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Comment Re:Under what authority? (Score 1) 257 257

If you're saying rights don't exist if they can be violated, then there are no rights. Freedom of speech does exist, and the court system is generally pretty sensitive about it. The courts will not side with the illegal action by the police.

No, I'm saying that rights do exist, but they can be violated.

We do have freedom of speech in the U.S., but the government favors some peoples' freedom of speech over others.

The mayors of New York City, particularly Bloomberg and Giuliani, have let the people they agree with express their freedom of speech much more than the people they don't agree with.

For example, Bloomberg wouldn't let demonstrators against the Iraq war hold a rally in Central Park. There was no other public space in Manhattan that could have held all those demonstrators, and the park had been used for other large events, such as free music performances (which were also commercial promotions). Bloomberg claimed that it would "damage the grass," which is an old excuse that goes back to Robert Moses, but Jimmy Breslin, a columnist, called up a groundsman in Kentucky who said that he's had crowds like that with no problem to the grass.

Even worse, the cops arrested demonstrators (and bystanders who had nothing to do with the demonstration), and charged them with assaulting a cop, a felony. The charges were later dismissed when videotapes turned up showing that the cops had falsely sworn charges against them, also a felon. The cops weren't disciplined.

Bloomberg also kicked out the peaceful political demonstrators from Occupy Wall Street from Zucotti Park, which was probably the most deserted, under-used park in lower Manhattan.

This is in a city that has turned over public parks like Bryant Park over to commercial businesses, like restaurants and fashion shows.

Giuliani actually wrote regulations that would have permitted demonstrations by sports fans, but not political demonstrations.

Comment Re:Mod Parent Up (Score 1) 71 71

Let us not forget that it was supposed to have fully working XBMC at release time (if not included, then downloadable) which still hadn't materialized over a month later. Did that ever really happen? Before I took my Ouya back to Gamestop, I tried numerous nightlies and none of them were ever anywhere close to stable, nor did any of them really work properly anyway.

Ouya really set Android gaming back substantially with their incompetence. It's good to see that some other manufacturers are now bringing devices to market, even if the most reputable are Mad Catz and Razer — both known for making cheap knockoff trash.

Comment Re:And another sign of privilege (Score 1) 257 257

As it happens, yes. I have Aspergers, I get shit scared by ignorant cunts abusing standard English terms

Oh my fucking god you just made my day. I mean, I rarely ROFL, and I'm not now, but I'm about as close as I ever get right now.

in order to avoid having to defend their agenda of hatred.

You're the one misusing the word "cunt" on something you don't like. Closet case much? I mean, it's OK to be gay, but you don't have to hate on vagina.

Happens that 'privilege' is an excellent example of just that.

It just so happens that if you find yourself getting angry about the concept of 'privilege' then you are yourself a privileged person. If you even have time and leisure to sit around thinking about how privileged you aren't, you are.

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 1) 71 71

I want the benefits of mass production commodities and be able to buy a good PC gaming machine off-the-shelf for a lower price.

The Steam Machine won't give you that, because it's small and because it has a brand stamped on it. It's going to come at a higher price.

Iâ(TM)m tired of spending so much time building my own custom PC and doing OS installations.

So buy one prebuilt.

Iâ(TM)m sick of Microsoft charging me many times more than everybody else for a Windows license because I didnâ(TM)t buy a pre-configured machine from an OEM.

So buy a pre-configured machine from an OEM, which is what you are proposing to do.

Iâ(TM)m sick of Windows blue screening and corrupting my EFI boot partitions so my dual boots wonâ(TM)t work.

So stop putting multiple OSes on one disk. Segregate onto different storage devices. Problem completely solved.

- Iâ(TM)m sick of Windows nagging me about turning on Secure Boot. I donâ(TM)t want it.

Iâ(TM)m sick of big giant PC towers that take up massive space and donâ(TM)t fit well in home theater cabinets (or anywhere else).

Buy a SFF PC.

- Iâ(TM)m sick of loud PC fans and the unnecessarily high power consumption and heat

Buy a low-power CPU and GPU

I want a gaming PC that is fully utilized for games, not loaded down with needless background processes sucking up CPU and RAM

So disable the indexing service etc.

- Hardware driver updates for Windows is such a chore.

It is? The only ones that see many updates are the GPU drivers, and geforce experience handles that for me with very few clicks. Perhaps you are currently "enjoying" the AMD experience.

Windows mostly broke DirectX/DirectInput compatibility. Iâ(TM)m so sick of having to get xce360 working and re-configured for every single game I buy now.

