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Comment: Re:And in other news (Score 1) 213

by narcc (#49762585) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession

Because higher levels of testosterone influence the brain to optimize for things that are good for doing science.

We call that "pseudoscience" where I come from. In this specific instance, because you're wrapping a belief in the trappings of science to lend the claim credibility without the benefit of actual scientific inquiry. You might as well claim that your healing crystals work because they've been exposed to tachyon energy.

How do these studies explain why so many gay men go into hairdressing and fashion design ? Because society pushed them ?

To my knowledge, that has not been addressed. I am also unaware of any study that establishes a propensity in gay men to become hairdressers and fashion designers.

Your bias is showing...

Comment: Re:And in other news (Score 0) 213

by narcc (#49762427) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession

Far more men than women are interested in joining the sciences as a career.

That's not terribly interesting. The question you should be asking now is "why".

Fortunately, we have zillions of studies that indicate it's a social, not a biological, consequence. Whether we should work to redress that imbalance is an ethical question. You're free to fall on either side, though I'm not sure you'd be as comfortable with "erecting artificial barriers to repress a particular people group is okay" as you clearly are with "girls just don't like science because biology".

Comment: Re:python white space (Score 1) 407

by narcc (#49745537) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

Then I realized how easy it was to read other people programs.

I find it it frustrating. It's unnecessarily difficult to tell where various blocks begin and end, particularly when two or more nested blocks end together.

On top of that, the myth that python is inherently easy to read has lead to some ridiculously illegible python code. I cringe every time I need to deal with anything written in python.

+ - Jason Scott of textfiles.com Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs-> 1

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn writes: You've probably got a spindle in your close tor a drawer full of CD-ROM media mailed to you or delivered with some hardware that you put away "just in case" and now (ten years later) the case for actually using them is laughable. Well, a certain mentally ill individual named Jason Scott has a fever and the only cure is more AOL CDs. But his sickness doesn't stop there, "I also want all the CD-ROMs made by Walnut Creek CD-ROM. I want every shovelware disc that came out in the entire breadth of the CD-ROM era. I want every shareware floppy, while we’re talking. I want it all. The CD-ROM era is basically finite at this point. It’s over. The time when we’re going to use physical media as the primary transport for most data is done done done. Sure, there’s going to be distributions and use of CD-ROMs for some time to come, but the time when it all came that way and when it was in most cases the only method of distribution in the history books, now. And there were a specific amount of CD-ROMs made. There are directories and listings of many that were manufactured. I want to find those. I want to image them, and I want to put them up. I’m looking for stacks of CD-ROMs now. Stacks and stacks. AOL CDs and driver CDs and Shareware CDs and even hand-burned CDs of stuff you downloaded way back when. This is the time to strike." Who knows? His madness may end up being appreciated by younger generations!
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