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Comment: Re:here's a prototype without the camo paint (Score 1) 249 249

That's the concept car, not the test car. Concept cars almost never make it to production looking like they did at the initial roll-out.

You're right. If sports car concepts are any indication, it will be even less attractive in the production version.

Comment: Re:Still ugly as sin (Score 1) 249 249

It does seem like Tesla Motors is the only company that believes an electric car should look like a "normal full-size car,"

They don't have any other models to fall back on, so they are forced to "conservatively" design a car that is visually "acceptable" to just about everyone.

The big automakers have much more freedom to experiment with different designs>

The big automakers aren't "experimenting". Making an electric power-plant that fits their performance and mileage needs to compete is difficult so they're using the easiest target to get there -- a chassis that's the lightest and chintziest possible while still meeting safety requirements.

Look at the body style of that car, and compare to a Toyota Prius -- not a huge difference in vehicle body style.
Look at that car and compare to econoboxes of old (Ford Feista) -- still a hatchback box. Just has before.
Where's the "experimenting" in copying old designs for electric and high-efficiency vehicles?

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