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Comment: Re:Port it away from Java... (Score 1) 45 45

I can't really be expected to customize my Java settings when no one has said that is needed.
So I naturally left everything default.

If someone is producing a modpack with 100+ mods and not giving you instructions on how to make MC use more memory, then they are an asshat. Now go forth and google for how to make MC use more memory with your 64 bit Java.

Comment: Re:No worries (Score 1) 193 193

No worries here. I always disable the WiFi on my routers. I prefer hardwired connections that don't give the router fits trying to perform encryption with their underpowered chips.

If you're worried about that, you can firewall off all non-IPSEC traffic... and still enjoy WiFi

Comment: Re:Self centered morons (Score 1) 272 272

You do realize that no one that was in on that decision is even still alive right?

You do realize that this is completely besides the point, right? The question was whether the US had anything to do with the problem in Iran, and the answer is yes, yes it did. Even if everyone involved in that decision is dead, we still have to live with the consequences today. I should not have to explain this to you.

Comment: Re:Shocker... (Score 2) 175 175

A segment of the population has views that are different from the average of the entire population.

You don't get a "view" on conclusions that are supported by an overwhelming weight of facts and data. You are also not entitled to a "view" that comes from a coordinated and deliberate effort to mislead by news outlets with a political agenda.

It boils down to the simple reality that one side of the debate thinks they're entitled to their own facts.

Comment: Re:Assumptions are the mother of all ... (Score 1) 148 148

Unfortunately, I'm in the UK, where the selection is much more limited.

For example, Dell UK's web site lists exactly one laptop with a 17+" screen and SSD, and it is also a touchscreen and comes with Windows 8.1.

HP do at least promote the Windows 7 option (via Win8 downgrade rights) for the high-end ZBook laptops on their site. However, the pricing on those tends to make the closest equivalent Retina MBPs in specification look cheap.

Also, Microsoft UK don't seem to have any high-end devices at all within their Signature Edition range, so it's invasive crapware city all the way with a lot of the big name brands, even on their expensive, high-end models.

Comment: Re:Assumptions are the mother of all ... (Score 2) 148 148

But the screenshots I've seen of Windows 10 still mostly look flat and/or garish, and it seems to be more a case of trying not to make the visuals too much worse than what is already available via Windows 7 than actually trying to be better. Another example is the icons, which have gone from being widely ridiculed to being... well, slightly less widely ridiculed... in all of the reviews I've come across, and with considerable justification if the examples I've seen myself were representative.

It's not just the visuals that put me off, though. It's also the fact that I use a traditional desktop PC with multiple large monitors, and I want an OS and software that work well in that kind of environment. I saw a review the other day of the new preview release where literally every screenshot that had substantial content in it also included the word "tap" somewhere, with obvious concessions to touchscreens that just don't make sense for a desktop workstation. This was one of the big problems with Windows 8, and it seems like with the Surface tablet hardware and Windows 10, Microsoft are doubling down on touchscreens. #donotwant #haverealworktodo

I'll wait to see what people say when Windows 10 actually ships and we're not just talking about preview releases and educated guesswork, but so far the signs don't seem promising. Windows 7, on the other hand, is tried and tested and works just fine on the numerous computers I use it with today, so as I said, if I could buy an approximate equivalent with newer and more powerful hardware right now, I'd be right in there. Sadly, I'm in the UK, and what you can pick up over here is quite limited compared to what you can get in say the US.

Comment: Re:A corrupt company stuggling. Boo hoo. (Score 4, Insightful) 123 123

No employer is impressed by a degree from these degree factories because they know the "schools" are third rate at best.

To be fair, most employers are also third rate at best and will end up staffed with third-rate employees because first-grade ones require first-grade pay and job. It's the pathological refusal to admit mediocrity is okay that causes the whole student debt crisis, since companies dream of being the next Google without any intent to invest anything towards that. It also leads to a cynical workforce that ignores even sensible corporate policies due to having witnessed megalomania and utter disconnect from reality too often.

Work all too often resembles an absurd farce where everyone lies, everyone knows everyone lies, everyone knows that everyone knows that everyone lies, and so on (my personal pet peeve is "zero incidence culture", where no incident is acceptable, thus people wait until work is finished before going to see a doctor if they get hurt to avoid getting punished for costing management their safety bonuses, leading to more sick days and sometimes mortal danger). They go through the motions anyway, since it's a kind of ritual meant to give something that theoretically exists only as legal fiction a palpable presence. The problem is, that presence is all too often heavy and oppressive, a kind of vampire sucking life out of its victims to sustain its own.

Comment: Re:Self centered morons (Score 2) 272 272

The hard-line Islamic movement was already well underway.

It was petering out in both Iran and Iraq before we fueled Saddam to deal with the Shah, and then went into Iraq and deliberately separated peacefully coexisting Sunnis and Shiites into segregated neighborhoods. The USA is behind the success of the hard-line Islamic movement, which probably would be limping and gasping now if not for our deliberate actions to support it.

Comment: Re:Assumptions are the mother of all ... (Score 1, Insightful) 148 148

If I could find a good high-end laptop that came with vanilla Windows 7 instead of 8 and all the pre-installed extra junk, I would be throwing money at the supplier and begging them to sell me one. That has far more to do with avoiding more recent versions of Windows and their kindergarten, touch-obsessed UIs than it does with wanting a cheap upgrade when 10 ships.

Comment: Re:Think business, not technology (Score 1) 75 75

Then somebody hacks into a thermostat, uses it to burn somebody's house down for luls.

How do you propose it will even do this? The thermostat just asks the heater for heat, the heater typically has an overheat switch and will shut itself off if somehow it approaches starting a fire.

Comment: Re:Dumb as a Rock (Score 1) 75 75

I've seen a fair bit of amateur wiring, and I can assure you that most people are not capable of safely wiring up a house.

Isn't this slashdot? Don't we assume that regulars here arw capable of learning this?

In any case, without certification the electricity company won't let you connect to the grid, so you are reliant on what you can produce.

Not only is that not a big problem any more, but all a contractor has to do is sign his name to a piece of paper and you're allowed to connect to the grid. And all he has to do before he does that is look over some of what you've done and see that you know what you're doing.

Not long after I moved into this rental I live in now, I corrected a neutral fault to ground, probably created by a prior resident. So yeah, people can screw up badly. But they can also fix things, and get it right. I put in a branch 220 circuit in my last house, and I did it correctly down to wire gauges.

Comment: Re:You can still buy Windows 7? (Score 1) 148 148

I bought mine on eBay from someone who is part of the Registered Refurbisher program. Since my PC was cobbled together from parts of other older PCs, it seems to apply. I'm about to upgrade the motherboard under it, I'll probably have to get on the phone to Microsoft for that one. I already have to call them for my lady's machine, I upgraded it to 64-bit and it validated, but later it popped a validation failure.

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