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Comment: Well, there's me. (Score 1, Flamebait) 143

by mmell (#47293095) Attached to: US Government Introduces Pollinator Action Plan To Save Honey Bees
I was far better off before the Affordable Healthcare Act took effect. Before, I could count on Medicare/Medicaid. Now (as a consultant with no company sponsored healthcare), those things are effectively impossible for me to get. I now have a $5,200/person deductable on a 70/30 plan with no catastrophic caps - in effect, I have absolutely no viable access to advanced medical care unless I enrich some insurance company somewhere out of my pocket (but only after I personally pay for the first five g's . . .).

That's one citation.

Comment: "Nicely rounded coverage"... (Score 1) 51

by mmell (#47289065) Attached to: Endorphins Make Tanning Addictive
Didn't have enough pictures. C'mon, we're nerds here - we only clicked on the link to see some "rounded coverage" (or rounded un-coverage).

Sunlight is addictive. So is food. So is water. So is oxygen. Do without any of these things for an extended period of time and you'll see what I mean.

Too much sunlight is bad. Too much food is bad. Too much water is bad. Too much oxygen is bad. Do your own experiments if you need to confirm these things - but don't complain to the rest of the world when you end up sunburnt, obese, suffering water intoxication or respiratory failure.


Comment: You want machine learning? You want IBM's Watson. (Score 4, Interesting) 56

by mmell (#47251897) Attached to: Microsoft To Launch Machine Learning Service
That machine wasn't merely a decision engine or a huge database - it was a learning system which was given a few months to learn all it could on a broad variety of subjects by crawling the internet. It wasn't programmed with rules to pair an answer with the correct question; it was a system which "learned" how to associate concepts. It was programmed to permit it to weigh its questions against how well they correlated to the answers - to determine a confidence level - but it wasn't specifically programmed to devise questions associated with answers. That's why the next publicly stated idea for the system was in medical diagnostics. It's another area where the ability to relate multiple seemingly disparate items of information with a non-static data store seemed to be of value.

Giving the right programming, it might even hold a conversation better than a 13 year old Ukrainian boy.

"Those who will be able to conquer software will be able to conquer the world." -- Tadahiro Sekimoto, president, NEC Corp.