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Comment Re:Add-ons? (Score 2, Insightful) 368

after another year or so of breaking them with nearly every damned release?

You guys just can't be satisfied. "This or that feature should be a plugin!" Mozilla removes features and suggests they are better handled by plugins "No! Not that feature!"

Their plugins sometimes break between releases because of the way plugins are structured, so they announce that they're replacing their plugin architecture with something guaranteed to have a more stable API. "No! You're destroying everything! NoScript will never work again!" "We're working with NoScript to ensure it continues to function in the manner users expect." "Liar! I hate you!"

Mozilla's users, at least on Slashdot, seem absolutely determined to jump the shark...

Comment Re:This model excludes tacit conspiracies (Score 2) 303

Let's say we have a true conspiracy that involves hundreds of thousands of people. Should such a conspiracy be revealed, even by a few hundred of the conspirators, why would anyone believe them? After all, such a conspiracy would involve hundreds of thousands of people. They're just a bunch of attention seekers and conspiracy nuts. If it were true, it would have been revealed by now ...

All of the conspiracies listed in the summary, conspiracy theorists would say have been revealed, after all. Like JFK, 9/11 inside job, and the moon landing the conspiracy theorists come out very quickly -- a lot faster than even the shortest times listed in the summary.

It's not enough that a conspiracy be revealed, it must also be generally believed to be true. Just about any evidence can be explained away, after all. Equally, we can very easily give undue weight to flimsy evidence. It's entirely possible that we believe false conspiracies on flimsy evidence, and deny true conspiracies with solid evidence.

Comment Re:It's not a problem (Score 2) 187

You educated evil human have not the education or rationale to comprehend Nature's Simultaneous 4-Day Cube. who can't understand 4-day simultaneous cubic time. You are probably brainwashed, indoctrinated, educated stupid and cannot comprehend Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day

No single corner human can occupy or experience more than a single corner at the same time during a 4-corner rotation within the 4/16 creation principle. Earth sphere rotates within an invisible Time Cube.

Educated people are the evil empowerment of the self - the lowest form of humanity. Humans are brainwashed stupid and indoctrinated evil. A human will rotate around 4-corner lifetime stages within a family metamorphosis - baby, child, parent and grandparent. Name your 4/16 greatgrandparents.

All Educated are Stupid from brainwashing and indoctrination. Pedants cannot comprehend that there are 4 simultaneous Years within a single rotation of Earth about the Sun.Each season has its own separate Year.

Comment Re:Strengths and weaknesses (Score 1) 509

The overwhelming majority of those standing in the "evolutionist" camp are not scientists. Further, a subset of scientists are also creationists. It's simply not an appropriate designator. It's, without question, less useful as the one to which you object.

I'm honestly not sure why you so strongly object to what appears to be an ideal designator. The only clue in your post is "We don't generally label the reality-based people like that" which is ridiculous, as we very often label people according to their beliefs, affiliations, and other properties when we're discussing groups. It's very frequently used when discussing two groups who are divided along some specific issue.

Comment Re:Feminists have been doing this for years (Score 1) 509

A popular form of trolling is to hijack a topic through a segue. You've done exactly that, trying to turn a discussion about creationism in to one about feminism, which is decidedly off-topic.

I would also offer that a flamebait mod would have been acceptable as well as your post was quite clearly intended to incite inflammatory responses, a trolls favorite spicy food, if you will.

Comment Re:Government schools (Score 1) 509

I certainly don't. Most of the parents, like most people, simply aren't equipped to provide a proper education to their children. We'd end up with a generation that reads at a third-grade level, can't handle any math beyond simple addition, and with a knowledge of science that begins with gravity makes you fall down and ends with plants grow from seeds.

Cool story time: My idiot brother has elected to home-school his two children for an odd mix of political and religious reasons. His oldest child is in third-grade, presumably. He's so far behind other children his age you'd think he was an overgrown kindergartner. Now, he may be an idiot, but hes still more capable than many of the parents I deal with every week. At least I can be assured that his progeny will be able to read, to some degree, and handle basic arithmetic. I could not offer the same guarantee for the children of many other parents I know.

Yes, parents, for the most part, care about their children. That does not mean they're all able to adequately meet their needs.

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