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Comment Re:News for Facebook employees (Score 1) 129

It's a sign of Corporate America actually acknowledging their employees as human beings and not just "human resource cogs" in their money-making machine. It takes the same time and energy to raise a child whether you're a CxO or one of the 99%. A maternity leave policy that doesn't discriminate on this point is a Good Thing.

Comment Re:"Mall modifications"? (Score 0) 108

Modifications to wearable tech wont be restricted to victims' PCs, it will be able to effect them in their Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Will a computer be even necessary? Or will people who don't even own PCs, like cookie-baking Mrs. Field's get a letter some day asking her to send a MoneyPak to some obscure location, lest her pacemaker start having "issues" one Tuesday Morning. Security has been through obscurity for so long with these devices, perhaps now that attacks are imminent we can stop blurring the lines between PCs and prosthetics and get a Sharper Image of where the division should be for devices that can be remotely administered and which ones should need an in-person assist for security reasons. Internet connectivity shouldn't be one of the Staples of the features on implants just because we can make the tech small and low power enough.

Comment Re:Why Money Orders? (Score 1) 48

Restricting who can take directly from another person's bank account makes sense, but restricting who I can mail a physical money order to?

Please quote where money orders are mentioned in the summary or TFA.
The article mentions payment orders, and MoneyGram, neither of which are the same thing as money orders.

Comment Re:Yeah it's called being self-insured (Score 1) 113

It's not like GIJoe was any better at inflicting casualties, or even holding onto prisoners.

If anything, it was a huge military-industrial scam, two evenly matched sides, using incredibly expensive weapons, yet completely unable to even kill a few enemy soldiers.

I bet G.I.Joe's defense contractor is also selling weapons to COBRA under the table. All they have to do is change laser color.

Comment Re:Ok for a year or two post-graduation (Score 2) 412

What this certainly isn't is an alternative to providing sufficient quantities of decent quality new housing suitable for long-term occupation and family life.

Bingo. That's what this really is about. Building these units will create yet another excuse for employers to not pay salaries high enough for workers to really be able to afford local housing, or for a legal confrontation over building permits (being denied in areas that are short on housing to allow existing property owners to gouge renters). This way, when people complain they can point to these new common arrangements and say "there's an affordable living situation right there -- you guys are just being greedy thinking you deserve to have a place all to yourself".

Comment Re:Microunits Sound Normal (Score 1) 412

Sounds can't walk out your door a couple blocks, hit up a bar to socialize with other people in your neighborhood, maybe head next door for a pizza, head back to the bar, then stumble home safe and sound without ever having to think about driving a car.

Not to mention the fastest Internet service he can get is probably satellite-based with a low usage cap.

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