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Comment Re:Programming is a trade (Score 2) 300

If that's true why do so many talented programmers lack critical thinking skills when it comes to politics, economics, society, culture, and their personal lives? Seriously, I always thought that programming should teach critical thinking skills, but I've lost track of the number of clueless programmers who have great problem-solving skills on a computer but are completely incompetent outside that domain.

Comment Re:23% of the company (Score 4, Interesting) 471

Not really. The US actually has stricter regulations than the EU across a number of major areas, like air pollution standards for power plants (definitely not a "tiny, select area[]" by anyone's definition), The US' Endangered Species Act is stronger and more comprehensive than the EU's. Even where standards are technically higher under EU directives than US federal environmental policy, such as in drinking water, failure to meet those standards is rampant, particularly in Eastern European countries.

Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 1) 275

Because Guantanamo was created for a specific purpose to house people accused specifically of violent acts, because the government has been desperately trying to shut it down for years and would have no interest in increasing the population, because it has not had a new prisoner in years, because it would be a massive reputation hit that would serve no rational purpose and would immediately result in numerous public and expensive lawsuits that the executive branch could very easily lose causing further embarrassment, it would be a political liability to all involved, and a massive diplomatic blunder.

I mean, if you were going to argue that the US might take some other extrajudicial action against Assange, I might believe it, but GUANTANAMO? SERIOUSLY?

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