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+ - The Growing Illusion of Single Player->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Multiplayer modes used to be an extra part of most games — an optional addition that the developers could build (or not) as they saw fit. These days, it's different: many games are marketed under the illusion of being single-player, when their focus has shifted to an almost mandatory multiplayer mode. (Think always-online DRM, and games as services.) It's not that this is necessarily bad for gameplay — it's that design patterns are shifting, and if you don't like multiplayer, you're going to have a harder time finding games you do like. The article's author uses a couple recent major titles as backdrop for the discussion: "With both Diablo III and Destiny, I'm not sure where and how to attribute my enjoyment. Yes, the mechanics of both are sound, but given the resounding emptiness felt when played solo, perhaps the co-op element is compensating. I'd go so far as to argue games can be less mechanically compelling, so long as the multiplayer element is engaging. The thrill of barking orders at friends can, in a way, cover design flaws. I hem and haw on the quality of each game's mechanics because the co-op aspect literally distracted me from engaging with them to some degree.""
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Comment: Re:illogical captain (Score 1) 856

by UnknownSoldier (#47914773) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

>> "As a mystic I have _knowledge_ by definition, aka experience."
> false. Completly(sic) and utterly false
Only an idiot attempts to tell another person what they have experienced. Quit being an idiot -- you are smarter then that.

> so now you are saying you have special vision no one else has? Hoe(sic) convenient.
1. Show me _where_ I made the claim that I was the _only_ one who could see??

2. Do you even understand the word: Analogy ??

> which is why we ask for proof.
Proof of what _exactly_? God? As I said before, There is NO proof except experience.

Did you completely fail to understand the analogy that _playing_ the drums IS proof that you _know_ how to play the drums ??

How exactly do you propose Atheists have an experience about something they have no belief in?? They dismiss _all_ actions_ that are needed such as prayer and meditation; their mind is closed. Not even an NDE would convince them that a higher reality exists -- only death, but by then it will be too late.

Nay, the only proof I will give is that "First" contact will happen by 2024.

Comment: Rules for fat cats versus rules for smallbies (Score 2) 116

by Tablizer (#47913801) Attached to: Court: Car Dealers Can't Stop Tesla From Selling In Massachusetts

I believe it's reasonable that if a company is too large relative to the market, then restrictions on dealership ownership & control make sense to prevent collusion and killing seller competition.

However, for a smaller car company, such rules work against it, protecting the big boys from competition, which was allegedly the reason for the dealer restrictions to begin with.

Thus, cross-sector collusion rules should be tuned to mostly apply to companies with a large market share of car manufacturing. Maybe a way can be made to make the restrictions incrementally higher per market share percentage rather than have blunt cut-off points, which is one of the criticisms of ObamaCare in relation to employee count and work-hours.

+ - Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A few years ago, author Neal Stephenson argued that sci-fi had forgotten how to inspire people to do great things. Indeed, much of recent science fiction has been pessimistic and skeptical, focusing on all the ways our inventions could go wrong, and how hostile the universe is to humankind. Now, a group of scientists, engineers, and authors (including Stephenson himself) is trying to change that. Arizona State University recently launched Project Heiroglyph, a hub for ideas that will influence science fiction to be optimistic and accurate, and to focus on the great things humanity is capable of doing. For example, in the development of a short story, Stephenson wanted to know if it's possible to build a tower that's 20 kilometers tall. Keith Hjelmsad, an expert in structural stability and computational mechanics, wrote a detailed response about the challenge involved in building such a tower. Other authors are contributing questions as well, and researchers are chiming in with fascinating, science-based replies. Roboticist Srikanth Saripalli makes this interesting point: "If the government has to decide what to fund and what not to fund, they are going to get their ideas and decisions mostly from science fiction rather than what's being published in technical papers.""
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Comment: Re:hahaha (Score 5, Funny) 116

by UnknownSoldier (#47913507) Attached to: Court: Car Dealers Can't Stop Tesla From Selling In Massachusetts

Agreed. Beautiful logic!

/oblg. car salesman jokes

Q. What are lawyers good for?
A. They make used car salesmen look good!

Q. What does molds, ooze, pond scum, lawyers, and used car salesman have in common?
A. They're all slime.

Q. What's the difference between a car salesman and a computer salesman?
A. The car salesman knows he's lying!

+ - NZ government denies 'mass domestic spying'->

Submitted by Kittenman
Kittenman (971447) writes "The BBC and several domestic NZ sources are covering the latest revelations raised by Kim Dotcom, who is funding a political party in NZ as it heads to a general election on the 20th. Dotcom flew in a US journalist, Glenn Greenwald, and arranged for satellite links to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, in their respective hideouts, at a 'disclosure' presentation in Auckland.

The NZ Prime Minister (John Key) has denied all claims. No-one making the claims can actually come up with a plausible reason why the NZ government would want to spy on its citizens."

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+ - Court: Car Dealers Can't Stop Tesla from Selling in Mass. 1

Submitted by curtwoodward
curtwoodward (2147628) writes "Many states have laws that prevent car manufacturers from operating their own dealerships, a throwback to the days when Detroit tried to undercut its franchise dealers by opening company-owned shops. But dealers have taken those laws to the extreme as they battle new competition from Tesla, which is selling its cars direct to the public. In some states, dealers have succeeded in limiting Tesla's direct-sales model. But not in Massachusetts: the state's Supreme Court says the dealers don't have any right to sue Tesla for unfair competition, since they're not Tesla dealers. No harm, no foul."

Comment: Re:Surprising (Score 3, Informative) 77

by UnknownSoldier (#47912403) Attached to: Canon Printer Hacked To Run <em>Doom</em> Video Game

> 25MHz 486 and 640x480 VGA with no acceleration?

Before you get flamed ...

Dos Doom used @ 320x200 in ModeY, Quake supported Michael Abrash's ModeX @ 320x240.

Doom95 which ran on Windows 95 supported different resolutions.

I played it on my 386SX 16 MHz with the screen shrunk down a few levels. It was silky smooth on the Pentium 90 MHz, and the Pentium Pro 200 MHz (obviously) as was Quake.


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