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Comment Re:Does this schedule leave time for listening? (Score 1) 162

Look at this thread. If you were to believe every comment about what "the users want", then they want deeply contradictory things.

What you mean is "why doesn't Mozilla listen to me?" "Why aren't they tailoring their browser to meet my specific needs?"

We've got people here claiming that all Mozilla does is remove features. We've another camp complaining that all Mozilla does is add needless features. Then you have the camp that isn't happy even when they get what they want. They complain about the plugin system, then complain when they get exactly what they wanted. They complain about imaginary problems. They complain about things that were fixed years ago. I wouldn't listen to this group of users either.

Comment Re:The resources of my computer are going to waste (Score 1) 162

Yes, the point is to complain about Firefox, regardless of the merits of those complaints. Never mind that this schedule is actually lighter than the old schedule, nor that they've been doing rolling releases for ages. If Mozilla does anything, including something you've wanted them to do for a while, you've got to tell everyone it's the worst decision ever, and that the world is coming to an end.

Comment Re:Wake up, Mozilla morons (Score 1) 162

Firefox OS user here as well. You'll be interested to know that they're only dropping it internally on smartphone, though not until after 2.6. There's nothing stopping manufacturers from moving forward with it on their own, without specific support from Mozilla. A bit like how manufacturers can use Android without specifically involving Google.

Comment Re:Ah, Microsoft (Score 1) 171

To expect people to treat this thing like a real person is to reduce people to the status of machines.

That's the entire purpose of the interface. To function as though you were interacting with a real person. Your objection, then, would be to the existence of virtual assistants and similar interfaces in general, not this specific implementation. That is, if that was your actual objection.

Besides, if you ask the average modern positivist and they'll tell you that people are machines. This, apparently, isn't controversial on Slashdot, being a common assumption here. (Your objection to virtual assistants stands in opposition to that, in that it privileges humans over machines.) Not being able to engage in pretend harassment of pretend women, if the comments here are any indication, is considered by the average Slashdot user as the worst thing ever.

In context of this discussion, how should I have interpreted your objection? A general admonishment of context sensitive natural language interfaces, or as I did initially?

Comment Re:LOL (Score 2, Interesting) 171

The real question here, naturally, is why you're so upset that it's not possible for you to use Cortana to pretend to harass a women?

That's a the heart of it, isn't it? You're upset that a pretend person won't simply accept your verbal abuse and offer you the illusion that you've dominated or otherwise humiliated it.

I don't know what sort of perversion would lead you to engage in such an activity. Though I'm glad that you've opted to indulge that impulse by virtual means, rather than in real life. If that is sufficient to satiate your bizarre inclinations, and they can not otherwise be constrained, I'm sure the Japanese have some program designed to take your sexually charged verbal abuse, and provide the response you're after.

Comment Re:Add-ons? (Score 2, Insightful) 392

after another year or so of breaking them with nearly every damned release?

You guys just can't be satisfied. "This or that feature should be a plugin!" Mozilla removes features and suggests they are better handled by plugins "No! Not that feature!"

Their plugins sometimes break between releases because of the way plugins are structured, so they announce that they're replacing their plugin architecture with something guaranteed to have a more stable API. "No! You're destroying everything! NoScript will never work again!" "We're working with NoScript to ensure it continues to function in the manner users expect." "Liar! I hate you!"

Mozilla's users, at least on Slashdot, seem absolutely determined to jump the shark...

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