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Comment: Re:Thank God! (Score 1) 75 75

Not all preinstalled apps on my S4 mini can be disabled. And at random the phone pops up a screen asking me to approve an update to the Samsung software which I'm not willing to do because I'm not willing to concede the extra permissions it demands. Lots of the built-in apps won't work without the update, but they're apps I never use anyway. I'm worried it will catch me out one day by popping up the "OK" button right under where I was about to press. Time for me to root the phone, I suppose, but I cant find out how to do it for the build I have.

Comment: Re:David Cameron is actually a genuine idiot (Score 2) 256 256

Actually, the socialists over here are amongst the most vocal in opposing the ubiquitous monitoring. The lobby for the monitoring is from our equivalent of the Republicans who want a docile and obedient workforce so they can exploit us for profit.

Comment: I have the same problem (Score 1) 464 464

I have the same problem. After going back to the opticians a few times, the solution I ended with was progressives that are great for long and middle distance (so good for driving and using the screen) but no use for reading or close-up work. For close-up I take my glasses off and hold the book/work a bit closer than I would have to with properly corrected vision.

Comment: Re:Only bad for pulling untrusted content. (Score 1) 148 148

I agree that no content from a public repo can be trusted, but at the moment I only use Git to pull from trusted private repos (which is probably a significant use case for people who are using Git in the workplace). That means yes, I need to update my Git client, but I don't need to sweat that I might already have been compromised by this vulnerability.

Comment: Re: Why do they even have a Starbucks? (Score 3, Funny) 242 242

My defence against Americans criticising British coffee always used to be that the worst coffee I ever had was in a cafe in St. Petes, FLA. Then I had a coffee in a Starbucks at London Heathrow, and I was forced to concede to Americans that the worst coffee I ever had was indeed in Britain. :(

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