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Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 137


Your attempts to post anonymously are a sign that you may not love Big Brother with your whole heart. Please report to MiniLove Room 101 at 8:00 AM for a refresher course.

You may bring your own caged rats, if desired. If you don't have any, rest assured we are not going spare in the caged rat department, but we cannot guarantee their cleanliness.

Big Brother loves you.

Comment Re:...would smell as shitty as any browser (Score 1) 118

That is what I have done. I run CS in a virtualbox container. Works great for my uses. I like being able to move my whole environment from desktop to laptop and back.

I tried that originally. I had the Windows version of CS6 Production premium suite on my macbook pro, running Fusion VMWare. Trouble was, that Premier and especially After Effects just were slow as mud, and it didn't really work well, due to not being able, apparently to hit the GPU and other hardware directly. So, I sent back the Win version and have the Mac version.

Now...if I could figure how to "freeze" a version of OS X, and be able to run that in a VM, maybe it would work to keep it indefinitely, but I"m not sure how to do that with OS X....?

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 259

They have nouns and verbs. I'm not well versed in the emoji kung-fu (I'm too old), but I've seen strings on them on Facebook that have meaning. Like a cow followed by a turd. A birthday cake for happy birthday. That sort of thing. The character set is less than 1000 - and as you point out, has a totally different origin. When it hits 8,000 it will be up to a literate Chinese level, 20,000 or so to meet parity.

(I'm not suggesting emoji will ever become a full-blown language. I'm just pointing out that an ad-hoc collection of little glyphs with no alphabet can in fact become one. Dismissing glyphs as "stupid little graphics" is arbitrary since they are clearly filling a communications need.)

Comment Re:...would smell as shitty as any browser (Score 1) 118

You could just use GIMP, ImageMagick, and FFMpeg.Then you just batch process all your stuff, and save a bunch of time.

Well, not to get into it about deficiencies, of GIMP vs PS/Affinity type tools....but I find very little of my photography lends itself to just a set batch processing. I'm tuning each image for refining WB, coloration, retouching, etc....lots of clonestamping and compositing of images, HDR, etc....that I like to do.

Comment Re:Studios probably push it (Score 1) 156

Then what non-ridiculous method of conditional access to video would be acceptable to the companies that fund production of feature films?

What makes flash acceptable now? The DRM as a supposed protector of their content?

Challenge: find an example of a show/movie on Netflix that is also not available as a torrent or on usenet DRM free. Anyone willing to "record" Netflix is not going to be terribly bothered by running Popcorn Time.

Comment Re:...would smell as shitty as any browser (Score 1) 118

Thanks for the Resolve link. Unfortunately, Affinity isn't Photoshop and likely would not be.

Well, I will say I'm very early in my learning of Affinity and comparing it to PS. One thing I DO like, is that with Affinity, they aren't having to keep a bunch of old stuff like PS does....they didn't have to keep old legacy stuff that virtually no one seems to use any more (I mean, why do the old Hue/Sat..and have it make permanent changes vs a Hue/Sat adjustment layer which you can go back and fine tune, etc? Things like that.

So far, in Affinity, I find the content aware tools are just about as effective, the basic tools used the most like clone stamp tool, etc...all work as expected, and I like how Affinity seems to integrate the RAW tools within the same work window area, rather than having to drop out to ACR and back with PS.

Again, I'm still working through it all, but from what I've seen so far, ESPECIALLY, considering Affinity is so new, it does so very much that I use PS for, and it seems faster at times...and I think with a couple years, they might indeed give PS a run for its money. So far, I'm seeing most all the same functionality....and hey, doing some frequency separation between PS and Affinity for some touchup work isn't gonna be any different between the two....the stuff most folks would use so far, seems like Affinity and PS are interchangeable for the most part.

On a different note....I'm wanting to soon carve out some time and try Blackmagic Design's Fusion tool...which is a rival for After Effects. It seems powerful....but would have to learn the node based methodology for it. I've got nodes down for Color grading....but still have to wrap my mind around it for special effects....and I'm still quite the novice at AE....

