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Comment Re:See! Some people DO read ToS/EULAs (Score 1) 45

By accepting this agreement you agree to pay $1,000,000 US Dollars. Please submit payment in full immediately. If you read this, please email me at and let me know you actually read this. You are one in a million.

Never saw a dollar nor an email. :(

Maybe they were smart enough to realize emailing you to tell you they saw that line would identify them for action for failure to pay.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 630

How is selling ads "abusing" them?

I serve up ads on my website and adblock has never been a problem. The images come from my domain and I write ads inline with the copy and make them relevant to the posted topics. Not only does adblock not stop them, they're far more effective being embedded and relevant to the content.

See, that's the problem here -- you're working for your money. That's not how corporations do it.

Comment Re:What the fuck (Score 1) 39

Plenty of sites have gone down that route and wondered where their users have gone. Previously active forums/comments in local newspapers sites have turned into tumble-weed factories.

Meh, newspapers really don't want comments to start with. Too much spam/crackpots commenting on a site they know will get mainstream traffic.
My own hometown's newspaper shut down anonymous commenting because they were getting comments on crime stories from people who knew a little too much and the police started bothering them wanting IP information or some other way to track down those users.

Comment Re:Inexpensive reliable testers (Score 4, Insightful) 135

We need inexpensive reliable testers for usb cables. Basically a box where you plug the cables in and it does the various electrical tests.

Isn't the whole point of standard that the consumer should know that two devices are equitable in abilities?
The problem here is the owner of the USB 3.0 spec is not releasing their legal hounds on companies manufacturing "USB 3.0" cables that don't truly support the standard.

Comment Re:Trend towards illegibility (Score 1) 151

One has to wonder why webmasters are so ashamed of their content that they want to make it so difficult for people to read it.

If it's a news site, probably to hide that the cheap freelance "editors" they hired to replace their classically educated journalists have such a poor grasp of the English language. Race to the bottom, and all that...

OT: When did that change in title happen, anyway? Why is everyone an "editor" now, instead of a "reporter"?

Comment Re:Love, Grandmaster Flash (Score 1) 118

Predictive keyboard? Sounds like autocorrect to me. And I hate those things. They make too many assumptions. I mean, how does it know I wasn't going to write about my "gigantic throbbing coconspirator"?

When I try and type "plates" into my Nokia dumbphone, the T9 predictive text input assumes I want to say "slaves" first. Which can lead to some interesting sentences when talking about shopping.

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