Shoulda stuck with win7 for gaming, boyo

- I hate it that Fraps doesnâ(TM)t work any more with non-fullscreen mode starting in Windows 8

See last. Also, fraps is over, what are you, new? Now you use your GPU recording tools.

- I donâ(TM)t want to be pushed to Windows Store

Not going to happen yet. Maybe later.

TL;DR: a Steam PC isn't going to solve any problems; you didn't list any problems which aren't already solved.

Comment Re:My Ouya (Score 1) 71 71

You shoulda got a used original Xbox. You can often pick one up for $20, if you can solder you don't need to buy anything to mod most of them, there's a ton of games and a ton of indie software including a crapload of emulators. You could have saved it from the landfill and saved eighty bucks at the same time

Comment Re:NVidea's problem, not Microsoft's (Score 1) 299 299

Because now you're moving the goalposts. This is about forced driver updates (read the title).

The issue is bigger than that, and this story is just one early example of how forced updates could go wrong (read the summary, and for that matter numerous other discussions on this and other forums since the forced update mechanism became widely known a few days ago).

I'm happy for you that apparently the systems you use are all running Windows Enterprise, and the people who set them up and maintain them have no problem with spending time figuring out which settings to adjust to turn this stuff off. Obviously from the fact that we're having this discussion a lot of people didn't know to turn this off and got stung by it, and as I've noted repeatedly, there are analogous cases that could be just as damaging but which will not have the option to turn them off even in Pro. A lot of people are going to wind up getting hurt by this policy, even if you personally aren't one of them.

Comment Re:/system/lib/libstagefright* (Score 2) 153 153

I'm actually kind of hoping this is a viable option. I dread the idea of re-installing my phone from scratch, but a drop-in replacement for the affected files would certainly be welcome.

Probably not. libstagefright is, nominally, per-GPU. Every GPU vendor would have to roll their own. And then it would have to be tested... It's just not going to happen at all. Everyone is going to say "time to move on" and blame the vendors. The vendors will blame the GPU makers...

Comment Re:Kickstarter forever (Score 2) 71 71

They delivered the product as promised

Well, no. Not really. They promised an open and hackable platform. But they didn't deliver that. They released a shitty and broken platform. Many units overheat. All original controllers were shit, they had to do a second run. And the "recovery" is shit. It's implemented at the same level as the OS, so if you ruin your OS, your Ouya is really and truly bricked. Nobody has figured out how to get JTAG on it. USB keyboards become controller #1 so nothing works until you unpair them and the keypad (which will have become controller #2) and then re-pair the keypad. Pairing of PS3 controllers was never reliable. Etc etc. Ouya is a turd, they failed miserably, and it's not clear why anyone would bother to pick up the pieces.

Comment Re:NVidea's problem, not Microsoft's (Score 1) 299 299

All true, but in general you can only defer updates for a few months even in Pro with Windows 10, or you lose the security updates as well. That change is actually worse than forcing everything on Home users immediately, IMHO, because it removes control from all the small businesses and power users who actually want/need it.

Comment Re:Insisting on organization and safety is reasona (Score 1) 257 257

Insisting that the event be sufficiently organized to ensure the safety of the attendees and the community and the rights of all are respected is hardly unreasonable and frankly is well enshrined in our laws. You are making the mistake of presuming the first amendment rights of those attending the event are the only rights in play. They aren't.

How is insisting that Chief Keef couldn't appear, even by hologram, a reasonable restriction to assure the safety of the attendees or protect any competing rights?

Comment Re:Restrictions on free speech (Score 1) 257 257

It doesn't matter what the terms of the permit are; those terms are illegal.

That is for a court of law to decide. You may be right but that has not yet been decided to my knowledge.

I can decide that too. What are you saying -- I don't have a right to make a decision if I'm not a judge?

I suppose you think there was freedom of speech in the Soviet Union, because their courts also decided that their law guaranteeing freedom of speech wasn't violated when they put dissidents in jail.

The government may only enact reasonable content-neutral restrictions on speech. Saying that a specific person cannot perform or a specific viewpoint cannot be expressed runs afoul of well-established First Amendment case law.

That is not remotely true. I refer you to FCC v Pacifica Foundation, better known as the case over George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words broadcast which was upheld by the Supreme Court and restricts viewpoints based on their content.

The Supreme Court upheld a lot of things. That doesn't mean they were right.

The Supreme Court decided in Dredd Scott that Negroes couldn't be citizens, and that slave owners couldn't be deprived of their property rights.

I don't agree with that either.

When some people discover the truth, they just can't understand why everybody isn't eager to hear it.