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Comment Re:Wouldn't this lead to Natural Selection? (Score 2) 167

You overstate the capabilities of stackoverflow. I have 30K+ karma there. Right now the most upvoted answer to "How do I track location with GPS on Android" is badly broken. It has been for 5 years. I've wrote my own answer to combat it, but as the original answer is 5 years old it doesn't get the upvotes it needs to drown it out. I see questions on how to work around the bugs in the original answer on a weekly basis, still can't kill it.

Just because an answer is highly upvoted, used, or commented on SO doesn't mean its right. It means its worth looking into. But using it without testing and understanding is unprofessional and will cost you more time than you'd save by using SO.

Also- I almost never see comments about why code works, limitations, etc. Sometimes it happens, but not all that frequently.

Comment Re:high HB1 minwage as well maybe even forced OT p (Score 2) 350

Not a flat minimum wage, a relative one. AN H1B worker must have a salary equal inside the total compensation range of the top 10% of domestic workers- not just in category, but in the company. So you can get one, but you're going to pay for them. This will allow companies to hire high talent individuals from overseas while not creating an advantage for them doing so.

Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 2) 229

THe reason is that it costs money to develop for iOS. Developing for windows, Linux, and even Mac is free. iOS costs 100 a year. Even Android is just 25 one time (and that's only to put your apps on the play store, not to make a sideloadable app). Because of this, devs wanted to make their money back. That stopped the early creation of free (cost) and open source software.

Comment Makes sense (Score 4, Insightful) 148

The fact is, most of the accounts I have passwords for don't really matter. I don't give a shit if someone gets access to my slashdot account. Or if they get access to an old video game forum or two. So there's no reason to give those things really secure passwords. The things that need secure, unique passwords are your email, your bank/broker, and anything that would truly upset you if you lost access to. Give the rest some default password and stop caring.

Comment Re:i think it shows trends in GitHub's demographic (Score 5, Insightful) 132

And why would CSS be more than HTML? There's nobody who uses CSS without HTML, but people do use HTML without CSS. So CSS should be a subset of HTML (also neither are programming languages, but that's a separate argument). So even ignoring massive bias problems, I question their accuracy.

Comment Re:Well. (Score 1) 152

Only because company policy makes it so. If they want to fire you no reason given right now- they can. Many companies have policies they follow to CYA in case of lawsuits, as juries tend to be sympathetic to employees. But just firing you requires nothing more than marching you out of the office and sending you any accumulated pay.

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