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+ - Test Pilot Admits the F-35 Can't Dogfight->

schwit1 writes: A test pilot has some very, very bad news about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The pricey new stealth jet can't turn or climb fast enough to hit an enemy plane during a dogfight or to dodge the enemy's own gunfire, the pilot reported following a day of mock air battles back in January.

And to add insult to injury, the JSF flier discovered he couldn't even comfortably move his head inside the radar-evading jet's cramped cockpit. "The helmet was too large for the space inside the canopy to adequately see behind the aircraft." That allowed the F-16 to sneak up on him.

The test pilot's report is the latest evidence of fundamental problems with the design of the F-35 — which, at a total program cost of more than a trillion dollars, is history's most expensive weapon.

Your tax dollars at work.

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+ - Former L0pht Hacker Mudge Leaves Google to Start Cyber UL

Trailrunner7 writes: One of the longstanding problems in security–and the software industry in general–is the lack of any universally acknowledged authority on quality and reliability. But the industry moved one step closer to making such a clearinghouse a reality this week when Peiter Zatko, a longtime researcher and hacker better known as Mudge in security circles, announced he’s leaving Google to start an initiative designed to be a cyber version of Underwriters’ Laboratory.

Zatko said on Monday that he had decided to leave Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team and start a cyber UL, at the behest of the White House.

The new project will not be run out of the White House, Zatko said, and the specifics of the plan are not clear right now. But the fact that someone with Zatko’s experience, history, and respect in the security community is involved in the project lends immediate weight and potential to it.

Comment: Re:The "glow in the dark" thing (Score 1) 275 275

Preach it, brother.

Preaching is not "breakthrough persuasion technology". However, if somebody convinces the masses that "Jesus wants nuke plants", you may be on to something.

Find a gasoline stain that looks like Satan, post it on the Interwebs, and soon evangelicals will want alternatives. It works with toast and rusted grain silos.

Comment: Re:Not all programmers are web frontend devs (Score 1) 125 125

We really need a better term for "back-end developers", for what should be obvious reasons. Nerds have enough social cred problems as it is. Sometimes "server side" is used, but that doesn't quite cut it because some UI dev is also done on the server side in many cases.

Comment: Re:Not all programmers are web frontend devs (Score 1) 125 125

I don't really understand your gripe. Slashdot covers many technology specialties. Very few article topics will fit the entire audience, and many will fit only a small subset. That's expected. I've seen embedded programming articles also, for example, which a web developer will typically not care about. Should web developers gripe about articles on embedding?

You seem to have a set of unstated assumptions about the domain of slashdot and the domain of its readers that doesn't match mine. Perhaps you are arguing there are too many articles related to web development compared to other domains. But web development is a large and growing domain such that it's a frequent area of change and growing pains, which is usually what "news for nerds" would cover. You don't see many articles on the COBOL language because it no longer changes very often, for example. That's not necessarily a bad thing; but it doesn't generate "news".

Much of the excitement we get out of our work is that we don't really know what we are doing. -- E. Dijkstra