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+ - Congress Seeks to Quash Patent Trolls->

Submitted by walterbyrd
walterbyrd writes: The process is moving quickly. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to vote on the bill by the end of the month, readying it for a final Senate vote this summer, and the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee is likely to vote this week on a similar measure. That gives observers optimism that Congress will finally enact patent-troll legislation after a failed effort last year. “The Senate version really does seem to be hitting some sort of sweet spot,” says Arti Rai, co-director of the Duke Law Center for Innovation Policy in Durham, North Carolina.
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Comment: Better idea: manage immigration and visas better (Score 1) 1075

by walterbyrd (#49735159) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

Imagine: you want to sell your car for $4000, and I want to buy it for $4000. Now imagine the government tells you can't sell the car for that price, so the deal is off.

What is the difference between that, and mandatory minimum wage?

Stop the flood of illegals, and stop the flood of visa workers, and wages would rise naturally from the laws of supply and demand.

+ - H-1B visa employees are crowding out other workers says new study->

Submitted by walterbyrd
walterbyrd writes: According to a new study published by researchers from the University of California, Notre Dame University and the US Department of Treasury, H-1B employees are crowding out other workers and new H-1B hires did not lead to an increase in patent applications.

The study, titled 'The Effects of High-Skilled Immigration on Firms: Evidence from H-1B Visa Lotteries,' says that companies gaining additional H-1B visas 'has an insignificant effect on patenting' and 'H-1B employees crowd out the employment of other workers quite substantially.'

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Comment: Re:Where do I *start*? (Score 1) 393

> After 9/11, for *months*, the pilots' union was saying that for trips under 300-400 mi, the train was very much the better option. Republicans, who are willing to spend tons of public money on airports, and to a lesser extent, roads, have *consistently* underfunded Amtrak.

1) Isn't Amtrak a private company? If so, you can hardly compare money spent for roads, or even airports, with money spent to subsidize Amtrak.

2) Why do you only blame republicans?

3) Do we know that this has anything to do with funding? Maybe it was operator error?

Comment: Re:Muslims hate us this we know (Score 0) 393

Difference is: Catholics raping boys is not tolerated by wider society. In Muslim countries, like Saudi, "marrying" girls, as young as nine years old, is perfectly normal, and legal.

After all, Mohammad, the perfect example for all Muslim men, consummated his marriage to nine year old Aisha when she was nine years old.

Comment: Time for IT workers to actually *do* something? (Score 1) 249

We all know the situation is bullshit. So we bitch, and send each other links to articles. As if that will fix the problem.


Manager: you're fired. Train your H1B replacement before you go, or you get no severance.
IT Worker: guess I have no choice.


Manager: you're fired. Train your H1B replacement before you go, or you get no severance.
Entire IT staff: you try to pull that bullshit, and we all walk out right this minute!
Manager: okay, you win.

Comment: I decided not to let this happen to me, but it did (Score 1) 360

by walterbyrd (#49697309) Attached to: What Happens To Our Musical Taste As We Age?

When I was around 9 years old, listening to the Beatles, I noticed that people only liked to listen to music from their era. I promised myself to keep up and to learn to appreciate new music trends - not like my foggy 30 year old parents who cursed rock-n-roll.

But I could never appreciate rap, or Madonna.

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