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Comment Re:China, N. Korea are the target market (Score 1) 137

So, thinking of this as a phone specifically enabled with spying capabilities as a feature you're right, the logical customer for such a phone is an oppressive government.

Or a company. Having everything done with the phone recorded could easily become a hit amongst the control freak wing of the HR.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 2) 460

Regarding google, if a UI would require you to go to a google search each time you needed to figure out how to do something, would you call this intuitive or discoverable?

As it happens, every machine requires you to RTFM or risk ending up on one of those funny home video tv programs (or the emergency room). The idea that computers, which are easily the most complex machines humanity currently has, should be the exception is utterly delusional.

As it also happens, Google exists and is accessible from that very same computer you're trying to figure out. So how about just making the UI powerful and easily googlable?

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 575

You're confused. That's a leftist thing. The socialists are the ones that, given enough power, do things like wall up Berlin to prevent people from leaving their collectivist paradise, or jail people from attempting to leave the socialist paradise that is Cuba.

Or Nordic welfare countries, those hellholes with free education and public healthcare. You are the one confusing authoritarian sociopaths with socialism. And if you don't stop believing propaganda which tries to tar pretty much any attempt to improve people's lives as somehow evil, you're going to get a hands-on demonstration of what's it like to live in a right-wing dictatorship.

If you can't muster the energy necessary to understand the difference between keeping people from illegally walking INTO your country, vs. using force to prevent them from fleeing from collectivist tyranny, then please don't do anything reckless like voting.

A wall built for one purpose will work just as fine for the other. Just like surveillance systems built to catch terrorists will work perfectly fine to keep tabs on you, too.

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 575

SJWs want to believe that he said this exactly as the headline puts it. Truth and accuracy are of no concern.

And you want to believe that because that way you can always dismiss any criticism as being part of the Politically Correct Conspiracy, rather than entertaining the notion that your shit, and that of organizations and institutions, might actually stink and you're simply used to the smell.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 274

- donating to the homeless and less privileged.
Putting cash in their cup is not necessarily the best way to help them, but a Square account would change their lives. Or donating to an organized charity. Or giving them a gift card for food. You know, being intentional.

So the less control they have, the better off they'll be? Do you, by any chance, work in Brussels?

Comment Re:Volvo says it will be liable for any accidents (Score 1) 154

So what if say due to a software error a small kid gets miss identified as safe to run over and car does that and keeps on going that is hit and run a felony + felony manslaughter. Will volvo pay for the owners court costs + Attorney + bail + job loss support + jail fees + inpoud / towing fees + a new car / cab fees?

What court costs? You weren't driving, but were a mere passenger in a car that had been approved by regulatory agencies to not need a driver. It's Volvo and said agencies who are responsible for any errors the autopilot might make - as long as you haven't tampered with it, of course.

Comment Re:Volvo says it will be liable for any accidents (Score 2) 154

Even though Volvo will be liable, however that doesn't really excuse them for taking the steering wheel away from the driver.
There is legal liability. However that isn't much condolence if you are in the car about to get into an accident which you could avoid if you could.

Except you can't, because you stopped really paying attention to the traffick the second the car began driving itself. You won't even notice you're about to get to an accident, much less have any idea what to do about it. At best you might get startlet and do something stupid, like unexpectedly slam the brakes in the middle of a highway. It's best to take direct control away from you except through some ritual which is complicated enough to ensure you're actually paying attention and have had time to think what you're doing. And yes, that will sometimes lead to accidents, but probably less often than the other way.

Besides, isn't getting rid of that whole "paying attention to the traffick and planning what to do" thing the whole point of self-driving cars? It's not like working the controls is physically tiring.

Comment Re:Parade of the Pedants! (Score 1) 211

Because all good fiction is tied to the fact that there is some real elements, and the more consistent those elements are with the world you already know, the more engaged you become in the story.

No, not really. The problem with fantastic elements is that authors tend to forget about them, or invent ridiculous excuses for why they can't be used. If you make a fantasy world where resurrection magic exists, you can't then use death for dramatic suspension, since undoing it has become a mere logistial problem.

Comment Re:stupid (Score 1) 305

Yes, the sales reps can create bias, but they don't magically make a doctor incompetent.

Of course not. That would be silly. Instead, they use psychology, specifically the human brain's tendency to forget where it got a nugget of information from and bias against counter-evidence.

Even competent people are still just humans, in the end.

Comment Re:Data data everywhere and not a drop to think (Score 1) 366

Do you accelerate from every stop by pressing the gas pedal all the way to the floor or do you match how much gas you give it to the driving conditions and who and how many people are in your car?

I'm not trying to take-off from every stop. But when I am, for example when I'm about to join the highway, I do indeed floor the pedal.

Comment Re:Quicker (Score 0) 488

And even the ones who aren't terror-supporters now are still Muslims (mostly), which means they carry the same memetic infection that produced ISIS (and all the other Islamic radical groups).

And us Europeans carry the memetic infection that produced fascists, nazis and two world wars. The ultimate reason why EU exists in the first place is to manage that and keep it latent, least we end up destroying ourselves. ISIS is trying to get the infection to flare up again, and from what I'm seeing and hearing they're succeeding.

It's an interesting strategic situation.

Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe