSL would probably handle that!

Or, of course, you could give the contract to EDS, and pay $38B.

Comment: Re:Talk about creating a demand (Score 2) 162

by ultranova (#49567181) Attached to: Why Our Antiquated Power Grid Needs Battery Storage

Massachusetts just shut down it's offshore wind farm program and more are dying (a welcome event for those of us that pay our own bills )

And who would that be? Last I checked, coal, gas and oil let you shit your externalities all over other people's environment (and lungs, real estate and insurance costs), and nuclear is impossible due to political reasons.

Wind is more expensive than fossil fuels only as long as you force me to suck up the fumes from your smokestack and tailpipe and consequently die horribly from lung cancer for free. Not to mention the fact fossils will run out eventually, leaving to future generations sitting in the dark if the alternatives are not in place by then.

Comment: Re:"Selfie" (Score 1) 56

by gl4ss (#49567101) Attached to: The World of 3D Portraiture

does a guy who by chance gets a printed mini-me and uses the word selfie incorrectly in a clickbait article, poses a question to get comments, use that word incorrectly? sure does.

he didn't do the scan. he didn't do the printing. so how is it a scan? now if he had actually made an article about buying/rigging up a full color scanner and getting a full color 3d printer, mcor or whatever, then yeah it would have been quite a cool article.

now it just looks like he's posing as stupid for the sake of creating discussion to boost himself. that's one use for a 3d printed mini me.

another user would be.. you know.. he could just give it to his mom or kids. that's the USUAL kind of way you would use of PORTRAITS. it's a portrait so how stupid you need to be to not treat it as one????

Comment: Re:I'm really conflicted... (Score 1) 100

by gl4ss (#49566993) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Has a Message For One Direction Fans

but it's not meaningful science. there's no good way of relating to public, it just lets them believe there's some other world that super genius scientists(tm) can look into (or something). if there's an infinite number of alternatives then.. well, so what? in that another universe the fan might not be a fan of one direction in the first place. but more importantly there is no possible meaningful exchange of information or observing of the alternate universe. it's basically just something made up.

it's just "poof magic science makes magic real!!!"... it will make them disappointed once they learn that there is nothing actually there in this universe to connect meaningfully with another universe.

it's just "trust me I'm smarter, feel good!". it's utter bollocks, that's what it is.

Comment: Re:George W. still president (Score 1) 100

by gl4ss (#49566967) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Has a Message For One Direction Fans

what he neglected to say is that in an measurably equal amount of alternate universes One Direction never existed.

stupid message, the fans can never observe that alternate universe in any way. wonder why he made it. probably some journalist just clickbaiting. equivalent of saying to them that one direction still exists in happy place heaven(tm).

Comment: Re:I wish there was an easy way to understand it (Score 1) 100

by gl4ss (#49565971) Attached to: Holographic Principle Could Apply To Our Universe

number of dimensions? in what way?

current quantummumbojumbo that has already de-evolved into multiverse, current tech singularity ai-blabla etc already resemble ancient philosophical debates... in that they're silly to most people and seemingly also silly to those familiar in actual research and not "futurology" or whatever.

Comment: Re:1 port for a hub (Score 1) 107

For me, still one. I never use a hub when away from my desk, and always use one when I'm at my desk. Think of it as a docking station and that's pretty much my usage pattern. If I can get a thinner or lighter laptop by throwing away the "extra" ports, I'd leap at the chance.

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