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Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 673

How about entertaining yourself, travel, have with (old established) friends....

I don't understand, do that many people out there NOT have at least a thousand and one things they'd rather be doing on a work day? No hobbies, outside interests?

I mean, hell...the ONLY reason I work, is to earn enough $$$$ to support my lifestyle. If I didn't have to earn the money, I'd certainly not be working...and I"d have a blast till I died.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 3, Interesting) 673

I guess if I were to get overnight wealthy, it would have to be the lottery, Powerball or something.

What would I do?

Well, I'd leave work so fast the door wouldn't come within a mile of my ass hitting it on the way out. While I *might* stay long enough to be a nice guy, maybe give the passwords to someone, I'm outta there.

People that say they'd keep working, not me. I don't understand that, I have PLENTY of things I like to do that can keep my occupied for the rest of my life.

I"d likely but a nicer house here in New in maybe Denver, CO to go when too hot here, and maybe one in Key West or somewhere near a beach when I felt in that mood.

Married? Hell no....why get married when you can now be free to chase pussy 24/7...or if nothing else, do the thing...cute, good looking girls, and you get to upgrade models at will without having to risk losing half your shit you own.

But more seriously, the world is your oyster if you are that rich. Travel, see things..hell, you can see and do a lot without ever leaving the US.

I have plenty of friends around the US, so, I don't really need more. I'd take care of them and their families (the ones that are married)...and well, just have fun.

I have never understood the lottery winners who'd just keep working. I've got a ton of stuff I'd rather be doing at any point in the day.

Heck, on some long times in between contracts, one time was 7mos...I'd wake up about 8-9am, go walk the dog...maybe jump on my motorcycle and hit the gym daily for 1-2 hours. Home for lunch, then maybe back on the motorcycle (summer/early fall) and go check out a new art museum or something here in NOLA...and maybe catch a fest or meet friends of mine getting off work at a bar for a few about 4pm....come home...lather, rinse, repeat.

Personally I never got tired of that easy life..and hey, if I was rich and got bored, I could always travel somewhere and vacation from that!!!

Yep, I'm sorry, I dunno how someone could be rich and miserable.

If it is so bad, gimme the money and let me take a swing at that type of life. I assure you, I'll have no problems.

Comment Re:Holy Fuck (Score 1, Funny) 223

How long has the earth been around?
6,000 years.

How long have we had satellites watching or even just regular and reliable weather records.
Sheeple. We don't have satellites and never made it to the moon.

Now tell me what "we've never seen before" means. And no,this would not be " the evidence you are looking for".
It means that since God created Man and the Earth 6,000 years ago we have not seen this type of weather. It's a lie though, we had it all the time but never took the time to document it.

Seriously, you people dismiss the lack of hurricanes and just weather or even blame it on Global Warming and now you want to blame 3 at once on Global Warming.
Global warming is indeed a hoax perpetrated by Satan.

I have a theory. Everything that happens or doesn't happen in this world is because of my farts. Under the "science" of Climate change, it's irrefutable.
Satan is in your anus if that is true.

Comment Buy an island (Score 1, Insightful) 673

I'd buy an island and make a nation out of it. I would live there with the family and my army of 1000 topless female slave-warriors. The island would have a private airstrip and a private jet, piloted by a topless female slave-warrior, that would whisk us around the globe. People would become jealous of my topless female slave-warriors because Grub Island would be the only place on the planet with them.

I would have a lottery with $1,000,000 ticket prices. The prize would be one week on my island with 10 topless female slave-warriors to be at the winner's beck and call. After the winner departed Grub Island, the other topless female slave-warriors would destroy the lottery winner's 10 because they would then be soiled and not worthy of me.

Comment Re: "There are no comments." (Score 1, Insightful) 366 we go with Obama and the PC folks, basically needing to re-write history again. No more old symbols, if it is something a white guy did, gotta take that down, etc.

Geez...why are we needing to tear down everything old or rename it in the name of political correctness or whatever. Let things be and build from there, eh?

Comment Re:The frog is boiling (Score 2) 157

I have two thoughts about this:

First, I find it worrisome, but not as much as when it impacts the non-game software world, i.e. the world of operating systems and productivity software, stuff that either is something everyone uses, or people use to make money, or both. What do you do if your job depends on your computer booting, which it refuses to do?

Second, I don't know if you have noticed or not, but some software companies (Microsoft, for instance) don't even try to hide the fact that there is nothing in the box, because .; . . there is no box. If you buy software from a bricks-and-mortar these days, you often just get a card with a nonce printed on it under a scratch-off spot. You scratch off the spot, go to a specified website, enter the nonce, and your software downloads.

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this problem. (Score 2) 207

I'm frankly NOT longing for AV's.

I personally LIKE driving my vehicles....the autonomy and freedom it gives me....and well, I've never in my (getting longer) life owned a car with more than two functional seats, always sports/performance cars.

Every day when I sit in it, fire up the engine and crank up the stereo...even a trip down the street to the grocery store is an adventure and a pleasure.

I feel sorry for folks who think a car is nothing but a means to get from point A to point B.

Life is should be enjoyed.

And personally, I like it when I'm getting from point A to point B in a fast manner (of course, given that driving conditions at that time/place are safe enough to do so).

Comment Re:Use-case? (Score 1) 155

The direction that a project is going, is further away than where you want it to go.

Lets consider Android vs. GNU/Linux (Now I personally hate calling Linux "GNU/Linux", but I need to differentiate it ). They both use the Linux kernel, but the rest of the Operating systems are very different.
Android was forked so it can better suit a mobile system market. GNU/Linux was more towards the server and workstation.
As Android uses more direct frame-buffer technology, GNU/Linux focuses around X windows.
Android doesn't need to detect every piece of hardware, GNU/Linux does.
Android expect more gestures for its control, GNU/Linux is more keyboard and mouse.

Now on the BSD level. That is mostly server vs server, so the needs are not as large. However there is a fair amount of discussion on how defaults should be setup, what type of hardware should be supported, as moving to a virtual environments how many tasks needed to be running optimally....

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