But hey, learning is half the fun!!

Comment Re:They will go one step further (Score 1) 403

You must be a wiz at Ad-libs.

You analogy is poor. Shoes are not meant for addons and plugins. Unless someone say causes a shoe failure because of a faulty third partly shoelace.

With cheap fake shoes with Nike logo, Nike and law enforcement can go after the rip off. As for the 3rd party apple add on. Well they just happened to make a device that fits in the wall, and fits in an iPhone. The fact you put them together is your own fault.

Comment Re:uh? (Score 1) 142

Well most larger companies that have salespeople who will just blatantly lie about their skills and resources. When they try to interview someone who is honest, they look like a bumbling idiot.

So let me grill you on industry buzzword x. I haven't heard of x before. after you look into it, you realize it is the same thing as other industry buzzword y, which you had decades experience in.

Comment Re: uh? (Score 1) 142

Yes, that is very common. It is chapter 1-3 then jump to the end of the book.
I once had to work with some code where they guy purchased a database engine for some software he was working with. Then he skipped using Database SQL Commands to manage the data, and went straight into direct library calls to the low level engine. Creating tables without table definitions, and the data was in essence unreadable across systems. Any change and reporting required coding the system to parse the data.
While reading the instructions Chapter 1-3 were about setting it up. End chapters were about using the low level stuff for last resort.
He thought he was mr. bigman for writing such low level library calls. But it was pure crap, that made the product tough to manage, and any chance requires hours of code analysis, to make sure it got the right data.

Comment Re:A rose by any other name... (Score 1) 118

Complain Complain....
Before flash we had Java Applets, or Active X, after that and before HTML 5 there was an attempt to make silverlight useful.

Flash had all the GUI elements we wanted, easy to code, and loaded relatively quickly and used a lot less bandwidth than other methods. Adobe went out of its way to make sure it ran on major OS's and browsers.

Until HTML 5 HTML didn't have too many way to handle Vector graphics, or animations. Not blaming early versions of HTML because with average speed being a 9600bps modem. Its early design were good for document delivery. However by the late 1990's HTML became an Application Interface protocol, you can complain about that, but it happened and it won't go back. Flash was the only decent choice for richer set of data.

Now there were cases where Flash was used where it shouldn't be. A lot of stuff you can do in HTML 4 was done in flash. But that doesn't make flash a bad product it was the best tool for the time.

Today not so much, and it should be time to sunset it. But to say it stunk is giving it a gross disservice.

Comment Re:The Source? (Score 1) 156

Dropping support doesn't mean it won't work. It just means if it doesn't Google will not help you to try to get it to work.

If you want to compile it, and adjust the dependencies so it works with 32bit. More power to you. Google just won't bend over backwards to make sure all the plugins work with you or crash after you fill up a bit too much ram.

Comment Re:...would smell as shitty as any browser (Score 1) 118

Well, maybe enough folks are still pissed off about having to *rent* their software with that fscking Creative Cloud monthly rental model....and that will help kill Flash off for good?

One can only hope.

I just still at this point, refuse to RENT my fucking creative software. For now, my CS6 Suite of Adobe tools will work...and now, with things like Fusion from Blackmagic..... Davinci Resolve from black magic design that is not only one of the ultimate color grading apps, it is also now turning into a world class NLE to compete with Adobe Premier.

I'm also playing with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer , which so far look to compete pretty nicely with Photoshop and Illustrator respectively. All without the damned RENTAL Model...you buy a standalone license and be done with it.

Also Davinici Resolve...has a FREE lite version that really has about 99% of the functionality of the paid version....The affinity tools, are mac only for now, but they are working on releasing Windows versions soon.

The sooner the better...I really want to give the Adobe CC rental model some real competition with teeth and kill this thing off that is not in the consumer's best interest.

Oh dear, I seem to have gotten on a soapbox again....

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