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Comment: Re:Zeig Heil (Score 5, Funny) 709

by semiotec (#38875169) Attached to: DHS Sends Tourists Home Over Twitter Jokes
I beg to differ!

Perhaps to your untrained eyes, the poster appears to have poor grasp of the English language and suffers from frequent lack of accuracy in spelling, but I am entirely convinced that this Anonymous Coward in fact wields English with such Mastery as to dethrone the Bard at his finest!

Let's examine the two examples that you have brought up:

"Emporer" appears to be an incorrect spelling of the word "Emperor". However, I believe the word in fact derives from "emporium", i.e. the "emporer" would in fact mean the "shopkeeper"! It is obvious that he or she is alluding to the rise of USA through capitalism, and making the claim that the ones of stand highest in the land are corporate CEOs!

"Assinated" also appears to be a poor rendition of the word "assassinated". But the correct interpretation is that it comes from the word "asinine", i.e. to be "assinated" means to be made "extremely foolish or stupid", indeed the fate most feared by despots! And ironically, through your ignorance, you were correct in your guess and that the word "assinated" does in fact mean "to be made an ass clown".

I pray that you will careful study this particularly fine piece of writing again and try to divine the finer meanings!

Comment: Re:How to conduct human trials (Score 2) 190

by semiotec (#38243072) Attached to: Gene Therapy Approach 'Completely' Protects Mice From HIV Infection

Basic experiment design:

1) start large group of test subjects

2) randomly divide into two groups, one will receive placebo and the other the vaccine candidate

3) [double-blind] but you don't tell test subjects which they are receiving, nor the people administering the vaccines

4) let everybody carrying on as they have before. In a large group, whatever non-standard behaviour will be distributed more or less evenly across the two groups

5) wait a while

6) see which group has fewer cases of infection and whether the differences are statistically significant

Comment: Re:You are hero worshiping too (Score 1) 1452

by semiotec (#37673086) Attached to: Richard Stallman's Dissenting View of Steve Jobs
Are you freaking serious? Do you even know who Turing was? Do you know what he did in WWII? I don't know if he started any companies, but he was head of the crypto division in Bletchley Park. And that's only a part of what he contributed to the field of computer science. J H C, you kids don't know a thing these days.

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