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Comment Re:Why build one (Score 1) 315 315

You can't understand why someone would want more than one portable heater?

I understand that one is more than sufficient for your 10x15 "apartment" in your mom's basement, but can you look past your own needs for a moment and consider that the needs of others may be different?

Comment Re:give us stuff we actually want. (Score 1) 59 59

Why cant phone manufacturers provide a product with features people actually want? a charger that doesnt change every year, removable storage, replaceable battery, support for multiple sims?

Those are as common as pimples at a school dance. If you can't find a phone with those features, you haven't been looking.

Comment Re:This is a joke, right? (Score 1) 557 557

We are talking about two groups saying mean things over the internet, which are more or less equal.

I'd disagree. There are differences there that can hide rather well. The most important, of course, is credibility.

Let's say I make the following threat, directed toward you: "I'm going to murder you! Murder you to death! I'll kill you with murder!"

You, presumably, will be unaffected. We don't know each other, or anything about one another. You have no reason to believe I have the ability to make good on my promise. I simply can't make a threatening threat that will threaten you in the slightest.

Now, image we're high school classmates. You say to me, over facebook, "After school tomorrow, I'm going to pound you until you piss blood".

That's a far more credible threat, as I know you have the knowledge and opportunity necessary to actualize it.

Now imagine that you're the target of a large movement filled with very angry people and you receive a number of credible threats...

Comment Re:she's just another man hater. (Score 1) 557 557

There are a number of ways to interpret the "if you're a woman" clause.

  You found the one way to interpret it that fits your preconceptions, and lets you attack someone who thinks differently than you do about various social issues.

Attacking her personally and whatever imaginary beliefs you've attributed to her isn't going to convince anyone to see your side of the issues. Why? Because you're clearly avoiding the real issues. I can only assume it's because you have nothing to say. Is it because you don't think there's a problem because you're not personally affected? Do you know there's a problem, but benefit from the status quo and want to maintain it?

Is it denial? Puerile self-interest? Delusion? Vengeance? What motivates you here? Why not just address the issues directly? Why bother with personal attacks? Why beat the stuffing out of those strawmen? Why imagine shadowing PC Media villains out to ... do some unknown nefarious deed? What is it?

Comment Re:No nuance allowed. You're for us or against us. (Score 1) 557 557

GG has merit? I thought that anyone with something reasonable to say abandoned that moniker a long time ago. The remainder being just a noisy bunch of bottom feeders pretending it's all about ethics in journalism while spending all their time ranting about feminism and harassing women online..

If you actually think there's a diamond at the bottom of that cesspool, please, pull it out and show us. Then get it as far away from that mess as possible. Leave it in that filth and no one will ever see it.

Comment Re:I wish this crap would go away. (Score 2) 557 557

The internet! Where EVERYONE actually gets the 'equality' they all claimed they wanted!

Ummm... No. See, as you point out, women can't express themselves freely because, by virtue of being a women, they will be treated unequally the instant their gender is known. That is not the case for men, who are free to reveal their gender as people tend to assume that anonymous users are men. You insist that anyone who's not a straight white male must hide some aspect of themselves to avoid unequal treatment. That's not equality, it's oppression.

This isn't complicated.

The most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing and to watch someone else doing it wrong, without commenting. -- T.H. White