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Comment: Re: Dangerous virus (Score 3, Informative) 70

by HuguesT (#47792331) Attached to: Scientists Found the Origin of the Ebola Outbreak

It could be for complications. Influenza causes inflammation, which itself creates a happy medium for bacteria in the lungs. It is standard practice to give antibiotics in severe cases of influenza. This does not help against the virus but helps lowering the risk of reinfections. See there.

Comment: Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 810

by evilviper (#47792025) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

"US sanctions against Russia imposed by the Bush administration were lifted by the Obama administration in May 2010."

And? How does that negate the fact that the country was invaded on Bush's watch?

Russia pulled out of Georgia, so the sanctions against them should have been lifted, as they were.

the Chechen wars both started under Clinton

And continued, unopposed, for many years under Bush.

Comment: Re:How much? (Score 2) 126

by evilviper (#47791991) Attached to: Dell's New Alienware Case Goes to Extremes To Prevent Overheating

Why do people that read a legitimate news story always try to assume something is advertising.

Perhaps because it's utterly and totally devoid of valuable information on the subject? When your copy is just "Ooh, look... Shiny!" and uncritically copying bits of info out of the manufacturer's press release... you are doing nothing more than advertising a product.

If everyone blocked ads, many quality web sites would likely cease to exist, including Slashdot. Just because you can block, doesn't mean you should.

Adblock Plus allows non-annoying advertisements through the filter, to be displayed by default...

If every site used non-annoying ads, ad-blockers "would likely cease to exist."

Comment: Re:2X Generation ***Hole Conversion Rule (Score 1) 334

by evilviper (#47791883) Attached to: Islamic State "Laptop of Doom" Hints At Plots Including Bubonic Plague

In what way were German fathers "assholes" during World War I?

Starting the war... Invading neutral countries... Sinking ships of neutral countries... Introducing chemical (poison gas) warfare... Executing "over 6,500 French and Belgian civilians between August and November 1914, usually in near-random large-scale shootings of civilians ordered by junior German officers." etc., etc.

the next generation doesn't tend to copy his behavior.

They did, and took it up a notch, too.

"it was common for Germans in the 1930s to justify acts of aggression in terms of perceived injustices imposed by the victors of World War I."

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by SeaFox (#47791409) Attached to: Judge Allows L.A. Cops To Keep License Plate Reader Data Secret

At least the LAPD nominally works for the people.

A murderous stalker doesn't.

So yeah, there are some really good reasons to keep the raw data from the public.

The LAPD "working for the people" is an implied mission statement. It doesn't really reflect the individuals within the organization. A murderous stalker has to actually follow you to gather info, but the LAPD officer doesn't now, that's the only difference. The police can just as easily abuse a power given to them, kinda like those NSA agents using their expensive taxpayer-funded gear and government-granted spying powers to stalk love interests.

There was a scene in the 1997 movie Men In Black where Tommy Lee Jones's character is sitting at a console with high-resolution satellite imagery available in real time, and he zooms in on a suburban home, and the women he once knew years ago, and the thinks of the life he could have had if he hadn't become a MIB agent. That movie was so long before all this War on Terror and domestic spying BS no one recognized that scene for what it was.

Comment: Re:Why is it not trivial? (Score 1) 122

by SeaFox (#47791329) Attached to: Reformatting a Machine 125 Million Miles Away

Why didn't they plan ahead for this sort of operation in the beginning, making it painless and 'reliable' ( as possible ).

That's a joke, right? We are talking about one of the two rovers that was sent to Mars on a mission planned to only last 90 days. They didn't see "flash memory wearing out from use" as a contingency they needed to plan for.

Comment: Re:Dangerous virus (Score 4, Insightful) 70

by ultranova (#47790855) Attached to: Scientists Found the Origin of the Ebola Outbreak

Of all people, experts of the disease take precautions to avoid catching it themselves, when they do, its not a good sign.

Maybe. Then again, where I work it's the new guys who follow safety guidelines religiously, while those who have been there for a while can't be bothered because, after all, nothing's happened this far so it must be safe.

Experts are humans, and humans are notoriously bad at keeping their guard up with familiar things.

Comment: Re:Good news everybody (Score 1) 80

Drugs like this are what meddle in the affairs of intelligent parasites trying to shape and control populations.

Virii are not the least bit intelligent by any reasonable definition. And Ebola doesn't seem to be causing any evolutionary pressure except for a resistance to itself.

However, it seems this epidemic has exposed the lingering traces of Social Darwinism exemplified by your post, as well as - once again - demonstrated how they could be a fatal weakness if allowed to remain operative.

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