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Submission + - How systemd Linux can brick some laptops (

walterbyrd writes: A thread discussing the issue on the systemd repository on GitHub is full of discussion between developers arguing that the directory where the EFI boot data is stored should not be entirely writable.

The system does need access to some of the variables, however software should not be able to permanently brick hardware like this — which is what the maintainers of systemd are arguing about.

Comment MS+Redhat partnership: same as SCO but much worse (Score 3, Informative) 211

It is nice to see scox lose, even if it is over a decade after it has any relevance.

As I have been saying for a long time, this is much more a msft scam, than scox scam. For msft, $100 million to stomp (if not eliminate) a competitor is money well spent.

Let's not forget that some scox insiders, like Riamondi, were selling their shares when scox was at $16. None of the guilty have been really punished, and they never will be.

As to insiders losing everything, and scox becoming worthless: scox lasted a lot longer, and scox's shares went up a lot higher, than would have happened without the scox scam.

Msft is still doing the same IP scamming. Only now it may be more effective. Msft and redhat have partnered. This makes redhat - and only redhat - immune from patent infringement lawsuits from msft. Sound familiar? It should. It is the scox extortion racket all over again - only this time with more credibility.

> "Only Days After Red Hat Legitimised Microsoft’s Patents Against Linux Another Linux-Using Company Falls Victim to Microsoft’s Patent Extortion"

Of course, msft rarely sues in court, they don't have to. You either quietly settle, or get sued out of existence.

Once non-redhat distros become irrelevant, msft may turn on redhat. Or, maybe not. I think msft is okay with competitors, as long as those competitors can be dealt with, and are not too threatening. In 1998, Apple seemed to be okay as a competitor.

Comment Feminists deplatform Richard Dawkins from NCSS (Score 4, Informative) 668

Great video that explains the situation:

Dawkins was deplatformed for twitting this satirical (and hilarious) video.

Feminists Love Islamists

Please, everybody here, take an active stance and post that video on your twitter and/or facebook accounts. Let the feminists/Islamists know that there censorship efforts are counter productive.

Submission + - Google asks court for OK to press for sanctions against Oracle (

walterbyrd writes: "Google is asking for sanctions against Oracle Corp after one of the software developer's lawyers discussed confidential details about the search giant's relationship with Apple Inc at a court hearing earlier this month.

Oracle's lawyer disclosed sensitive financial information regarding the relationship along with confidential information about Google's finances, which within days became headline news, Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc, said in a letter on Wednesday to U.S. District Judge William Alsup and U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu.

In its letter Google requested permission to file a motion seeking sanctions, for a finding of contempt, and asked that Oracle's lawyer not have further access to its confidential information or confidential information of a third party.

The disclosure violated a protective order and led to an article by Bloomberg that "opened the floodgates" to more stories, including by Reuters, regarding the closely held information, the letter said.

"The severe potential consequences of public disclosure quickly became reality, particularly given the surprising nature of the disclosure," according to the letter.

Oracle was not immediately available to comment on the letter."

Submission + - Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up (

walterbyrd writes: The utility employees left their jobs with a severance package that included this sentence: "Employee agrees that he/she shall make no statements to anyone, spoken or written, that would tend to disparage or discredit the Company or any of the Company's officers, directors, employees, or agents."

That clause has kept former Eversource employees from speaking out because of fears the utility will sue them if they say anything about their experience. The IT firms that Eversource uses, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, are major users of the H-1B visa.

Comment No other way to catch offenders? Really? (Score 1) 301

Dateline NBC had no trouble catching offenders, without creating a child porn website.

From my understanding, online sex offenders are very easy to catch. Just use standard "honeypot" methods: pretend to be child online, place phony ads, etc.

You do not have to actually provide child porn, or subject children to prostitution, just make that promise, and the child molesters will jump all over it.

Submission + - DOJ and 4 states want $24 billion in fines from Dish Network for telemarketing (

walterbyrd writes: The DOJ as well as Ohio, Illinois, California, and North Carolina say that Dish disregarded federal laws on call etiquette. US lawyers are asking for $900 million in civil penalties, and the four states are asking for $23.5 billion in fines, according to the Denver Post. "Laws against phoning people on do-not-call lists and using recorded messages allow penalties of up to $16,000 per violation,” the Post added.

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