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+ - cell phone radiation causes insomnia, headaches

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nomadic writes "A recent study conducted by Swedish and American researchers found that cell phone radiation causes insomnia, headaches, and concentration difficulties. The researchers studied 35 men and 36 women; some were exposed to intermittent 884 MHz wireless signals, while the others received only sham exposure. The ones exposed took longer to fall asleep, and reported headaches and concentration difficulties. Interestingly, the study was apparently funded by cell phone manufacturers."

+ - Creationism Promoted by the Park Service

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nomadic writes "In a move that is extremely sad but not especially surprising, employees in Grand Canyon National Park have been prohibited from telling guests how old the Canyon actually is, presumably so as they won't offend creationist park guests and political appointees. Additionally, an inane book promoting a Young Earth creationist view of the Canyon has been sold in the park's gift shops for the past three years, despite a storm of criticism from scientists, and a promise by National Park Service administrators to review the matter."

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