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Comment Re:Boxen? Really? (Score 1) 296 296

But to use it to refer to shipping boxes is a bit of a stretch. More commonly used to refer to (non-VAX) computers. As in, "Down in my parents' basement, I have 4 Linux boxen."

"Boxen," of course is a more generalized term that follows from "Vaxen" which is a silly made up term to refer to a plurality of VAX computers, using the same plural-formation as Ox->Oxen.

But, being a Slashdot reader, you already knew that...

Comment I remember when taking a selfie (Score 1) 183 183

... required asking a stranger to hold and click your camera while you posed.

Of course, you always got a crappy photo that way, because everyone always thought you primarily wanted a photo of yourself, instead of a photo of something interesting that just happens to have you in the picture...

Comment Re:Courts should punish intentional facilitation (Score 2) 268 268

Yeah, We all need dozens of security dongles for all the various copyrighted software we use. And then you're outta luck when the new puppy gets ahold of one of your dongles and chews it up because it can't be bothered to play with the chew toy you spent good money on....

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