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Massive Power Outage Paralyzes Turkey 55

Posted by Soulskill
from the taken-for-granted-until-it's-gone dept.
wiredmikey writes: A massive power outage caused chaos and shut down public transport across Turkey on Tuesday, with the government refusing to rule out that the electricity system had been the victim of an attack. The nationwide power cut, the worst in 15 years, began shortly after 10:30 am (0730 GMT) in Istanbul, the state-run Anatolia news agency quoted the Turkey Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) as saying. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said the authorities were investigating whether the power outage was due to a technical failure or cyber-attack. "It is too early to say now if it is because of a technical reason, a manipulation, a faultplay, an operational mistake, or a cyber (attack). We are looking into it... We cannot say they are excluded possibilities."

Comment: Re:CAPTCHA (Score 1) 158

Common knowledge questions or basic math word problems off the top of my head. How many gov web sites need to allow psudo-anonymous comments?

Computer not great as solving the classic:
Johnny has a dozen apples, he eats one. Johnny has 10 class mates he is friends with 6 of them. He gives an apple to every classmate does he have any left for his teacher?

Comment: Gov site that requires plugins is broken (Score 1) 158

If a government site needs more than elinks to access it's broken. WTF could they possibly need a plugin for? Auth nope that is baseline. Forms again been here forever.

We need a deaf blind QA tester core if they can not easily use the site it's broken.

Comment: Re:Regarding the state law about municipal provide (Score 1) 536

That is not a solution, municipal fiber is the fix for the last mile. Comcast could use is as well as anybody else that cares to, either colocating gear in the muni co or just running a fiber trunk. CWDM is cheap, simple, and requires no active (powered) components at the muni level. Macsec and similar can keep the muni from tapping into the traffic. The only thing they need to do over the fiber is keep track of what colors are in use for a given run so they can assign unused ones.

From a homeowner perspective one fiber gets them everything.

Business get the same plus intown point to points for less than the cost of a couple phone lines.

The muni gets a network to connect itself with (I know many that pay absurd amounts for DS3 etc). If the muni chooses to put a L2 network in they could resell that to small providers etc etc, while giving lifeline internet access and a universal service (think the town services, schools, library's state and federal level gov probably expand it via a review process to medical facilities serving the area etc etc. Muni's are also in it for the long haul so the cost of buried fiber can be justified with it's less frequent outage and more aesthetically pleasing nature.

Other cable/internet/phone providers could come in and compete as the build out costs to the muni CO are pretty trivial.

As this grows providers will bridge muni co to muni co, the muni's may well cross connect to the towns bordering them.

Comment: Re:Radio Time sync? (Score 1) 166

There are many broadcasts with time embedded into them. They are not exactly secure as authenticating the time is far harder than receiving it.

For IoT really you have two times the local time that needs to be taken of faith to be right (served from a local trusted source) this is your clock display etc etc etc, it keeps the complexity and recently ever changing timezone bits out of IoT devices. You then have a unix clock few IoT devices should need this level of accuracy or complexity, when they do they should always use a local reference as IoT devices should not expect nor require they have any internet access to function NTP seems to fit this role well. I'm not sure NTP levels of time accuracy and complexity will be needed for many IoT objects alarm systems about all that comes to mind.

Comment: Re:Boxen? Really? (Score 1) 296

by n6kuy (#49294309) Attached to: To Avoid NSA Interception, Cisco Will Ship To Decoy Addresses

But to use it to refer to shipping boxes is a bit of a stretch. More commonly used to refer to (non-VAX) computers. As in, "Down in my parents' basement, I have 4 Linux boxen."

"Boxen," of course is a more generalized term that follows from "Vaxen" which is a silly made up term to refer to a plurality of VAX computers, using the same plural-formation as Ox->Oxen.

But, being a Slashdot reader, you already knew that...

"Most of us, when all is said and done, like what we like and make up reasons for it afterwards." -- Soren F. Petersen