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Comment Re:Jeremy clarkson does not approve (Score 1) 867 867

No, we don't. Most people are not car people. A car is a tool. We don't care about it specs, and I don't want it to make any more noise than it has to. It adds nothing to the experience and annoys anyone else around you.

Hell, i even enjoy a nice ride in low traffic- but the sound isn't part of the fun, it just detracts from the radio or the sounds of nature around me.

You're a very tiny minority.

Comment Re:He might be right on the point of law here... (Score 1) 305 305

Simple way to fix it- require that any H1B hired must be paid twice the highest paid domestic worker. That means they'll only be paid if they really are necessary. Any company that's found breaking this rule is not allowed to hire an H1B again- ever. And they're fined 20 times what the salary(s) were supposed to be.

We can't throw companies in jail, so breaking the law should be fucking punishing.

Comment Re:The H1-B Needs to Go (Score 1) 305 305

The reason IT jobs are down is a combination of things:

1)Too many people went into it, because it was seen as hot yet didn't require a degree, just certs (or nothing).
2)Improved knowledge of computers by the general public, and improved software for them to use (its not like the 90s when you had to really know Windows to set up a network). Not many people need to call helpdesk to plug in a mouse anymore.
3)Automation and improved infrastructure. It takes fewer people to manage a fleet of machines because the software is better.
4)We don't fix hardware anymore. We replace it. This is a lot lower effort. Also a lot of the hardware is more reliable.

IT jobs went away because demand decreased while supply increased. There's still a fuckton of jobs writing software, but we don't need as many people to take care of the hardware and administrate the systems. Those jobs aren't going completely away, but they'll never spike again.

Comment Re:Total (Score 3, Informative) 264 264

No engineering intern makes 0. The law is that an intern can only be unpaid if they do no work relating to the company. For example, an unpaid intern at an advertising company can sit in on meetings and bring coffee, but they can't draw an ad or write copy. If they do, they have to be paid. An unpaid intern at a software company wouldn't be able to write source code. SO basically worthless. So engineering interns get paid, just a lot less. Generally a good chunk more than minimum wage though, as there is competition for interns.

Comment Re:What *is* every little app doing? (Score 1) 129 129

Huh? If you don't trust the OS provider, Apple is the worst choice- you can't put on a custom ROM, you can't use non Apple stores, you can't use non Apple approved software, you can't use non Apple approved browser. If you don't trust the OS provider a custom ROM of Android is the only option.

Also Android tracks usage by app, and has forever. My biggest user is Maps, then facebook, then messenger. It even lists out things like Google Play Services.

Comment Re:Just use a sane carrier (Score 1) 129 129

What are you talking about? TMobile is the best at it- I get free unlimited data in Europe for fucks sake. Unlimited roaming data in over 120 countries. ANd I've used it in Spain and South Korea. Only place I wasn't given free data was Gibraltar.

Comment Re:Undergrad only? (Score 1) 264 264

70k was my salary 14 years ago fresh out of school, with no internships. Although I did have a good GPA (3.3ish I think) from a top 10 school (UIUC). And it was San Diego, which is lower than NYC/SF, but higher than a lot of other cities. But your scale is totally off, 100K in the valley sounds about right. Maybe even low.

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