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Comment Not Disney's first labor dispute (Score 1) 248

Watch PBS American Experience "Walt Disney." Disney has been abusing it's workforce for a long time.

Like other corporations, the only way to stop is to make them stop. You need to organize, and fight back, or the abuse will continue.

Comment Re:Maybe US IT deserve what they get? (Score 1) 248

> I think it's going to have to get much worse before people get mad enough to fight.

I think you are right. But I also think that, by that point, it may be too late.

Fairly soon, Americans are get disgusted, and stop studying for STEM. When that the happens, the tech companies will point to declining enrollment as evidence that Americans don't want the jobs.

Comment Re:Wages in America (Score 1) 248

Why not the same for other professions?

Healthcare is a huge issue. Part of the problem is the astronomical salaries enjoyed by many US physicians - will over one million dollars a year in many cases.

Why does Greenspan scoff that US IT workers want to be a "privileged elite" but he says nothing about doctors earning over $1 million a year?

So let's flood the US with offshore physicians who don't earn anything near that, and thereby reduce our healthcare costs.

Of course, that will never happen. The AMA will not allow it (for the patients good of course).


Comment Watch documentary "Merchants of Doubt" (Score 3, Interesting) 319

Or read the book.

Corporations hire PR firms that hire professional deniers to "muddy the waters"

The tobacco industry did this for decades, pushing the message that the negative effects of smoking were disputed, controversial, etc.

As it turns out, the same scientists who denied smoking dangers also denied global warming. Look up "Frederick Seitz."

Yes, it can be hard to know. That is because certain corporations spend millions making it hard to know.


Comment "Sea ice and land ice are two separate phenomena" (Score 2) 319

According to this

> Sea ice and land ice are two separate phenomena. Antarctica is losing land ice at an accelerating rate. Sea ice around Antarctica is increasing. The reasons for sea ice increasing in a warming Southern Ocean are complex

Comment Re:The Commit Message (Score 1) 572

> I really do like distros that have it in my virtual machines because I can do a full reboot in seconds

Not my experience at all.

I actually timed systemd vs non-systemd boot time on my desktop. Non-systemd won by a significant margin.

The systemd people gave me a reasonable response: systemd is faster because it start services in parallel. This is helpful when you run a lot of services - like some servers. On a desktop, where are not running so many services, systemd can be slower than non-systemd.

I do not have the specifics of my test available right now. But I do remember that non-systemd booted faster.

Ubuntu 10.4 - just before Gnome3 was awesome. It is sad they ruined such a great distro.

Comment Another tools replacing coders prediction? (Score 1) 132

> Nichols also thinks coding tools will become powerful enough in the next decade that the demand for actual, dedicated coders will diminish

For those who might not know, this has been predicted for decades.

Here is the cover of PC Magazine, February, 1981:

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 1) 191

I don't remember Linux being difficult to install right before pulseaudio, and networkmanager; and then being easy to install afterwards.

WAY before pulseaudio, Linux may have been difficult to install, for a lot a reasons; but not just before.

Besides, how often do you install an OS? A debian install used to last for years.

Comment I started in 1979 - I think tech is getting worse (Score 5, Informative) 167

I have seen ads for jobs as desktop techs, asking for a masters degree in engineering.

Costco starts out at $20.00 an hour. Walmart truck drivers make $82K a year. I see ads for developers, asking for a degree, and five years experience, for $14 an hour. I see ads for interns that require five years experience.

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