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Comment: Re:Yes & the sheer amount of existing code/fra (Score 4, Interesting) 404

by AuMatar (#49745507) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

Totally disagree. If I see

for(int i: items) {

I know exactly what it does. Anyone who has done any programming in any language can guess what it does. Its simple, easy to read, and if you want can be pulled into a function. Your haskell and Python implementations are unreadable and requires the user to think about each line. They're inferior to straight forward programming by orders of magnitude and should never be used.

Comment: Re:Ummm..... (Score 1) 85

by AuMatar (#49668855) Attached to: The Best-Paying IT Security Jobs of 2015

My expectations aren't internet bluffing, its taking my RSUs by the current stock price, and adding in my expected bonus. Although if the stock market crashes in the next 6 months it could seriously decrease, its not a 0 risk supposition.

I think you have a lot of wrong information about real cost of living in the valley. My commute is 20-25 minutes each way, and could easily be much lower at the same housing price. This morning it was 35 due to an accident, first time its been over 30 in 6 months. That's lower than most people's commutes are in other places I've lived. Housing is truly disgusting, but even then its a difference of 24K/yr over what I was paying in other cities. Subtract that from the salary. As for hideously crowded- you'd have to pay me 10 times what I make now to live in a less crowded area, what the fuck do you even do all day on weekends in a rural area? No museums, no galleries, no street musicians, no festivals, no events. No thanks. Its not even all that crowded, its just a giant spread out suburb. Crowded would be like Manhattan, which would probably be more fun

Comment: Re:Ummm..... (Score 1) 85

by AuMatar (#49667705) Attached to: The Best-Paying IT Security Jobs of 2015

I mentioned the city in several cases- assume that until I mention another city its the same as the previous one. But cost of living numbers tend to be really overstated- other than housing the remainder is basically flat anywhere in the US, the 2-3% difference doesn't matter if you aren't living paycheck to paycheck. Subtract out the difference in housing yourself, I have no idea what your base is.

We'll disagree on you having the best housing- for me the best housing means fun things in walking distance with minimal square feet, more room means more work and I hate housework and yardwork. I'd pay extra on a house not to have a yard. The thought of mowing 4 acres all summer makes me physically ill. You'd have to pay me retirement level money per year to live somewhere rural.

Comment: Re:Ummm..... (Score 1) 85

by AuMatar (#49667441) Attached to: The Best-Paying IT Security Jobs of 2015

You were underpaid from the start, and its perpetuated. Laughably so. Here's what my progression looked like

01-05 70-72K (I got a small raise in there) in San Diego
05-08 82K+equity in Seattle
08-10 90K+equity startup
10-12 90K-120K+equity at another startup (salaries went up from startup scale to full scale when we knew we'd be bought)
12-13 $75/hr contracting while on vacation then moving to Baltimore. I was underpaid here, should have asked for more but did it to move to Baltimore for personal reasons
13-14 120K+equity at a startup
14-15 172K+lots of equity at the company that bought the startup (expect over 300K/yr total probably around 350K. May be more after my performance review which is likely to be very good) in the Valley

Even if we assume you live somewhere far cheaper than the valley you were criminally underpaid to start and still underpaid now.

Comment: Re:No (Score 5, Informative) 515

Flying is a pain in the ass. You need to go to an airport, get groped, wait an hour until you can board, sit in an uncomfortable seat, get fed a tiny drink if you're lucky when they want to feed it to you, use a bathroom that's tiny and uncomfortable, and wait for another 40 minutes for your luggage afterwards.

A train is just a much better experience. You can show up 2 minutes before departure, get on without a strip search, get a nice big seat, have a dining car, can get up and walk around at will, and just grab your luggage on the way out.

For a short (say 200 mile distance) its actually just as fast as flying when you figure in airport waits. For 400 its slower than an a plane, but a much less stressful experience. And with 180 mph bullet trains you can actually get to same coast cities in a reasonable time. I'd take one any day of the week over a plane for anything under 600 miles.

Comment: Re:I work in Seattle (Score 1) 296

by AuMatar (#49648857) Attached to: A Visual Walk Through Amazon's Impact On One Seattle Neighborhood

ANd suburbs and rural areas still need all that- in fact they need more of it due to the larger geographical area. This means the per person cost is far more when spread out. That's *why* the cost are cheaper in urban areas, the same amount of capacity needs to be put in a far smaller area.

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