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Comment: Re:When it has no value (Score 2) 15 15

Normally products are released Open Source as that they are not part of their business model.
If your business model is based on consulting, then for the most part it makes sense for most of your products that you make to be Open Source as you are not expecting to make money selling software, but consulting services.
Even if your model is selling software, particular tools that you make are outside of your sales area. Say if you make Electronic Health Records as your core business, your Web Framework that you made, or tools that you use for searching data etc... You might want to Open Source.
There is some advantages in Opening Source such systems.
1. You might get some support outside the company to fix bugs, make improvements etc...
2. Your company will get some good will for releasing the free tool.
3. Your code may create a workforce trained in your system, so there is less training for new hires.
4. You may be able to become the standard, vs trying to deal with a large sets of different methods all closed and expensive. You could kill your competition from you pet project.

Comment: Re:Foreign interests? (Score 1) 317 317

Are you really that dumb? Of course criminals obey SOME laws. Otherwise, rounding up criminals would be easy, as you just arrest the guy crossing the street a dozen time because jaywalking is illegal.

My point is that criminals do not mind breaking laws if it benefits them. Honest citizens, in general, will obey the laws.

If a criminal can 3D print a gun, he will. Getting jail time is just an occupational hazard for a criminal.

An honest citizen, one with children that they are responsible for, will generally not do things that will get them locked up for years.

Comment: Re:Need to be adjustable (Score 1) 257 257

I am currently at a cube. It is a no-brainer to simply detach the work surface from the cube and stick it back in a couple of feet higher. If you want to sit, get something the height of a bar stool, and you are golden.

For home use, I used an Ikea table-style desk and raised it up as far as it would go. Not tall enough, so I purchased some bed risers (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.) to raise it up an extra five or six inches. Problem solved for not much coin.

Comment: Re:just let it go (Score 1) 833 833

This is why it is important to keep low-tech, inexpensively operated planes like the A-10 around. They've been so frequently used that the wings all wore out and they put new ones on. You still want to have a credible air force to protect the aircraft carriers and interests in Asia. Stealth is important to keep adversaries on their toes if they think they have air defenses squared away. Maybe the F-35 is the wrong plane, but you won't get to that decision by looking at how much was already spent - just what it will cost going forward.

Comment: Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1173 1173

My proposal: have the Fed fund a basic income at zero cost to taxpayers. The Fed could structure it under Section 13 (13) of the Federal Reserve Act, as loans to individuals with negative interest. Thus, people would be paid to borrow. Give everyone who wants it, a basic income of $20,000 per year.

And exactly HOW will this be paid for??

No taxpayers on line for this? Is the Fed to print more money to just "give" everyone $20K a year?? At some point, all this magical printed money from nowhere has to be backed by the very least printing $20K for every US citizen will devalue out already devalued currency by leaps and bounds..

This type thing is just the type of thinking that leads down the road to a Greece type meltdown.

The govt (at least the US govt, fed and state) is NOT there to support you or bail you out. It is there simply to protect the borders, to enforce contracts and basic laws. At least..that was the constitutionally supported basic LIMITED responsibilities and rights the govt was supposed to have.

Comment: Re:huh (Score 2, Interesting) 172 172

Perhaps they can move even further away from Washington (and the US govt in general) Europe for instance.

They all seem to want to try to turn the US into a socialistic type society modeled after much of Europe.

Right now we're looking more and more like Greece in a few years after they've left....

Comment:'s the LAW! (Score 1) 317 317

How is 3D printing enabling anyone?

If you wanted to make your own gun. Any Joe Smo with a garage workshop could make one, even without a 3D Printer. A bench drill, with a metal drilling bit, and some metal cutting and welding tools. is enough for someone to make their own gun. And just like a 3D printed model. It may not be the safest or relabel gun. But it can get the job done.

Comment: Re:bans on knowledge rarely work (Score 1) 317 317

So, short of hiring a psychic to predict future crime, what else do you suggest as far as a background check? Do you have a criminal record? Have you been declared mentally incompetent?

Anything beyond that is a judgement call, and who gets to make that call? On what basis?

Keep in mind that every year, less than one out of every 30,000 gun is used in a murder.

Comment: Re:Just in time (Score 3, Insightful) 129 129

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT.

While Windows XP had a 64bit version the 32bit version was still popular, as PC's at the time were still mostly under 4 gigs of ram, and most were 32bit processors.
XP lasted too long. There was too much effort in Vista, they wanted to make an ultimate OS, thus failed miserably, a system designed to take advantage of many of the next generation Ideas, that was not implemented.
Windows 7 "the new golden age of Windows?" really took the fact that there was competition with Mac OS and Linux seriously and made one of their most Solid Consumer OS, they fixed Vista's features that were over engineered and made it work well again. Windows 7 was good enough to put an end of the "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" commercials. Windows 7 is also when people started switching seriously to a 64bit OS. And actually loosing compatibility with many of the old 16bit apps.
Windows 8 and 8.1 isn't that bad. However they tried to make a tablet and PC OS. By in turn making a system that isn't optimal for both. Granted now with the Ultrabooks with touch screens getting more popular, the interface changes are paying off a bit more, however we are missing what we need for a good workstation OS.
Windows 10... From what I have seen so far they seem to be going back to making it more of a workstation OS, with touch capabilities. The Tablet never caught on as well as people hoped. It didn't send the Desktop/Laptop into a doom spiral. However it changed that nature of the desktop to a smaller market share. Those who need to do real computing still needed these systems. And the new Ultrabooks convertible systems have caught on.

Now what about Linux and Macs?
If you don't like windows, there isn't anything wrong with Linux or Macs, so even if Windows 10 is a huge success... It doesn't mean it will kill your favorite OS as I am sure they will be around for decades to come.

Comment: Re:From a user standpoint (Score 1) 403 403

Additional things to bring from Amiga:

  • From the CLI, a directory appears to be just another executable object. Name it on the command line and you are there. Put another way, the "cd" command is just white noise.
  • Device names, volume names and aliases are interchangeable. Program or script needs a particular volume of removable media? Simply reference it by name (e.g. foo:). A dialogue box will pop up asking you to put that volume into any drive and click OK. You never need to click OK, because it will detect the volume insertion and carry on. Did you copy that data to the hard drive? Just define an alias so that, for instance, foo: now points to system:volumes/foo.

That said, don't look to Amiga as a model of stability . . . it wasn't. All it took to bring one to a red guru meditation was to attempt to read past EOF.

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