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Comment: Re:Its a shame WebM sucks (Score 1) 68

by SeaFox (#49363945) Attached to: Another Patent Pool Forms For HEVC

DaFuq? What does anime piracy have to do with shit, you like the majority eats Pokki and watches...sheeit, can't even name any of that crap for a comparison...uhhh...Battletech?

Again look at the formats that HAVE taken off...what do they have in common? EVERYBODY CAN USE IT, sure there are tools that can use CLI, fuck I'm sure you can encode MP3s in CLI...but nobody give a fuuuck, the majority are using easy GUIs...of which jack and shit exists for WebM. Fuck even the last Handbrake I checked had HEVC support for WebM.

"Everybody can use it" isn't about creating, it's about consuming. If you want your format to take off you need it supported on consumer electronics devices. Again -- look at pirates. You know why h264 took so long to take off? It's because there weren't a whole lot of stand-alone devices that supported it several years back. Same with MKV container format. Been around for quite awhile, not supportted commercially. This is why the whole live action pirating community continued to put out Divx/AVI files like it was still 2002 until a few years ago. It was because there was a large installed base of DivX DVD players and first gen consumer electronics with PC file playback that wouldn't support MKV containers, and anything more than Main Profile h264.

The anime fansubbers didn't care about standalone players because once they stopped hardsubbing they required a PC for playback anyway (for SSA subtitle rendering). This allowed them to keep following new advances in encoding -- they weren't having to maintain backwards compatibility with people still running XBMC on actual original XBoxes. So they changed to h264/MKV back in 2005 and a few years back started doing shit in 10-bit h264. But they still do it in CLI, and the high-quality live action pirates, too. Nobody is wailing for a GUI but people too lazy to learn to type.

WebM ain't taking off because h264 has already established itself as a standard outside a web browser. It's the convenience to the users that counts.

Comment: Re:Its a shame WebM sucks (Score 4, Informative) 68

by SeaFox (#49361845) Attached to: Another Patent Pool Forms For HEVC

Has anybody tried the WebM encoders? They STINK, its either a bunch of CLI gobbledygook or its some half assed support in some other encoder.

If you've talked to anyone on the pirating scene (the ones who actually know what they're doing), controlling x264 through command line is normal. Trying to use a GUI on an encoding test for an anime fansubbing group gets you laughed at.

Comment: Re:What are you saying? (Score 1) 157

by SeaFox (#49361819) Attached to: UK Licensing Site Requires MSIE Emulation, But Won't Work With MSIE

From the sound of it, I'd be more likely to bet that the government put out bids to private contractors and the low-bid (winning) contractor saved money by using the cheapest/easiest solution available to them at the time.

Isn't that kind of a no-win situation? If they choose a better contractor who does things right they're going to spend more. Then, if it comes out there was someone offering to do the job for less people will say the administration wasted taxpayer money, or accuse them of having some sort of kickback/backroom deal with the company that was given the contract, etc. They wont know that the one awarded the contract was the better choice (because the hacks were never given the opportunity to show their incompetence).

No, the real solution to all this is for the governments to stop accepting contracts that let companies get away with this. Require quality standards in writing and make fixing those mistakes at the contractor's expense.

Comment: Re:Is this suprising? (Score 1) 339

by SeaFox (#49359693) Attached to: Ellen Pao Loses Silicon Valley Gender Bias Case Against Kleiner Perkins

Well, actually, I would expect that to happen if the lawsuit was justified. Let's say there is building work at my company and my car gets damaged, and I think it's the fault of my company. Sorting that out should have no effect on my career.

She's costing her employer time in a legal defense either way. What company wouldn't get rid of a troblemaker like that?

Also, I would think filing a lawsuit for poor treatment by an employer while continuing to work there would only hurt her case, unless she's going to claim she has some form of Stockholm Syndrome with them.

Comment: Is this suprising? (Score 3, Insightful) 339

...and then retaliated against her for raising concerns about the firm's gender dynamics by failing to promote her and finally firing her after seven years at the firm after she filed her 2012 lawsuit.

Why would someone expect their employer to keep them around after they file a lawsuit against them?

Comment: Re:Why would a PDP8 be expensive? (Score 1) 90

by SeaFox (#49358129) Attached to: Rebuilding the PDP-8 With a Raspberry Pi

My cellphone has more storage and processing power. You would think a PDP8 would be worth little more than scrap at this point.

You know, at some point things stop being "old toys", "old cars", and "old computers that aren't powerful enough to do anything moden on", and become antique, and collectable.

Comment: Re: Yep (Score 1) 400

by SeaFox (#49356397) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

Cheap programmers just mean seat warmers. They're a body with a degree that passed HR's checklist, but that's about it.

That's all that seems to matter in today's "race to the bottom" corporate society. If the products that result are garbage, who cares? The people who made the management decisions to hire all those seat warmers are already golden-parachuting to their next gig.

Comment: Re:I feel better now... (Score 1) 262

by SeaFox (#49339245) Attached to: RadioShack Puts Customer Data Up For Sale In Bankruptcy Auction

Best Buy once asked me for my phone number. They claimed if I didn't give to them my payment may not go through (was using my credit card iirc).
I just told them that I'd never had that issue before. I think I eventually had to give them a (obviously fake) number to move on -- like one even the cashier could tell was invalid.

Comment: Re:Flashback to 2011 (Score 1) 160

by SeaFox (#49331179) Attached to: Energy Company Trials Computer Servers To Heat Homes

Seriously guys, when Microsoft 1.) had the idea years ago, 2.) has the investment capital to give this a viable shot, and 3.) with Azure, has an immediately viable and marketable need for a set of servers that can be dynamically powered up and down...and THEY haven't gotten it to be a viable idea...I sincerely doubt that a startup in the Netherlands will have greater success.

It's worth noting the Netherlands is going to have better broadband service to network those far-flung servers with.

A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing.