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Comment Re:Surprised by this (Score 1) 545

The addiction of CPS agencies to federal crack is to blame.

If CPS agencies didn't receive federal funding for kids in foster care, they would blow off ridiculous busy-body reports of "neglected" kids walking to school or the park or wherever by themselves. They'd have more serious concerns to spend their limited funds on.

But now, since federal funding is at stake, the default position of the CPS agency is to use any excuse to take kids into custody so that they can draw from the federal pig trough.

What was meant for good (federal assistance to CPS agencies) has been turned to abusive evil purposes.

Comment Re:So what does it do to local authorities? (Score 2) 545

.. and "mandated reporters" need to be mandated cross-examinable testifiers/witnesses in the event that the abuse/neglect investigation results in a case that gets before a judge, because often these mandated reporters don't really have a reasonable concern for the safety of the child, but just want to cover their butt "just in case."

Comment Re:Boxen? Really? (Score 1) 296

But to use it to refer to shipping boxes is a bit of a stretch. More commonly used to refer to (non-VAX) computers. As in, "Down in my parents' basement, I have 4 Linux boxen."

"Boxen," of course is a more generalized term that follows from "Vaxen" which is a silly made up term to refer to a plurality of VAX computers, using the same plural-formation as Ox->Oxen.

But, being a Slashdot reader, you already knew that...

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